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Mykita x Moncler Sunglasses Collaboration — Googly-Eyed For Goggle-Inspired Glasses




Did you know that, on July 31st 1954, when Italian mountaineers Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni made their historic ascent to the summit of K2, they wore down jackets by Moncler? Relying on little other than these warm coats and their lightweight goggles, they were able to complete their challenging expedition. Now, more than 50 years later, Moncler has joined forced with designer eyewear brand Mykita to create a limited-edition collection of sunglasses inspired by the perilous, fatiguing, altitude-defying, bone-chilling two month expedition that ended in victory for these amici.

The Mykita x Monclear eyewear collection, then, incorporates two models (respectfully dubbed Lino and Achille after the K2-climbing duo) sturdy enough for outdoorsy winter activities (skiing, hiking, sledding, etc.) and sufficiently chic for everyday styling — both featuring rounded lenses and silhouettes inspired by 1950s goggles.

Made with Mylon, a polyamide-based material developed and patented by Mykita, the eyewear styles are lightweight and yet durable enough to withstand a few bangs, scraped, falls and other mishaps. Swept-back frame edges, meanwhile, hearken to the traditional ’50s goggle style, while flared frames protect wearers fro the sun’s rays just as successfully as the leather sections that once adorned goggles’ sides and bridges. Mineral glass lenses crafted by Italian manufacturer Barberini guarantee clear vision, especially given the anti-fog finish along the inside of the lenses, and an anti-scratch outer coating places a premium on longevity and sturdiness.

Stylistically, the differences between the Lino and Achille styles are minimal: mainly, the Achille features a straight top line and a broader frame for a more modern overall vibe, while the Lino boasts a curving top line and a slimmer frame, staying truer to the sporting eyewear styles of yesteryear. Both models are available in a classic black, as well as in red or blue, the two colors in which the first Moncler down jackets were produced back in the early 1960s. Each pair of sunglasses comes with mirrored lenses in the same color or, if desired, with solid grey-tinted lenses.

A sleeping bag-esque carry pouch completes the outdoorsy vibe of the collection, currently available at Mykita shops and Moncler boutiques.



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