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Miss Piggy for MAC Cosmetics — High On The Hog? Or Just Oinkay?


Even if your only understanding of Miss Piggy‘s role as a fashion icon was pieced together from the trailer of the Jason Segal-helmed The Muppets movie, at the very least, you know that her snout aside, the blue-eyed, frog-loving diva has champagne tastes. In one scene, she sits before a plate of donuts wearing a sharp Chanel jacket, pristine white gloves, and a multi-strand pearl necklace, her blond hair style in an Anna Wintour-worthy bob. In another movie scene, she sports a dapper leather trench with leopard print-accented lapels and cuffs, a sheer lace camisole peeking at the neckline, and pale pink gloves keeping her hands toasty.

The new, limited-edition Miss Piggy for MAC Cosmetics collection, then, seeks to capture the classic, posh, ultra feminine aesthetic of America’s favorite puppet character. The three-piece collection focuses on three of of her beauty essentials: flirtatious lashes, dark and pronounced lash line, and rosy lids. The collection, then, includes the Miss Piggy Pink Eye Shadow ($15 at MACcosmetics.com), a pale, frosty, blue-toned pink shade reminiscent of a bowl of Jordan almonds (check out swatches after the jump); the Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapidblack ($17.50 at MACcosmetics.com); a marker-like eyeliner with a pointed felt tip that allows for great control when lining eyes however lightly or thickly; and the Lash 36 ($15 at MACcosmetics.com), which fan out at the corners of the eyes for flutter-ready lids.

The Penultimate Eye Liner is, of course, a classic offering from MAC, so there’s nothing particularly exciting about its inclusion in the collection. The lashes, meanwhile, are a bit short in length, making them hard to position along the lash lines, plus they’re far from self-adhesive, despite what the packaging may convey. And, as for the pink eye shadow, there’s nothing memorable about it.

Unfortunately, in its attempt to capitalize from the current Muppets Mania, MAC fell into the trap of following, rather than setting trends — a quality that we hardly associate with the forward-thinking, boundary-breaking brand.

More hype than heart, more style than substance, the Miss Piggy for MAC Cosmetics is about as underwhelimng as the new Muppets movie itself. Sadly, this is hardly the makeup collection we’d envision for the lady who once uttered the words, “There is the satisfaction of providing your public with a vision of true beautology, true sytlisity… How can I put it?  True glamorositude.”



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