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Holiday Shopping From A To Z — Moseying Along to G, H, and I

The ABCs of our A To Z Holiday Gift Guide took us through a miscellany of Art Deco, Blossom-themed, and Color-Blocked goods, while the D, E, and F installment allowed us to immerse ourselves in Dainty knickknacks, Egyptian-themed fare, and Fur-Trimmed fashions.

This week, we’re moving right along to the G, H, and I categories in our alphabet-themed gift guide, with G encompassing Green (or Eco-Friendly) goodies, H focusing on Haute Hippie fare, and I exploring a bevy of Ikat print gift options. Let’s get it started!



Liz Earle Pampering Hand Treat, $37.95. Available at US.LizEarle.com

We all know frosty winter weather takes its toll on our skin, but have you ever noticed that your hands tend to be the first parts of your body to dry and crack? Aside from wearing gloves to protect them from the elements, go the extra mile by treating your mitts to a three-step moisturizing regimen consisting of all-natural products filled with hydrating and softening plant extracts.

The first step in the Liz Earle-prescribed hand treatment involves washing hands with the Orange Flower Hand Wash, an indulgent cleanser that foams deliciously thanks to corn- and coconut-derived agents; invigorates the senses thanks to the sweet orange oil, rose-scented geranium, and lavandin ingredients, which dominate the cleanser’s scent profile; protects the skin with antioxidant-rich vitamin E; and softens the skin with a combination of panthenol and betaine, a natural emollient and humectant derived from sugar molasses. After rinsing and drying hands, follow by applying the Hand Repair, a potent but non-greasy cream that softens cuticles, tones the skin, and protects it from free radicals thanks to a combination of echinacea, hops, and beta-carotene. For a power punch, finish off the routine with the Superbalm, a multi-purpose salve that hydrates skin (be it lips, elbows, hands, heels, elbows, cuticles, or knees) with softening shea butter, moisture-locking rosehip oil, restorative neroli oil, and vitamin E. The Superbalm is rather rich so you need only use a dab of the salve, rubbing it in between your palms to warm it up and thin out its consistency, then massaging all over hands and cuticles.

Anybody who relies on the Liz Earle Pampering Hand Treat will not only be a perfect ten — she’ll have ten perfect digits!





Gustav Reyes Organic Coil Bracelet, $160. Available at GustavReyes.com

Through his streamlined, sculptural, minimalist wood jewelry, Gustav Reyes is creating a visual thread that anchors humans to their surroundings, reminding them of their responsibility to the environment (not to mention the immense beauty therein). His limited-edition collection of bracelets includes the Organic Coil Bracelet pictured above, which spirals around the wrist like the coils of a Slinky. Made of FSC-certified wood recycled from found objects, each bracelet was crafted using an eco-conscious cold bend process, then finished with a coat of all-natural beeswax.

Bobble Water Bottles, $9.99. Available at ContainerStore.com and Target.com

When we first saw these, we mistakenly assumed they were merely overpriced, design-driven water bottles that placed style over substance, appealing mainly to the Brooklyn and lower Manhattan hipster types whose quirky and impractical purchases wind up on the pages of New York magazine. Luckily, we mae sure to research these further and found out that, not only were they useful purchases, they had revolutionary features.

Designed by Karim Rashid for Move Collective, the bobble is a reusable water bottle with a built-in filter that reduces such contaminants as chlorine, copper, lead, mercury and cadmium. To use, you simply fill your bobble with tap water and squeeze the center of the hourglass-shaped bottle, allowing the water to course toward the filter anchored at the bottle’s neck and come out of the spout distilled. The bottle itself is free of PVC, phtalates and BPA, and its sleek design is only a bonus, as it perfectly performs its primary function, making regular tap water go down as smooth as expensive bottled water.

At just $9.99, it’s the gift that keeps on giving — just think of the money that the recipient will save (bottled water adds up!) and the service you’ll do to our environment by eliminating all that excess plastic from circulation.


Matt & Nat for Apple Ritual Laptop Bag, $180. Available at MattandNat.com

Vegan leather is earning more caché thanks to brands like Matt & Nat which, for nearly 15 years, has been specializing in sleek handbags and accessories fabricated using no animal products. In 2011, the brand collaborated with tech giant Apple on a line of laptop bags, iPod cases, iPad covers, and iPhone pouches.

The Ritual Laptop Bag was designed to accommodate the 13″ Apple Macbook and was fabricated using red vegan leather and a 100% recycled gray faux suede lining with built-in padding to protect your precious computer. The stylish bag features a triangle-shaped top flap with a zippered closure, a second zippered exterior pocket, two interior compartments, and unobtrusive pockets specifically designed for the iPod, iPhone and iPod Shuffle.



Ojon Hair Repair Stars Kit, $84. Available at Ojon.com

Give your best friends the ultimate gift: CPR for their damaged tresses, so they can start the New Year with healthy, frizz-free, voluminous manes. The Ojon Damage Reverse line performs miracles, with a shampoo, conditioner, smoothing glaze, treatment mask, and serum that marry Ojon’s trademark Ojon oil with such potent ingredients as buriti nut oil, a Brazilian nut extract that contains Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids, as well as Vitamin A; Murumuru butter, which contains oleic and linoleic acid, both of which function as natural emollients, and lauric acid, hailed for its ability to penetrate the hair shaft and prevent the protein loss that can lead to breakage; and moisturizing orange oil, palm kernel oil, bergamot oil, and mango seed butter.

This introductory kit includes: a 100ml jar of the Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus, a nutty hair mask that’s applied to dry hair and rinsed off about a half hour for an instant moisture recharge; a 125ml tube of the Restorative Smoothing Glaze, a styling aid that moisturizes hair while keeping frizz at bay and adding control to any ‘do; a 50ml bottle of the Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum, a golden elixir containing Rouge Olifeira Oil, which penetrates the hair shaft an prevents future breakage, boosts shine, and prevents fly-aways; a 30ml tube of the Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo; and a 30ml tube of the Damage Reverse Restorative Conditioner.






Shwood x Pendleton Canby Sunglasses, $210. Available at ShwoodShop.com

Eco-conscious sunglasses? Believe it! Shwood specializes in top-notch, handcrafted shades made of homegrown wood. Recently, the brand collaborated with textile brand Pendleton on these Wayfarer-esque sunglasses which feature frames made out of Oregon-grown Cherry wood and embellished with laser-cut designs along the arms, lenses that offer full-spectrum protection, and stainless steel spring-loaded hinges. The shades come with a protective wool pouch bearing a Native American-influenced pattern and manufactured in Pendleton’s Oregon mill.

Votre Vu “Snap Dew It!” SnapDragon Beauty Beverage & Creme Gift Set, $39. Available at VotreVu.com

With this fabulous gift set from Votre Vu, you’ll be preserving your skin’s health from both the inside and the outside. The set includes a bottle of the SnapDragon Beauty Beverage, an all-natural drink that incorporates antioxidant-rich fruits like mango, pomegranate, and açai berry; along with detoxifying green, white, and red teas; seven daily vitamins; collagen; aloe vera; and gingko biloba. It tastes way better than a V8 and will make you both feel and look healthier, younger, and more beautiful.

To quench your skin’s thirst, meanwhile, Votre Vu paired this magical elixir with a jar of its brand new SnapDragon Body Drench, an anti-aging cream with a 95% concentration of all-natural ingredients — among them: açai berry, which is richer in antioxidants than such revered fruits as blueberries and cranberries, protecting the skin from free radical damage and promoting cellular turnover for younger-looking skin; coconut oil, which is rich in fatty acids that hydrate and soften the skin; and grape seed oil, which restores elasticity to the skin, stimulates cellular regeneration, and protects the skin from oxidative stress.






Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter Glaze, $14. Available at Sephora.com

Korres’ Wild Rose skin care line caters to women who want to both moisturize their skin and brighten their complexions, evening out skin tone and minimizing any dark spots, but their Wild Rose lip products focus more intently on capturing the gorgeous rouge shade of the rose blossom. The Wild Rose Lip Butter Glaze moisturizes lips with organic sugar cane extract and antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract, while organic beeswax and sunflower seed wax give the lip color a creamy, non-sticky consistency. The shade is deep red, but it’s deliciously sheer and boasts a nice mirrored finish.



Curtsy & Bow Nail Strengthening Lacquer in St. Thomas Blew Me Away and Shell We Dance, $15 each. Available at CurtsyandBow.com

The brainchild of Melissa Huynh, organic nail lacquer line Curtsy & Bow debuted this July with a collection of 7 polish shades inspired by Huynh’s travels throughout the Caribbean. The Yacht Club Collection, then, included such festive, summery shades as St. Thomas Blue Me Away, a creamy sky blue, and Shell We Dance, a peach-tinged pastel orange. Though the shades were released in the summer, they’re so vivacious that they’ll brighten up anyone’s mood — particularly on stormy winter days. Each lacquer is free of harmful of chemicals like toulene, dibutyl phtalate, and formaldehyde, plus they last longer than most organic polishes, with a lifespan of up to 10 days (my Curtsy & Bow manicures last an entire week, which is a feat given the amount of dish-washing, laundry, and house cleaning that transpires when you have young children!).



Apple & Bee Green Tote, $37. Available at AppleAndBeeUSA.com

Made of organic cotton, this reusable tote features green polka dots against the fabric’s natural ecru color and an oversize green apple shape at the center bearing the words “of my eye” in cursive lettering (as in “apple of my eye,” get it?). Containing two sturdy shoulder straps and a number of inside pockets and compartments, the Apple & Bee Green Tote is lightweight and foldable, so that you can toss it in your purse and use it when buying groceries or taking home books and office materials. Not only is it green both literally and figuratively, it’s an apple you can taste again and again.




SpaRitual Cuticle Fix Holiday Gift Set, $30. Available at Drugstore.com

Vegan, eco-minded nail care company SpaRitual is offering a kit that will help women cope with one of their biggest gripes: rough, dry, cracked, and overall unseemly cuticles. Packaged in a  woven straw paper wristlet with a white gold sheen, the Cuticle Fix Set incorporates: a 1 fl. oz. tube of Cuti-Treat Cuticle Gel, a cream formulated with 78% certified organic ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein, green tea, gingko biloba, and pineapple, which moisturize cuticles and stimulate growth; the Cuti-Cocktail Pen & Pusher which dispenses a blend of evening primrose oil, grape seed oil, and aloe gel with the click of the pen, allowing you to brush the apple- and ginger-scented cuticle gel to the base of the nail plate and all along the nail surface; a 5 fl. oz. of Nutri-Thick Growth Support For Nails, which features SpaRitual’s RevitaPlex System, a blend of wheat protein to strengthen the nail surface, green tea and gingko biloba extracts to stimulate circulation, and calcium to reinforce the nail structure; and a sanitizable eco nail file.




Leroy & Perry Crochet Hangers, $25 each. Available at LeroyAndPerry.com

Joan Crawford scared a lot of us out of using wire hangers and yet wooden ones can also be problematic, with soft garments sliding off at the slightest provocation. These Leroy & Perry hangers ensure any shirts, dresses, jackets, and coats stay in place, plus they’re an eco-friendly alternative as they’re made from all natural fibers and crocheted by designer Marcia Patmos in her Brooklyn studio.




Burt’s Bees Manicure Set, $15. Available at BurtsBees.com

Not to sound like Elle Woods, but nothing can brighten a gal’s mood like a good manicure. This Burt’s Bees holiday kit ensures that you have the right foundation for any nail lacquer job. A 0.60 oz. tin of Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream softens rough and cracked cuticles, while a 2 oz. jar of Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream moisturizes and softens hands, and the nail file and cuticle sticks inside the festive, floral print, cream-and-yellow wristlet bag allow you to file nails and push back cuticle. As if that’s not enough, the kit also includes a tube of Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil, which hydrates your pout. Kissable lips and tender hands? Who will be able to resist your touch?

Jason Revitalizing Orange Clove Pure Natural Body Wash & Sponge Gift Set, $8.99. Available at natural food stores, Whole Foods, and at Jason-Natural.com

Orange clove seems to be oe of the most popular fragrances this holiday season, combining the juicy fruitiness of the citrus fruit with the spicy, earthy quality of clove. This affordable set features the Jason Revitalizing Orange Clove Pure Natural Body Wash, which nourishes the skin with a combination of vitamin E and panthenol and which has a scent that strikes a perfect balance between sweet and spicy, along with a bath sponge made of 100% recyclable materials.



Origins Famous Favorites Superset, $55. Available at Origins stores.

This holiday season, Origins took a cue from Maria Von Trapp (or, at least, Julie Andrews’ portrayal of her in The Sound of Music), hand-picking some of their best-selling products and releasing their own treasure box of “favorite things.” Housed in two red boxes stacked atop one another and held together by a festive red-and-green sleeve bearing the Origins logo and listing the items inside the gift set, the Origins Famous Favorites Superset includes treats for both hand and body.

Those who adore Origins’ ginger-based products will appreciate the inclusion of the Incredible Spreadable Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub, which features ginger root oil, cardamom seed oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon peel oil, orange oil, and grapefruit seed oil to soothe, moisturize and brighten the skin while polishing off dead skin cells. Another ginger-based delight is the Ginger Soufflé Whipped Body Cream which, in addition to the aforementioned grapefruit peel oil, lemon peel oil, clove bud oil, and eucalyptus oil, also includes hydrating and replenishing apricot kernel oil, rice bran oil, bitter orange water and chamomile water.

In terms of the complexion, Origins included two products from its Starting Over line: the Age-Erasing Moisturizer with Mimosa and the Age-Erasing Eye Cream with Mimosa. The face moisturizer combines mimosa with green algae and argan leaf extract to stimulate collagen production and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while the eye cream incorporates fennel seed extract an other botanical moisturizing agents to firm skin and conceal wrinkles.

Those who want a more intense treatment will appreciate the inclusion of the Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion, which relies on rice starch in a creamy base filled with peppermint oil, aloe leaf oil, and cucumber extract to make the experience gentle an soothing, and which also incorporates apple extract and bergamot oil to brighten the complexion.

Last, there’s the surprising and welcome addition of one of Origins’ most recent launches: the Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum, which tackles wrinkles with anogeissus tree bark and hydrates, softens, brightens and firms skin with apricot kernel oil, safflower seed oil, lavender oil, rose flower oil, sweet almond extract, mandarin orange peel oil, nutmeg kernel oil, anise oil, caffeine, and cucumber and apple extracts.


Lavanila Pure Vanilla Luxury Set, $40. Available at Sephora.com

For its Holiday 2011 kit, Lavanila went back to its roots, eschewing its wide array of fusion scents (like Vanilla Coconut, Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Plum, and Vanilla Passionfruit) in favor of its traditional Pure Vanilla scent, a warm, comforting, clean scent that combines creamy Madagascar vanilla with a hint of patchouli and pure tonka bean. In addition to a 1 oz. bottle of its all-natural, vitamin-enriched, petrochemical-, phtalate-, sulfate-, paraben-, and silicone-free fragrance, the set includes a 2.75 oz. tube of Pure Vanilla Body Butter and an 8 oz. tube of the Pure Vanilla Body Wash 2-in-1.


Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Kit, $14.99. Available at Walgreens.

For the holiday season, eco-friendly brand Shea Moisture released two limited-edition hair care boxed sets. If you’ve got thick, dry, curly hair, the Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Kit is ideal for you as it encompasses the four basic products in the Organic Coconut & Hibiscus collection, all of which rely on coconut oil to hydrate tresses and restore bounce to curly strands, neem oil to boost shine and stimulate hair growth, and silk proteins to smooth hair, tame frizz, and reduce the possibility for breakage.

This affordable kit, a Walgreens exclusive, includes the following four products: the Curl & Shine Shampoo, the Curl & Style Milk, the Hold & Shine Moisture Mist, and the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. We’re particularly fond of the Curl & Style Milk, a leave-in conditioner that helps to detangle strands, moisturize the hair, and give curls more body and definition.


Eugenia Kim Blake Hat in Brown with Wine Fringe, $390. Available at EugeniaKim.com

The wide brim of this portrait hat recalls the toppers donned by 18th century royalty (think Marie Antoinette as depicted in Madame Vigée-Lebrun 1783 portrait) but the domesticated rabbit felt material used to craft the hat adds a contemporary feel, as do the buckled leather straps and wine-colored suede fringe trim. The final result channels Talitha Getty and Marianne Faithfull circa 1970s, combined with a forest fairy type of magic.

Melinda Maria Pod Cluster Cuff in Gold and Black, $430. Available at MelindaMaria.com

Forget Wonder Woman’s boring cuff bracelets! Melinda Maria’s Pod Cluster Cuff makes as potent a statement, measuring 2″ in width, but it adds an unexpected sense of excitement while conveying an appreciation for nature via clustered, textured, 18K gold-plated pod shapes with domed black onyx cubic zirconia stones scattered throughout like peas coming out of their shells.




Torn by Ronny Kobo Geometric Print Skirt, $99. Available at IntermixOnline.com

This snug-fitting skirt may have a short hemline, but it’s made of 100% wool, making it warm enough to wear over tights and paired with a loose-fitting sweater or a draped cardigan. The  skirt features a geometric pattern, with zig-zagging stripes, as well as rectangle and diamond shape outlines that look almost pixelated thanks to their squiggly lines. The gradient color scheme incorporates a peachy orange sorbet shade, a muted violet-tinged purple, a bordeaux red, a taupe-ish tan, and a stark black.



SEAH Stud Earrings, $125. Available at SEAHwatches.com

Bohemian beauties believe that a respect for nature, a harmonious co-existence with the environment, is essential to leading a fulfilled life. Astrology, then, is a belief system many can respect as it purports that astronomical phenomena can have a profound effect on personality traits, day-to-day behavior, and interpersonal relationships. Those who believe everything in the world is interconnected will appreciate these two-toned SEAH stud earrings, which are available in all 12 astrological signs. The round studs feature a gold rim around their periphery and the yellow gold symbol for each astrological sign is embossed  atop their gravelly, silver-toned center.






Rebecca Taylor Fringey Shawl, $175. Available at RebeccaTaylor.com

Freedom is tantamount to Haute Hippies and there’s something about fringe — perhaps the way it moves without constraint — that captures the adventurousness and vitality igniting inside the hearts of most liberally minded gals. This acrylic, wool, and alpaca blend shawl features layers of knotted fringe for a crafty, Boho chic vibe.



Jose & Maria Barrera Bead-Tassel Earrings, $415. Available at BergdorfGoodman.com

These tasseled earrings have a Moroccan vibe to them, with pavé-set stones encrusted into 24k yellow gold balls linked to strands of burgundy beads finished with teardrop-shaped beads for a posh chandelier effect. Burgundy Swarovski crystals and  and silver Austrian crystals are encrusted into the circular stations for an added dose of panache.



Pevonia Botanica Youthful Glance Eye Rejuvenation Set, $66. Available at ShopPevonia.com

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, do you want the glass to be foggy or cracked, the frame warped, and the painted sill peeling? Hardly! Make your eyes a vision in and of themselves with the Pevonia Botanica Youthful Glance Eye Rejuvenation Set. This luxurious kit includes: a bottle of the Pevonia Ligne Yeux Eye Make-Up Remover, which gently eliminates makeup while soothing the delicate eye area with cucumber extract, cleansing with  lettuce and ivy extracts (both of which boast antimicrobial and skin-refining properties), and lactic acid, which moisturizes the skin and strengthens its natural barrier; a bottle of Pevonia Ligne Yeux C Evolutive Eye Gel, which contains squalane (a natural substance directly linked to skin’s elasticity), gingko biloba to boost circulation and revitalize tired and dull-looking skin, and a spherulite time-released technology that dispenses sodium hyaluronate throughout the day so that skin remains moisturized and smooth; and a gel-filled eye mask, meant to be cooled before applying to the eye region in order to soothe and treat puffiness and dark under eye circles.



Jeffrey Campbell Lita Bootie, $160. Available at Nordstrom.com

Whenever we think we’ve seen the Lita bootie in every conceivable fabric and print, Jeffrey Cambpell throws us another curveball. This particular style features fabric uppers inspired by vintage tapestries for an eclectic and oh-so-groovy vibe. The lace-up bootie features a 4 3/4″ wooden heel and a covered, 2 3/4″ platform, making you feel like you’re that much closer to touching the sky.




Three Custom Color Shimmering Lights Palette, $45. Available at ThreeCustom.com

Universality is essential to free-spirited types, and it was the primary principle behind the creation of the Three Custom Color Shimmering Lights Palette, which houses 10 lip color shades meant to flatter all skin tones. Check out swatches of our favorite five colors , which range from a toffee-ish nude color to a shimmer-packed fuchsia pink. Inspired by the shimmering waterways, twinkling celestial bodies, and beaming lights illuminating the cities throughout Asia, this sleek palette lets you put a star — or, rather, 10 stars — right in your pocket.


Kangol Swirl Wool Siren Hat, $94. Available at KangolStore.com

You may associate Kangol with LL Cool J’s signature look in the mi-80s (his Kangol Bermuda hat was as intrinsic to his image as Slick Rick’s rope chains were to his trademark style), but the brand has been expanding its range of offerings well past the familiar bucket hat, newsboy cap, and beret silhouettes. In a bold, fashion-forward move, Kangol included the Swirl Wool Siren hat in its Fall 2011 collection. The 100% wool fedora hat features a pinched trilby-shaped crown and a floppy 3″ brim. Best of all, by combining two different shades of wool, a swirl effect was produced that feels effortless and yet mystical, like a nebulous formation in the cosmos.






Virgins, Saints & Angels Tribal Feather Post Earrings, $95. Available at FairEndel.com

These glamorous post earrings feature a faceted, rectangular, golden shadow stone encased in a mirror-like frame that looks like it was hand-painted in gold. Six curved lines extend downward from each of the two bottom sides of the rectangular shape, branching out into three staggered arched lines, each boasting a rope-like texture thanks to its twisted form and a double-stranded look. These arched lines unite at the center of the earring, directly below the rectangular stone, creating pointy domed shapes. Diamond shapes mark the point at which they unite, reinforcing the tribal feel of the collection. The staggered, pointed dome shapes, meanwhile, create a feather-like effect, while the luminous, shadowy-yet-warm quality of the rectangular stone adds an aura of mystery.




Vintage Batik Apron Dress, $148. Available at FreePeople.com

This halter-style apron dress features a wide circle skirt, a demure heart-shaped neckline, spaghetti-style straps, and a tie belt to cinch the waistline. Russet, indigo, and cream colors heighten the earthy feel of the Balinese batik print, which features paisley-like shapes, broad bands of color, sand dollar-esque circles stamped with floral motifs at their center, and floral wisps floating gaily along the bodice and top half od the skirt.


Marc Jacobs Fringed Bag, $1414. Available at FarFetch.com

Between the crescent moon shape of this brown leather hobo bag, the criss-crossing pattern of the woven white and blue leather overlay, and the two-toned fringe strips dangling from the sides and bottom of the piece, this Marc Jacobs bag pays homage to the macramé and weaving techniques we associate with indigenous communities.




Yochi Gold Tone Coin Large Hoop Earrings, $60. Available at MaxAndChloe.com

Tap into your inner gypsy with these gold-plated earrings from Yochi, which feature circular disks made to resemble coins dangling along the lower rim of the twisted hoop frame. Measuring 3 1/2″ in length and 2″ in diameter, these are proof that money really does talk — and, in this case, makes a pretty strong style statement.



Johnny Was Mix Kimono, $218. Available at JohnnyWas.com

East meets West with this silk, kimono-shaped tunic, which features a patchwork-esque design, with a checkered pastel trim along the edges of the low V-shaped neckline and lining the cuffs of the bell-shaped sleeves, a brown banded strip with floral details adjacent to the checkered trim, a busy aqua fabric with peach-colored blossoms constituting most of the bodice and back, and a slate blue fabric with scattered bloom details used for the kimono sleeves.


Jack Rogers Marbella Espadrille, $178. Available at JackRogersUSA.comt

These espadrille wedges take the tribal elements of Jack Rogers’ classic Navajo uppers and add a cruise-worthy panache via the juxtaposition of tan cork and golden leather trim and the addition of a 4-inch braided raffia platform and heel.




House of Harlow 1960 Chevron Cuff, $185. Available at GlamHouse.com

Few modern-day pop culture icons are as synonymous with Bohemian chic as Nicole Richie, whose personal aesthetic largely influences the feel of her House of Harlow 1960 jewelry pieces. The geometric shapes and cut-outs along these vintage-looking cuffs, for example, add a tribal feel — particularly the arrow-like shapes protruding past the top rim.



Tylie The Fringe Mediane Bag in Tobacco, $363. Available at RevolveClothing.com

Everything about this bag screams Boho chic: the tobacco-colored suede material to the adjustable shoulder strap, the intricate beadwork along the center, the floral pattern captured inside that sundial-style beaded medallion and the woven trim along its periphery and, of course, the layers of fringe cascading down the bottom of the bag.


Lucky Brand Floral Peasant Top, $99. Available at Lucky Brand stores. Call 1.866.975.5825 for more information.

Take a page from the Woodstock era with this floral print peasant blouse, which features a slim mandarin collar and a V-shaped neckline, with fabric-covered ball buttons running along the center of the piece and ribbon trim adorning the sleeve cuffs, collar, and neckline.



Narciso Rodriguez Essence Eau de Musc Gift Set, $75. Available at fine department stores. Visit Macys.com

Packaged in a sleek white box with a black interior, this gift set includes a 2.5 oz. bottle of Narciso Rodrigues Essence Eau de Musc, itself a dazzling, mirrored silver color, along with a travel-friendly EDT purse spray (available for the first time). This hypnotic scent features a melody of floral, woody, and citrus notes — mainly iris, with its light powery quality; rose, elegant and velevety; bergamot, zesty and sparkly; musk, sensual and seductive; and amber, warm and earthy. The fragrance has an undeniable sophistication, but it’s also rather elusive thanks to its light and powdery quality — perfect for haute hippies whose thirst for knowledge and life experience sets them on constant voyages around the world.




L’Objet Bambou Ice Bucket, $250, and Tongs, $80. Available on the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman. Call 212.872.2686 for details.

Show off your tree-hugging ways with this stainless steel ice bucket, which features a bamboo-shaped, 24k gold-plated top handle bar along the center of the lid. To finish off the effect, pick up the matching tongs, which feature 24K gold-plated, sculptural, bamboo stalk details along each side.


Arcona Holiday Essentials Kit, $78. Available at Arcona.com

For over 20 years, Los Angeles-based Arcona has specialized in holistic skin care products that contain high concentrations of antioxidants, plant enzymes, essential fatty acids, nourishing oils, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals — with enzyme-based ingredients beign cold-pressed in a state-of-the-art facility so as to ensure their potency doesn’t deteriorate during the manufacturing process. Free of petrochemicals, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, and artificial fragrances and dyes, Arcona’s products speak to a blissful coexistence between nature and technology.

This holiday season, Arcona is offering five of its most popular products in one luxurious boxed set: the White Tea Purifying Cleanser, which detoxifies the skin with cranberry enzymes, protects the skin with white and green teas, and restores the skin’s pH balance with yucca and aloe extracts; the Cranberry Gommage Exfoliate, which relies on cranberry ans raspberry extracts, along with salicylic acid to clear pores and eradiate any existing bacteria; the Solution Pads Repair, moist towelettes soaked in a Glycolymer Complex that stimulates cell renewal and promotes exfoliation, enriched with amino sugars and glycoproteins that tackle photo-aging, hyperpigmentation, acne marks, and overactive sebum glans; the Magic White Ice Hydrator, a truly bewitching moisturizer that’s extremely lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin, and which quenches even the most insatiable thirst with a white cranberry complex, a dose of hyaluronic acid, and vitamins B5 and E; and the Booster Defense Serum, a delicious-smelling, gel-like substance that fights visible aging signs with reservatrol, protects the skin from free radicals with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, and soothes and moisturizes with green tea.







Rebecca Taylor Beaded Cami, $315. Available at RebeccaTaylor.com

Chiffon is naturally ethereal and wispy, and Rebecca Taylor takes full advantage of this quality, using the delicate fabric to create airy pieces like this layered cami, which features a bib-style detail along the rounded collar, with peach, lime, and sky blue sequins, beads, and pom-poms creating a festive feel.





Nicole Miller x Indego Africa Tote, $60, and Nicole Miller x Indego Africa Fabric Wrap Bracelets, $25 for Set of 3. Available at NicoleMiller.com

This year, designer Nicole Miller joined forces with Indego Africa, a non-profit organization that collaborates with female artisans in Rwanda, paying them fair wages for the pieces they produce, selling their wares at high-end retailers around the globe, and allocating 100% of the profits netted to community-based training programs in everything from literacy to financial management, thereby helping these women to further empower themselves financially.

The Nicole Miller x Indego Africa collection includes such stunners as the tote bag pictured a top, which features a hodgepodge of printed fabrics in vivid, joyful colors, and the bracelet sets pictured also here, which include three bangles wrapped in African fabrics. Nicole Miller will donate 15% of the proceeds from the sale of these items to Indego Africa so that, when you buy them as gifts, you’ll actually be multiplying the number of people benefiting from your generosity.


Love Adam Printed Knit Cardigan, $129.90. Available at HSN.com

When HSN announced that Adam Lippes was joining their family of designers, creating a line of affordable apparel called Love Adam, fashion hounds everywhere rejoiced. This open-front cardigan sweater is a perfect example of why we all responded with such enthusiasm. Made of 90% rayon and 10% wool, the cardigan measures 33 1/2″ in length and features long sleeves with ribbed cuffs, a ribbed hemline, and a dramatic, draping shawl collar with ribbed edges. The sweater’s red zig-zag pattern adds a bit of whimsy while keeping the design classic and understated, and the open front and draped collar create a sense of fluidity that will appeal to all Bohemian types.



Nepali by TDM Design Cashmere Lulu Waves Scarf, $150. Available at TDMDesignInc.com

Measuring 28″ in width and 80″ in length, this cozy scarf features Nepali’s popular waves print, which consists of zebra-like stripes in swirling, undulating shapes. Handmade in Nepal using natural materials and eco-friendly dyes, these scarves are both environmentally and socially conscious, as a portion of the proceeds from their sale is allocated to education and literacy programs in Nepal.


Melinda Maria Feather Wrap Cuff, $275. Available at MelindaMaria.com

Talk about a feather in your cap! This oxidized, silver-plated cuff is shaped like a feather, wrapping around the wrist so that its two ends fall right above one another. The interior of the cuff is lined with white diamond CZ stones, sparking like twinkling stars in a blackened sky.





Lisa Hoffman French Clary Sage Perfumed Candle, $49. Available at LisaHoffmanBeauty.com

Not only is this candle more environmentally than the traditional paraffin candle due to the use of soy wax and a wood-wick candle, but it also features a higher concentration of fine fragrance oils, guaranteeing a truly indulgent aromatic experience. When you light the Lisa Hoffman French Clary Sage Perfumed Candle, you’ll hear a crackling sound reminiscent of a fireplace thanks to the wood-wick candle, while the smell of fresh-cut grass, verbena, and dewy leaves fills the room, mentally transporting you to a meadowland on a gorgeous spring day.




Blee Inara Macrame Bracelet with Gold Painted Swirly Tree Charm, $45. Available at BleeInara.com

Whether you’re honoring the Tree of Life or making a statement about your own roots, you’ll likely feel connected to the Earth when you wear one of these macramé bracelets. Each woven piece features a round golden charm with a flattened surface and an etched illustration of majestic tree along its center, itself featuring whimsical, swirling branches hand-painted using enamel.


Yoana Baraschi Dip Dye Scarf, $140. Available at Shop.YoanaBaraschi.com

Made in Kashmir, these 100% wool scarves add a free-spirited touch to any ensemble by their simple ombré color scheme with the center of the fabric remaining a strong black hue and the ends dip-dye in such vivid colors as magenta, red, and turquoise.




Bajalia “Kahlan” Bone and Brass Bead Multi-Row Necklace, $99.95, and Bajalia Set of 9 Wood and Brass Bangle Bracelets, $49.95. Available at HSN.com

By selling the wares of female artisans in Mumbai’s Dhavari slum, socially conscious jewelry brand Bajalia creates a demand for this unique art form, then funnels a portion of the profits from the sale of these pieces back to the Indian community, thereby helping these women in their quest for self-empowerment. Among the Bajalia pieces currently available on HSN you’ll find the necklace pictured above, made multiple strands of barrel-shaped brown bone beads threaded together and jazzed up with gold-tone brass beads along the sides. Another great find for all you globe-trotter and worldly free-spirited femmes is the bangle set pictured here, which features two red wood bracelets, one brown wood bracelet, three wider brass bracelets with black lacquer interiors and polished brass-colored domed studs lining their periphery, and three thin brass bracelets with flattened bead work.





Alice + Olivia Alameda Printed Crepe Dress, $234. Available at NetaPorter.com

Ikat goes technicolor with this sleeveless, knee-length Alice + Olivia dress, which features a cross-over V-shaped neckline, gathered bust, and a burnished gold metal belt.



Hammocks & High Tea Sera Pillow, $90. Available at HammocksAndHighTea.BigCartel.com

Inspired by traditional Navajo blankets, the Sera linen/cotton bend pillow features a royal blue backdrop invigorated by orange, yellow, and turquoise stripes running horizontally, as well as elongated diamond shaped in a symmetrical pattern. Made using water-based dyes, this pillow will add a dash of color to even the drabbest room.



Inge Christopher Beaded Ikat Cross-Body Purse, $99.50. Available at Endless.com

Boho and disco aesthetics converge in this Inge Christopher bag, which features an ikat-style, leopard print pattern created with silver, gold, and black bugle beads. Measuring 4.5″ in height, 7″ in width, an 1″ in depth, this quirky evening bag features beaded fringe strands cascading along its bottom ridge for a Studio 54-worthy feel, along with a 24″-long shoulder strap that allows you to wear the piece as a cross-body style.





 Proenza Schouler Textured Jacquard Belted Coat, $1,676.50. Available at KirnaZabete.com

This snug wool-and-mohair sweater coat features ribbed edges along the front panels and shawl collar, two front patch pockets, and an open front with a tie belt at the waist.

Ikat Dinnerware Set, $38. Available at C. Wonder in NYC (72 Spring Street at Crosby Street). Visit CWonder.com for more info.

Forget country rose china patterns! Give your china cabinet a modern flavor with the addition of these ikat print tea cups and saucers — perfect for entertaining guests.



Leifsdottir Ombre Ikat Mini Dress, $268. Available at Anthropologie.com

Everything about this ensemble feels like a take on haute safari chic — from the ikat print to the lightweight silk fabric, the strategically placed open shoulders, the saffron-cream-and-black color palette. the flowing long sleeves with elastic cuffs, the V-shaped neckline, and the elasticized drop-waist.



Ikat Napkins, $28 for Set of 4. Available at Williams-Sonoma.com

These cotton napkins pay homage to traditional ikat weaving textiles, with blurred lines dividing the repeating diamond shape pattern. Measuring 20 square inches, these napkins are an easy way to add a world-savvy feel to your dinner table.


Moyna Ikat Beaded Clutch, $103. Available at NeimanMarcus.com

Sure, the term “ikat” refers to a fabric dyeing technique but, nowadays, designers are interpreting the symmetrical patterns associated with these textiles in clever ways. Take, for example, this Moyna clutch, which features an ikat pattern consisting primarily of arrow-like shapes made with yellow gold, light gold, brown, bronze, and copper bugle beads.



TOMS Shoes Ikat Print Peep-Toe Wedges, $138. Available at CUSP.com

Available exclusively at CUSP, these peep-toe wedges feature a funky ikat pattern along their fabric uppers and covered 3 1/4″ wedge heel. More stylish than your ordinary slip-on shoes, these wedges still emphasize comfort via the addition of an elastic inset at the collar, ensuring a snug fit. And, as usual, for every pair of TOMS shoes purchased the company will donate another pair to a child in need.



Etro Ikat Print Twill Cropped Pants, $595. Available at NetaPorter.com

The cropped, black-and-cream, ikat print, twill pants by Etro feature a slim fit, a button closure and concealed zipper fastening, and splits at the ankles.



LeSportsac Voyager Backpack in $108. Available at EBags.com

Carry the ikat trend into the new year — literally — with this knapsack from LeSportsac, which features three exterior compartments (two secured with buckles and one with a zipper fastener, as well as a roomy main compartment secured by a top flap, adjustable buckle and cinched cord.

Madeline Weinrib Brindle Mor Ikat Box, $695. Available at Barneys.com

Keep old photos, jewelry pieces, cigars, stamps, and other knickknacks safe and sound in this lacquered box by Madeline Weinrib.

DwellStudio Diamond Ikat Azure Pillow, $72. Available at VelocityArtAndDesign.com

This linen-and-cotton pillow features an aqua, ash gray, and cloudy white ikat pattern consisting of repeating diamond shapes. Measuring 20″ in height and 20″ in width, each pillow is filled with 100% down feathers for maximum comfort.



Tylie Ikat Clutch, $195. Available at RevolveClothing.com

This bulging clutch captures the colors of the Southwest, with brick red, sunset orange, russet brown, deep teal, and honeysuckle pink shades  incorporated into its ikat print. Measuring 14″ in width, 9″ in height, and 3″ in depth, the Tylie Ikat Clutch features a dark brown leather handle with a slim cut-out through which to slip one’s hand, along with tonal stitching to intensify the bag’s rustic feel.




Gryphon Sequin Ikat Sweater, $276. Available at RonHerman.com

Ikat takes on a Rorschach-esque quality with this 100 % wool Gryphon crewneck sweater, with features slight ribbing along the neck, sleeve cuffs, and hem, as well as scattered sequin embellishments to add bit of holiday dazzle to the piece.


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