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Laser Tag — Chronicling Our Experiences With The TRIA Hair Removal Laser




Let’s keep it funky, ladies: shaving sucks. Sure, you may have found the perfect shaving cream that moisturizes skin and allows your razor to slide down those legs ever so smoothly, and you may have perfected the technique of getting every prickly stubble in one seamless, downward stroke, but having to repeat the process every few days (or, on a near daily basis if, like me, you seem to be part Sasquatch) is irksome. And, while you don’t mess with the Sasquatch, you can prevent yourself from looking like his kinfolk.

It’s no secret that most women wish they could permanently remove the hair on their legs, under arms, and bikini line, but the options often seem limited, consisting only of shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams (most of which can irritate and even burn sensitive skin). Sure, we’ve all heard about laser hair removal treatments, but the price tag accompanying these sessions can make them seem entirely inaccessible.

Enter the TRIA Beauty Hair Removal Laser, an at-home device valued at $395, that promises to permanently remove hair in six months. The hair removal device features a small tip that emits a laser which, when pressed against the skin, disables hair follicles, thereby preventing future hair growth.

Since I’m always griping about my legs, and I have a long history of grappling with razor bumps, irritation resulting from hot wax strips, and other adverse dermal reactions, I looked to the TRIA Hair Removal Laser as the potential answer to all my problems. Imagine my surprise, then, when I was approached to test out the hair removal device and chronicle my experiences with it during a six-month period.

I jumped at the opportunity, of course, so I will start my TRIA journal next week and will document my first experience with this breakthrough device. Every two weeks thereafter, whenever I complete another treatment, I will write about my experiences and document any progress made so far.

Stay tuned for the scoop!

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