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Hot Pink Lacquer And Perky Polka Dots Are The Recipe For An Adorable Valentine’s Day Mani



Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and, if you’re already feeling the sting of Cupid’s arrow, then channel your amorous sentiments via a perky manicure like the one I created above. This super simple nail design speaks to the polka dot trend that’s been de rigueur throughout the Fall/Winter 2011 season while updating the spotted look for Spring 2012 via bright pops of color.

To create the look, you’ll need three nail lacquer shades — a hot pink hue (like the M2M Hot Girls polish I used), a clean and snowy white (like the nacrous Orly Au Champagne polish I used), and a baby pink hue (like Laura Mercier’s Ooh La La). You’ll also need a dotting tool to create small polka dots that are surprisingly symmetrical, as opposed to drippy, amorphous, glob-like spots. If you don’t own a professional dotting tool, don’t distress — a simple bobby pin will do the trick. Simply bend the bobby pin to create a straight line, then use one of the rounde ends (preferably the more linear side so as to better control your handiwork) to create the dotted imprints on your nails.

To start your perky in pink nail design, begin by brushing the fuchsia pink shade onto your nails. Once dry, reach for your white and baby pink nail lacquers, as well as your dotting tool. Start with the white polish and, dipping the dotting tool into the nail polish bottle, press the color down onto the nail, carefully creating a vertical row of polka dots along the center of each nail. Once this task is complete, wipe down your dotting tool and repeat the process with the baby pink color, this time creating two vertical rows of polka dots, one on either side of the white row at the nail’s center.

Once you’ve completed your polka dot rows, wait a few minutes for the polish to dry and then brush a clear top coat onto your nails. This will protect your manicure, prevent colors from chipping too rapidly, and add a nice glossy finish.

That’s it! To watch the process unfold, check out the tutorial above!

Here are more finished pics of the look:





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