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Jewelry Designer Seville Michelle Anastos Reaches The “Field” Of Dreams






It’s been a year since we caught up with Queens-bred jewelry designer Seville Michelle Anastos, who first amassed a loyal customer base within the hip-hop community thanks to her leather-wrapped bamboo earrings and doorknockers, which offered sophisticated urbanites a more mature take on the gold-filled styles they favored during their teens and tweens. So what has transpired since last fall? Well, for starters, Anastos’ pieces have been worn by such trendsetting celebs as: Bay Area rapper Kreayshawn, who even mentioned her love of Anastos’ doorknockers in a Billboard magazine interview; Mary J. Blige, who wore a pair of golden doorknockers at a Paper magazine bash; and Beyoncé, who rocked the sizzlin’ saffron-yellow-and-black, faux snakeskin print, leather-wrapped, triangle-shaped doorknockers pictured at top in her “Party” video, pairing them with a leopard print bustier. “The support I’ve received has made me pretty emotional,”Anastos says humbly. “I was a very sad girl a few years ago, but life is about overcoming and enduring.”

In addition to kudos from celebrities, Anastos earned a stamp of approval from Patricia Field’s buyers and has now positioned herself as one of the boutique’s main featured designers. Continuing to experiment with her designs while staying true to her bold, tough, brazen aesthetic, Anastos has expanded her earrings offerings to include new colorways, like the turquoise Square Bamboo Earrings ($64 at PatriciaField.com) shown second from top, which measure 3.5″ in length and 3.5″ in width; printed leathers, as with the rainbow-colored, faux snakeskin triangle earrings shown fifth from top or the porous, rubbery, tan leather used for the Large Cork Bamboo Earrings ($74 at PatriciaField.com), shown after the jump; and new shapes, such as the Small Leather Hoop Earrings ($34 at PatriciaField.com) pictured third from top, which measure 2.5″ in diameter and feature a blend of orange, cream, indigo, and purple.

“Nature influences me immensely,” says Anastos of her natural evolution as a designer. Microcosmos is my favorite. Have you ever seen ladybugs get it on? It’s fascinating!”

She credits her interest in nature with inspiring such pieces as her colorful feather ear cuffs, which feature rhinestone details on colorful fabric strips that curve along the side of the ear or hug the lobe, and which then include wisps of feather radiating outward like mini headdresses. The Feather Spray Earring ($38 at PatriciaField.com), pictured above in electric pink, attached to the ear with two clipon fasteners and features 8″-long feathers with iridescent beads along their stems. The Feather Pair Earrings ($38 at PatriciaField.com) pictured after the jump, meanwhile, attach to the lobe and then fan out underneath the ear, measuring 2″ in length and 5″ in width in total.

The Iris Chacón-worthy earrings are flying out of the Patricia Field store, which should serve as fodder for more curious tinkering from Anastos who confesses that she “constantly tests her design IQ.” Expect her to be joining the style community’s Mensa shortly.

Check out more pieces after the jump and make sure to follow @sickathanavg and @sevillemichelle for details on an exciting Twitter giveaway!





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