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Einstein USB Flash Drive Mimobot — A Quantum Leap In File Storage




The man behind the theory of relativity, Nobel Prize-winning scientist and physic pioneer Albert Einstein, once said, "out of clutter, find simplicity." These words could have guided the making of the new Einstein Mimobot (available at Mimoco.com), a cartoonish, irreverent, playful USB flash drive modeled after the iconic man of science. 

The Einstein Mimobot is the first installment in the new "The Legends of Mimobot Series," which commemorates some of the most influential, trail-blazing figures in history. And who better to kick off the series than the man behind the famous E=MC2 formula?

Available in 6 different storage capacities — 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB (ranging in price from $22.95 to $119.95) — this collectible figurine captures both the studious and the playful sides of Albert Einstein. When the USB drive is covered, the caricaturesque depiction of Einstein bears a stern expression, his lids half closed, his mouth closed, and his lips fully covered by his white mustache. Once you remove the cap, however, you'll giggle as you see your Einstein Mimobot bearing an entirely different expression, one inspired by perhaps the most widely replicated image of the "mad scientist," the photograph Arthur Sasse snapped on March 14, 1971, the night of Einstein's 72nd birthday, in which the German intellectual is depicted with his eyes widened and his tongue sticking out mischievously.

Like all Mimobots, this one comes pre-loaded with character-related content, with Einstein-themed wallpapers, icons, and avatars to complete your quantum quest.



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