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Shiseido Fall 2011 Shimmering Cream Eye Colors — Shine A Light On Your Lids


As with his previous eye color confections, Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page derived inspiration from the architectural structures, natural landscapes, vintage treasures, and interior design marvels he encountered and photographed during his travels when creating the Shiseido Fall 2011 Shimmering Cream Eye Colors ($25 each at Shiseido.com, Nordstrom.com, and Bloomingdales.com). The twelve new cream eye shadows are infused with jewel-reflecting powder for extra wattage and radiance, helping all the slithers of light hitting the eyelid area bounce back into the atmosphere for added illumination. The shadows were formulated with Shiseido’s Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, a trademark ingredient that yields long-term hydration, as well as Smooth Fit Base, a technology that removes excess oil and water from the lids shortly after application, so that the color doesn’t run, crease, or streak, but adheres to the skin while also maintaining its moisturizing benefits and light-reflective properties.

The twelve new shades in the collection are:

Mist (WT901) – A ethereal, freshwater pearl-worthy white inspired by a photograph Paige took during the early morning hours while on a camping trip.



Magnolia (PK302) – A bubblegum pink with a dewy, floral quality inspired by a photo of Magnolia blossoms.


Techno Gold (GD803) – A disco-ready yellow gold with a metallic sheen that referenced a photo Page took while in Japan of a glittery gold blanket covering a motorcycle.


Meadow (BE204) – An incandescent beige that takes the boring, safety factor out of neutrals. This particular shade was inspired by the wheat patches growing in the backyard of Page’s Long Island home.


Purple Dawn (VI305) – A rich violet that would make Maleficent furious with envy. While on an airplane, Page snapped this photo of the view out of his window, capturing the look of the sky right before sunrise.


Leather (BR306) – A reddish, football-esque brown


Patina (GR707) – A metallic bronze with green undertones giving a tarnished feel.


Moss (GR708) – A luminous green shade reminiscent of Princess Tiana’s trademark ball gown, but featuring golden tones, as if the shade were basking in a soft light at dawn. As its name implies, the shade was inspired by a photo of Icelandic moss.


Sable (BR709) – An animalistic taupe brown inspired by a photo of a cozy, posh-looking, faux fur blanket.


Tin (SV810) – A galactic silver with Judy Jetson-y shimmer that captures the natural beauty of aluminum.


Angel (BL711) – A silvery, aqua-meets-teal blue with an icy, glacial quality that was inspired by a figural candle of a cherub that Page picked up while shopping in NYC.


Caviar (BK912) – A glossy, tarry black with silvery shimmer, which Dick Page developed after buying a few bottles of caviar, dumping them out in his bathtub, and shooting a photo of it.


Below, you’ll find swatches of the Moss, Tin, and Angel shadows. I love the golden undertones of the Moss color. The shadow conveys the moistness of the creamy texture, which itself works to compound the dewy mossy effect created by the green shade, and the golden and light green glimmer particles illuminate the color and give it greater depth and dimension. But for me, the Angel shade was truly heaven sent. This steely blue shade reminded me of a photo of an Alaska glacier, conveying a frosty yet somehow inviting feel.



Every time I’ve worn these cream colors, they didn’t fade as the day progressed, nor did they flake, smudge, or crease. They maintained their richness and their pigmentation, making them my new go-to cream eye shadows (well, alongside MUFE’s Aqua Creams). And that shimmering finish is just glorious!

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