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Holiday Gift Guide from A to Z — Moving on to D, E, F

Last week, we kicked off our A to Z Holiday Gift Guide coverage by taking a Sesame Street-worthy approach to the task, tackling items corresponding to the first three letters of the alphabet, with A standing for Art Deco, B for Blossoms, and C for Color Blocking. This week, we’re moving on down the road to the next three letters: D, E, and F.

What does each letter stand for? Well, in our holiday wonder world, D is for Dainty, E is for Egyptian, and F is for Fur-Trimmed. Whether you want to be delightfully prim, channel Cleopatra, or fall for fur, these gift ideas will sate your appetite.



Bing Bang NYC Victorian Snowflake Earrings, $38. Available at BingBangNYC.com

Forget snowflakes that stay on your nose and eye lashes. This wintry season, our favorite things include these silver-plated, sterling-silver dipped snowflake earring studs, designed by Anna Sheffield. Each earring juxtaposes a cross shape made of bulbous, laurel-like sides, and an “X” formation with rounded, hollow, petal-like sides with dot-like studs along the periphery of each side and a trio of ball-shaped studs at the rounded outer tips.



Lush Snow Fairy Gift, $22.95. Available at LUSHusa.com

Not only does this pre-wrapped box set capture the fanciful imagination of every fairy-loving princess with it hot pink gift wrapping, its silver bow, and the jingle bell tied at the very top, but it houses equally lovable treasures — mainly, the LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel, a cotton candy-scented wash featuring lactic acid, a natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid that gently exfoliates, optimizes moisture levels, and helps achieve smoother, softer, more radiant skin. The 3.3 fl. oz. shower gel is accompanied by a star-shaped Angel’s Delight Soap, which smells like tangerines and blackcurrants and features sweet orange oil, which has astringent an antibacterial properties, antioxidant-rich rapeseed oil, and softening coconut extract; and by  heart-shaped, white Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar that practically melts on the skin, living behind a creamy vanilla fragrance and coating the skin with sparkle, as if you’d bathed in magical fairy dust.



Harajuku Lovers Jingle G Eau de Toilette Spray Ornament, $24.99. Available at HSN.com

The leader of the Harajuku Lovers team, G, pulls off as many costume changes as Gwen Stefani, the pop star whose countenance it mirrors. For the holiday season, the blond starlet dons a red Santa Claus-like suit with cuffed sleeves, a row of buttons, and a high collar in snowy white; a thick black belt with a square gold buckle; black boots; white gloves; and an oversize red hair bow. Her heart-shaped pout painted in Stefani’s signature red hue, her black eyeliner winging out flirtatiously, and her cheeks flushed ever so slightly, Jingle G is playful and feminine to the core, with fragrance notes that include white star fruit, gardenia, tangerine, honeysuckle, orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, and cedarwood. The display-ready bottle features a velvet loop along the top of the figural doll, so that you can hang Jingle G right on the Christmas tree or, if you prefer, keep her inside the clear, cylindrical packaging, which also includes a velvet ribbon loop attached to the red cap for use as an ornament.



Liplicious All I Want Lip Gloss, $8 each. Available at BathAndBodyWorks.com

These limited-edition lip glosses feature moisturizing vitamin E and jojoba oil, and they feature season-appropriate tube designs and scents. The Liplicious Gingerbread Giggle Lip Gloss, for example, is a sheer, bronze-tinged, coral pink with magenta glitter that enhances your pout’s natural color. The sweet, gingerbread-scented gloss is packaged in a squeezable tube illustrated with a teal bow and a gingerbread cookie. The Peppermint Hug Lip Gloss, meanwhile, features a candy cane-colored, red-and-white bow with a sky blue tag dangling beneath it, bearing the gloss’s name. The sweet but minty-smelling clear gloss features opalescent glitter particles that reflect aqua, pink, gold, green, and yellow tones. The Liplicious Candied Smile Lip Gloss, meanwhile, is a mauve pink color loaded with clear and pink glitter bits and featuring a licorice-tinged, gumdrop fragrance.


Ariel Gordon Jewelry Sugar Loaf Studs, $395. Available at ArielGordonJewelry.com

For jewelry designer Ariel Gordon, it’s the small things that make all the difference. Take, for example, these 1/4-inch, triangle-shaped, iolite studs, which feature faceted, sloping, pyramid-like sides and a 14k gold setting with thick arrow-like tips along each corner. Another great choice: the Tetra Spike Necklace, which features an arrow-shaped pendant measuring 1/3″ by 1/4″ hanging from a slender box chain.



Gianna Rose Nutcracker Soaps, $22. Available at GiannaRose.com

Make Tchaikovsky proud by choreographing your own applause-worthy performance with this boxed set of five Nutcracker Prince-shaped soaps. The French-milled soaps feature clove, Balsam fir, and burnt orange notes for a slightly spicy yet woody scent.
bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Collection, $28. Available at BareEscentuals.com

You’ll want to sing “Amazing Grace” to these liquid lipstick shades, which are as richly pigmented as lipstick but boast the vinyl-like sheen of most quality glosses. The bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Collection features four 2 ml lip color tubes, each with a sponge tip applicator wand. The colors in this set are: Savvy, a toffee caramel hue; Confidence, a mauve-tinged red; Sass, a near sheer, golden peach color with clear and gold glitter bits; and Oomph, a sheer peachy pink with an icy sheen. Check out swatches here!



Kate Spade Bow Studs, $45. Available at Piperlime.com

These precious bow-shaped stud earrings, measuring 1/2″ in length, will shoot an arrow straight into any onlooker’s heart.
H2O+ Bath Basics Shower Favorites, $13.50. Available at H2Oplus.com

H2O+ unveiled a brand new, reasonably-priced holiday gift set, which includes six different 1 oz. shower gel tubes. Those who relish fruity scents will appreciate the Sweet Berry Shower & Bath Gel, which features conditioning vitamin E and natural fruit enzymes that exfoliate the skin and prompt cellular renewal; the Blushing Orange Shower & Bath Gel, which features coriander and blood orange notes that awaken the senses and brighten your overall mood; and the Raspberry Guava Shower & Bath Gel (our fave!), which incorporates the juicy tartness of raspberry notes with the succulent, watery scent of guava. The set also includes cleaner, more minimalist, aquatic-themed shower gels enriched with moisturizing and conditioning provitamin B5, skin softening vitamin E, and watercress extract, which contains vitamins A and C, as well as iron, calcium, and folic acid, helping to repair cellular damage and restore moisture. Options include the Clearwater Shower & Bath Gel; the Ebb Tide Shower & Bath Gel, which incorporates honeysuckle, citrus, and musk notes; and the Natural Spring Shower & Bath Gel, which features a lily scent surrounded by notes of lemon, mint, fresh-cut greens, and jasmine.



Bumble and Bumble Pin Tin, $15. Available at BumbleandBumble.com

Instead of concealing the bobby slides and hair pins needed to keep your updo in place, perfectly matching them to your hair color and wrapping strands of hair over their metal lengths, use these style aids as a style statement, deliberately showing them off for all to see. This engraved, silver-toned tin case packs 50 styling pins in a festive winter white color.



Clinique Complete Happiness, $37. Available at Clinique.com

This wallet-sized box packs quite the fragrant punch, with five 7ml perfume bottles, each a version of Clinique’s renowned Happy fragrance. The Clinique Complete Happiness set includes: Clinique Happy, with its ruby red grapefruit and bergamot notes; Clinique Happy Heart, which fuses together citrus-y mandarin notes with floral water hyacinth notes; Clinique Happy In Bloom, which adds freesia, lily of the valley, and plum to the mimosa accord; Clinique Happy Wealth of Flowers, a lush and romantic floral bouquet with just a touch of mimosa fragrance; and Clinique Happy Hint of Citrus, a more potent, flashier, fruitier version of the original scent.


french-kande-bon-bon-pendant french-kande-glass-pearls-with-silver-toggles-earrings

French Kande Bon Bon Pendant, $139; and True Navy Pearls And Antiqued Silver Toggle Bar Earrings, $49 . Available at FrenchKande.com

Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Kande Hall has transformed her passion for vintage French tokens into a thriving business, aptly dubbed French Kande. At the brand’s core is an assortment of medallions fashioned after actual mementos, each steeped in French history. The Champagne Medallion, for instance, is modeled after the emblem of the Canard-Duchêne champagne house, which was itself founded in 1868 in Ludes, France. The Bon Bon Medallion pictured above, meanwhile, can be traced back to the 17h century, when these small candies were created for members of the royal court. Available in antiqued silver, brass, or gold, these medallions are paired with metal chains, pearl strands, and glass beads for a mix of old and new. Other French Kande treats include such antique-looking pieces as the earrings pictured here, which feature luminous sapphire-colored pearl beads dangling from antiqued silver loops and etched toggle bars.



Origins To Glow Set, $32.50. Available at Origins.com

Inside a khaki-colored, 60% jute and 40% cotton makeup pouch printed with vermilion sand dollar-like shapes, you’ll find four quick beauty fixes: a 2ml tube of Full Story Lush-Lash Mascara; a 1ml tube of the Mini Lip Gloss Duo featuring the light coral-tinged Pink Sands lip color on one side and the shimmering fuchsia shade Sangria color on the other; a 15ml tube of Make a Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment, which moisturizes, soothes, and conditions skin with rose flower water, rose extract, sweet orange oil, cucumber extract, chamomile water, and other rich botanicals; and a 15ml tube of GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream, which soothes the skin around the eyes with cucumber, aloe, and green tea extracts, tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines with caffeine extract, and relies on ginseng and apple extract to brighten dark under eye circles.
Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen Trio, $12. Available at Target stores. Visit Target.com for locations.

Need a stocking stuffer for the beauty junkie in your life? Consider the Pixi Endless silky Eye Pen Taster Trio, which includes three pocket-sized eye pencils in the most versatile shades: a dark navy blue, a chocolate brown, and a deep black. The richly pigmented colors glide onto lids effortlessly and appear rich and creamy on the skin.


Upper Canada Soap Sweet Indulgence Bubble Bath in Strawberries & Cream, $5. Available at UpperCanadaSoap.com

A cupcake with zero caloric intake? Bring it! This cupcake-shaped bottle is filled with a bubble bath with a strawberries & cream scent. To use, you simply have to unscrew the red, cherry-shaped top cap, and turn the cupcake bottle over until two to three dollops fall into warm running water. Light, foamy suds will soon start to appear in the tub, inviting you to come in and enjoy some relaxation time. Don’t expect a cartoon-worthy amount of bubbles though — this will deliver light, barely-there suds, and the fragrance will prove equally delicate and faint.
Tokidoki x Hello Kitty 15″ Laptop Sleeve, $55. Available at Sanrio.com

Part of the limited edition Tokidoki x Hello Kitty collection, this padded, zip-top laptop sleeve features a whimsical pattern, with Tokidoki characters like Mozzarella, Adios, and Ciao Ciao mingling with whiskered, bow-topped clouds resembling Hello Kitty, ice cream floats topped off with Hello Kitty heads, and more. At the lower, right-hand corner of the laptop sleeve, Hello Kitty appears dressed in a black version of Sandy’s cactus costume, with prickly multi-colored needles covering every surface of the ensemble, a pink bow peeking out along the side.


Burt’s Bees Keepsake Tin, $9.99. Available at BurtsBees.com

Perfect for co-workers or family Secret Santas, this Keepsake Tin is priced at $10 and features four Burt’s Bees lip balms. You can choose a round tin encasing four classic, flavor-less beeswax lip balms or opt for an assortment of flavors that includes the Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Açai, the Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil, the Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter (our favorite!), and the original Beeswax Lip Balm.




Lizzie Fortunato for SUNO Bronze Hinged Pendant II, $550. Available at SUNOny.com

The shape created by the arched pieces of this hinged, gold-plated brass pendant, which features forest green and peach enamel detailing, is reminiscent of the mashrabiya windows that are so prominent in Arabic architecture.




House of Harlow Tasseled Epoxy Crescent Dangle Earrings, $75. Available at GlamHouse.com

In many ancient Egyptian writings and artifacts, the crescent moon symbolizes the woman’s womb, underscoring a period of birth or rebirth. Celebrate your power as a fertile goddess with these crescent moon-shaped dangle earrings, designed by Nicole Richie for her House of Harlow brand. The resin along the interior of the half moon shapes features concentric diamond shapes, augmenting the earrings’ Egyptian vibe, while the layered golden chain strands dangling from the lower rim of each arched shape add the requisite Bohemian spirit.


Farah Kahn Sequin Embellished Dress, $1397. Available at FarFetch.com

This sequined, over-the-knee dress features long bell-shaped sleeves, a square-ish scooped neckline, and crystal bead embellishments along the sleeve cuffs and hemline for a mirage-worthy vision of beauty.
Belle Noel Egyptian Pendant Earrings, $58. Available at PinkMascara.com

These 14K gold-plated, resin-adorned, open frame, teardrop-shaped earrings feature rows of horizontal strokes, semi-circle shapes, and domed round studs that capture the visual essence of ancient Egyptian writing.
Sequin Cleopatra Multi-Row Necklace, $47.99. Available at  Piperlime.com

Channel Elizabeth Taylor’s version of Cleopatra with this gold-plated choker, which features three rows of thick golden chains, followed by a row of hammered golden metal semi-circles embellished with oval turquoise stones and aqua-colored crystals.



Givenchy Tribal Print Tunic, $659. Available at MyTheresa.com

This flowing tunic features a geometric tribal pattern sewn in a V-like formation along the center of the blouse, with glossy black polyurethane strips following this very shape and adding some panache to the understated print.


Melody Ehsani Isis Earrings, $44. Available at MelodyEhsani.com

Known as the goddess of motherhood, rebirth, and fertility, Isis was often depicted as a woman wearing a headdress shaped like the hieroglyph for “throne” and holding an ankh, lotus bud, or staff; as a woman sitting and nursing her son Horus; or as a cow or cow’s head. But when paying tribute to the ancient deity, jewelry designer Melody Ehsani turned to another popular depiction of Isis: that of her as a winged goddess. To make these earrings, Ehsani had this rendering of Isis laser etched onto mirrored acrylic and then attached the resulting plates to the centers of gold-plated hoop earrings.




Alex and Ani Eye of Horus Expandable Wire Bangle, $24. Available at AlexandAni.com

Ward off evildoers with this expandable wire bangle, which features a medallion-ike charm embossed with the Eye of Horus.


Stussy Hieroglyphics Pyramid Purse, $29. Available at 80sPurple.com

The illustrated tiled and pyramid shapes printed on this envelope-shaped purse add a bit of the Middle East to this decidedly urban cross-body bag, which features a detachable elastic and patent leather strap.
 Double Happiness Osiris Earrings, $189. Available at DoubleHappinessJewelry.com

What Egyptian-flavored ensemble could be complete without some snake motifs? Each of these undulating gold fill earrings features round beads threaded through coiled metal wrapped along the earring’s length, as well as a single teardrop-shaped stone at the bottom tip.



Virgins, Saints & Angels Tribal Six Scarab Belt Buckle, $218. Available at WhisperingCowgirl.com

A sacred symbol in ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle represented rebirth. It was believed that the god Khepri, commonly represented as a scarab, was responsible for pushing the sun across the sky; the sun’s setting, nightfall, and the new dawn was considered a cycle of death and rebirth, hence the beetle’s association with resurrection. This vintage-looking buckle from Mexico-based jewelry brand Virgins, Saints & Angels captures the deference to this holy insect — measuring 3.75″ in height and 2.75″ in height, the brass buckle features crescent moon an star shapes etched into the hammered metal backdrop, along with scattered ball studs. The carefully detailed scarabs, meanwhile, are placed into two separate rows, with a bezel-set Swarovski stone positioned atop each beetle’s head.


SUNO Animal Print Skirt, $352. Available at Barneys.com

This fawn-and-white wool skirt features tile-like panels with animals and geometric shape designs that recall ancient hieroglyphs, as well as a constellation of stars along the skirt’s upper panel, right beneath the waistline.


Noir Jewelry Artisan Scarab Cuff, $135. Available at Zappos.com

Like Virgins, Saints & Angels, Noir Jewelry has explored the curious beauty of the scarab. Noir’s reverie involves a gold-plated brass cuff with clear rhinestones adorning the bottle of the scarab at the center of the peace and sunburst-style rays surrounding the insect’s body.


Pretty Little Thing Lotus Leaf Earrings, $95. Available at PLTNYC.com

These teardrop-shaped, gold-plated brass earrings, adorned with faceted smoky gray crystal beads, were inspired by the lotus flower, which played a prominent role in ancient Egyptian art and religion. According to one ancient creation story, the sun god RA emerged from the inside of the lotus flower as it blossomed and opened in the morning, returning to the flower’s interior at night, as its petals closed again and cradled him to sleep.


Rachel Rachel Roy Pyramid Square Front Necklace, $95. Available at RachelRoy.com

The Great Pyramid of Giza meets Tetris with this ’80s-flavored, enamel tile necklace from New York-based designer Rachel Roy.




Rebecca Taylor Runway Button-Front Coat, $597. Available at RebeccaTaylor.com

A strong, almost military-flavored, expertly tailored wool jacket with two rows of buttons and a demure single-breasted collar is given a runway-ready makeover with the addition of Toscana lamb shearling trim along the long sleeves.




Prada Fox Fur Clutch, $1995. Available at NeimanMarcus.com

For over-the-top luxury, you can always count on Prada. This Doctor Zhivago-ready purse, measuring 8″ in height, 11″ in width, and 3″ in depth, is made of Finnish fox fur dyed a soft pink color. For a bit of edge, python leather is woven through the dainty chain link shoulder strap.
Ugg Australia Vittoria Boot, $1195. Available at UggAustralia.com

You may associate the Ugg name with bulky, shapeless, sheepskin-lined slip-on boots, but don’t sleep on the brand. Over the last few years, Ugg has expanded its array of fashionable boots, offering more streamlined silhouettes, higher heel heights, and elegant design touches. The Vittoria boot is a prime example of these efforts with its top-notch shearling uppers, ice-ready rubber outsole, hand-dyed wool-adorned shaft, and 4″ stacked leather heel.



Alexander McQueen Skull-Clasp Minx Box Clutch, $3195. Available at BergdorfGoodman.com

Made in Italy, this quirky clutch is covered by soft mink dyed a punk-flavored violet color and features a silver-tone push-lock clasp closure with a crystal-studded skull detail adding a rocker vibe. Rather than conjuring up images of unattainable Ice Queens, then, this McQueen number feels hip, edgy, and rebellious to the core.



A by Adrienne Landau Jewel Neckline 3/4 Sleeve Faux Fur Coat, $199.90. Available at HSN.com

With its jewel neckline, 3/4-length sleeves, and slightly boxy shape, this faux fur coat boasts a retro ’60s charm while the leopard print pattern thrusts the design into modernity.
Eugenia Kim Annie 1 Hat, $230. Available at EugeniaKim.com

If an equestrian hat and a hunting cap procreated, the result might just be the Eugenia Kim Annie 1 Hat, a camel-colored, wool-and-cashmere number with rabbit fur ear flaps in a chic leopard print pattern.



Reiss Feather Bolero in Magenta, $330. Available at ReissOnline.com

Not only is fur a wardrobe necessity for this winter season, it’s popping up on everything from coats to boots, purses, gloves, scarves, key chains, blazers, and stilettos. Furthermore, the somber colors of yore have been replaced with punchy blood orange, deep amethyst, rich magenta, and mermaid-like teal shades. This cropped, magenta-colored bolero jacket, for example, is made of soft feathers that, when grouped together, mimic the look and texture of fur.



7 For All Mankind Tevin Boot, $295. Available at Endless.com

This cognac-colored leather boot features a 1″ rubber platform and 4.25″ rubber wedge heel for greater comfort, as well as a 8″-tall shaft with a thin strap that wraps around the vamp and curved along the heel, fastening at the buckle on the outer side of the boot, positioned right by the ankle bone. The boot opening, meanwhile, is decorated with a fuzzy trim that created a shawl collar-like shape.



Yves Salomon Drawstring Hooded Fox Coat, $3495. Available at IntermixOnline.com

How do you make a fur coat look street-ready without delving into ghetto fabulous territory? Just admire Yves Salomon’s hooded coat, which features strips of taupe, charcoal, and white fox fur sewn onto a gray jersey base layer to create a piece-y, near-striped effect. A drawstring closure at the waist allows you to streamline the coat’s silhouette, while the hood protects your lovely face from the frosty winter winds.



Pura Lopex X281 Bootie, $276.04. Available at Endless.com

Make slouchy sleek with this Pura Lopez leather ankle boot, which features a turned-down, faux fur-trimmed cuff, buckled straps running along the vamp and ankle, a 1″ wooden platform, and a 4.25″ heel.



Zero + Maria Cornejo Fur Contra Scarf, $495. Available at ZeroMariaCornejo.com

Shaggy rugs have grown to be synonymous with ’70s hippie home décor, but Chilean designer Maria Cornejo updated the aesthetic and gave it a high fashion feel this season via such creations as her Fur Contra Scarf, a camel-colored, fringed piece hand-knit in Bolivia and made of superfine alpaca.



3.1 Phillip Lim Lynus Fur Keychain, $75. Available at Shopbop.com

Know somebody who needs a dose of good luck? Then help her extricate herself from the clutches of Murphy’s Law with this rabbit fur key chain, which is substantially more chic and yet just as fortuitous as the traditional bunny’s foot.
American Glamour by Badgley Mischka Faux Fur Cropped Jacket, $179.90. Available at HSN.com

It may look like a million bucks, but this luxurious shawl collar jacket actually costs less than $200. Designed for HSN’s American Glamour by Badgley Mischka line, the faux fur coat was constructed using synthetic faux fur strips and was further accented with tonal faux suede strips running horizontally along the bodice and sleeves.


Hat Attack Rabbit Fur Ear Muffs with Knit Headband, $75. Available at IntermixOnline.com

Remember in Old School, when Vince Vaughn’s character would say “Earmuffs!” to his young son, signaling him to cup his ears with his hands, thereby blocking out the potentially obscene and inappropriate conversation of the adults nearby? Well, had he had a daughter and a pair of stylish earmuffs such as these around, the task would’ve been much more enjoyable for his brethren. These rabbit fur earmuffs measure 5″ in diameter and are attached to a knitted headband


M. Patmos Striped Knit Fur Hat, $453. Available at MPatmos.com

Using extra soft Rex rabbit fur, designer Marcia Patmos hand-knit this slouchy cap, creating a striped, royal blue and gray pattern.


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