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Christmas Cheer At Your Fingertips — Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips Holiday 2011 Collection



We swooned over the limited-edition Halloween prints of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips ($9.99 each at chain drug stores, food stores, and mass retailers nationwide) released earlier this fall, but the spiderweb, ghost, and skull-and-crossbones designs were just an appetizer for the most delicious of entrees: the heart-warming 5-piece Holiday 2011 collection. The new prints in the collection are: Plaid About You, a red-and-black plaid pattern reminiscent of lumberjack hats; Peppermint Twist, which features angled red, white, and pink stripes that mimic those on a candy cane; Snow Bunny, which has a white backdrop and jolly red snowflakes; Prep’s Cool, a black-and-silver argyle pattern that even Prince Harry would deem cool; and Winter Funderland, a chaotic melange of black, silver, and midnight blue glitter.

Each of the Sally Hansen Holiday 2011 Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips packages includes 16 nail polish strips. To apply them, you first clean an buff the nail plate, pushing back the cuticles and filing to the desired shape. Next, you find the strip with the size that best suits the nail in question, peel off the white backing and the clear top film, and place it on the nail plate, making sure to perfectly align the base of the strip an the sides. Next, you press the strip using the cuticle stick and the buffer side of the miniature nail file/buffer included in the box and, using the buffer, file off any excess protruding past the top of the nail. Using the sharp end of the cuticle stick, you can then clean up the edges. The nail polish strips are easy to use, require no drying time, and they last extraordinarily long (I’ve had them last up to two weeks). When it’s time to remove them, you simply use nail polish remover and a cotton ball and wipe away as you would with any ordinary lacquer.

If wearing a Santa Hat, chunky snowflake-adorned sweater, and jingle bell earrings seems a bit too over-the-top for you, then channel your holiday spirit with one of these Winter Wonderland-appropriate nail designs. I’m currently rocking the Peppermint Twist design (pictured above), and it’s cooler than the minitest of treats.

To check out how the pattern looks on the nails, see the photos after the jump!

Take a trip along Candy Cane Lane with the Peppermint Twist design which, as you can see here, consists of white, red, and pale pink stripes of varying widths that seem to swirl across the nail’s naturally rounded form at the slanted angles we associate with the traditional Christmas candies.



Here’s another look at the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips Peppermint Twist pattern on nails.


Grab one for yourself or snatch some up to use as stocking stuffers! They’re too sweet to resist!

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