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Get Busy With Rebecca Minkoff x Proper Attire Condoms





Rebecca Minkoff wants you to get your freak on — just as long as the proper attire is involved. And, when it comes to getting frisky under the sheets, the only requirement in your dress code should be condoms. To promote safe sex, then, Minkoff joined forces with Proper Attire, a company that specializes in latex condoms packaged in printed three-pack boxes that are so chic and so subtly branded that any woman can tuck them into her purse without fear of overly curious onlookers peeking in and passing judgment.

The Rebecca Minkoff x Proper Attire Condoms come in three varieties: Basic (regular), Sheer (ultra thin), and Dots (lightly studded to increase female pleasure). Each latex condom variety comes in its own Minkoff-designed wrapping and a matching three-pack box, with a warm brown leopard print chosen for the Basic packaging, a yellow polka dot print against a black backdrop used for the Dots style, and a swirling zebra print decorating the Sheer box. A three-pack of condoms retails for $5 and is available at RebeccaMinkoff.com and ProperAttire.com

Don’t leave the responsibility of having protection on hand to men, ladies! If you feel self-conscious about carrying your own stash of love gloves, then hopefully the discrete labeling and funky packaging of these Rebecca Minkoff x Proper Attire condoms will help you overcome those anxieties.

An added plus: proceeds from the sale of Proper Attire condoms will benefit the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, so your purchase will help young women to continue getting access to the care they need to ensure their reproductive health.

Make Minkoff’s beloved Morning After Bag worthy of its name and prepare for a night so memorable, it will came 9 1/2 Weeks seem lukewarm in comparison. When you take the proper precautions, the “Walk of Shame” won’t feel shameful at all.

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