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Mixology NYC’s Barbarella Galaxy Collection Enters A New Style Dimension













Chances are you're not on a mission to  planet Tau Ceti to capture inventor Durand-Durand and prevent his Positronic Ray from falling into the hands of evildoers, thereby jump-starting an intergalactic war by introducing weapons into a formerly peaceful universe. But futuristic, planet-hopping antics aside, you can still channel Barbarella via some clever style choices — and no, we don't mean you should attempt to recreate Jane Fonda's kinky, dominatrix-flavored ensemble by slithering into a black leotard with semi-sheer panels at the center of the abdomen and along the breasts, then creating an armor-like effect along the upper body using clear resin, and slipping on some knee-high leather boots. Instead, you can channel a bodacious, fearless sci-fi vixen with some forward-thinking, mercury-dipped (metaphorically speaking!) jewelry from New York-based brand Mixology NYC.

As its name implies the new "Barbarella Galaxy" collection nods to Roger Vadim's campy 1968 film, but it doesn't seek to replicate the movie's aesthetic. Instead, it uses Barbarella as a foundation, then incorporates visual references to science fiction classics like Tron and Star Wars, alludes to the glitter-infused style of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust persona, flirts with the gleaming metallic exteriors and fluid panels of futuristic architectural structures like the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, and occasionally mirrors the organic shapes and bulbous forms of Elsa Peretti's jewelry designs.

In keeping with its space age theme, silver and gunmetal abound in the jewelry collection, either with a matte, sightly weathered finish or with a slick, ultra-reflective sheen. The occasional brass, gold, and rose gold tones add a starry luster to the otherwise icy cosmos.

Perhaps as an ode to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, pod shapes are of particular importance in this collection, emerging on such pieces as the Large Pod Knuckle Ring ($95 at MaxandChloe.com), shown third after the jump, which measures 2.25" in length and comes in either rose gold or gunmetal; the Pod Necklace ($360 at MaxandChloe.com), which features long, polished, pod-shaped pendants varying in length from 1.75 to 2.3 inches, all clustered together at the center of a slim chain necklace (as seen above, third from top); the Podlet Earrings ($75), which have an exaggerated stem that leads up to the rounded teardrop bottom, and which come in silver, matte silver, gunmetal, and matte gunmetal (as shown above, fourth from top); and the Large Pod Double-Finger Ring ($115 at MaxandChloe.com), which stretches across the top of the knuckle area but, rather than the traditional bar silhouette used in two-finger rings, relies on a softer, orbit-like shape (as pictured after the jump).

The malleable, curvaceous, liquid-like feel of these pod forms is juxtaposed against the controlled chaos of pieces like: the Galaxy Crackle Cuff ($65 at MaxandChloe.com), shown above at top, which features a black leather band with a silver crackle finish that gives the illusion of crushed glass; and the Galaxy Fringe Necklace ($300), shown last above, which features thin strips of black leather covered with a crackling silver coat, dangling all along the bust line in a starburst-like formation. The hard-versus-soft dichotomy is again crystallized by the Spiked Stacking Rings pictured second from top ($55 each at MaxandChloe.com), each of which features an elliptical band with a dome detail and a conical spike positioned atop it.

Whether you're a sci-fi buff, a futuristic fashion lover, or a jewelry junkie, these pieces will shine brighter than a supernova, lending some cosmic love to any ensemble. 







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