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It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer With Collagen & Brush — Say Adios To Dark Circles



Here’s what first piqued my interest about the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer With Collagen: it was developed alongside a group of esteemed, Brazil-based plastic surgeons. Now, this is the land that birthed Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, perhaps the most famous plastic surgeon in the world (as in Dr. 90210 is a chump compared to this guy) and, without a doubt, someone who has attained legendary status in his homeland, with his name more vastly recognizable than those of such demigods as designer Carlos Miele, model Adriana Lima, actress Sonia Braga, director Walter Salles, and musician Sergio Mendes. And he’s not the only whiz with a scalpel — in fact, for over five years now, Brazil has been dubbed the “leader in nip-and-tuck tourism,” with American women traveling to South America in drones to get “freshened up.” Now, whether or not you advocate for plastic surgery or stand in amoral opposition to such surgical procedures isn’t the question. My only point is this: the best plastic surgeons are trained to understand all of the factors that contribute to the skin aging process – from collagen degradation to depleting ceramide quantities — and thereby also know the type of natural and cosmeceutical ingredients that can smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, considering that their post-op patients often have massive amounts of swelling and bruising, they’re prime candidates to test out the amount of coverage offered by makeup products like concealers — a challenge they, in fact, took on to ensure this product would appease customers.

The It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer with Collagen, then, not only includes rich pigments that help to camouflage the dark circles rimming tired eyes, but it’s packed with vitamin A, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its role in stimulating the production of procollagen and glycosaminoglycan; vitamin C, which helps to brighten the complexion, even out skin tone, boost collagen production, reverse minor sun damage, and heal wounds (thereby stimulating skin repair functions); vitamin E, which both softens skin and neutralizes free radicals that lead to cellular damage (UV rays among them); vitamin K, which helps alleviate skin discolorations such as redness and dark circles. Lastly, the hydrolyzed collagen in the formula helps to reduce those pesky bags underneath eyes and to create a smoother surface so that, not only will eyes look brighter and more refreshed, but the product itself will go on more smoothly rather than creeping into any fine lines.

The concealer is available in four shades: Light, Neutral Medium, Tan, and Deep. Plus, when you purchase, the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer With Collagen & Brush ($29 at QVC.com), you also receive a dual-ended brush — one side a smaller, flatter brush perfect for dabbing the concealer onto the under eye region and the other side a larger, fluffier brush that will help you blend and diffuse the color). Best of all, the brush can also be used both to apply eyeshadow onto the lids and creases of eyes, making it a great multi-purpose tool.

Each concealer comes in a 0.28 fl.oz. squeezable tube. While lightweight, the concealer is rather dense and richly pigmented, which means a drop the size of a rice kernel might just be enough to cover the area under an entire eye. Since a little goes such a long way, you’ll want to use the product sparingly. I’d advise squeezing some onto the back of your hand then, using your middle finger, patting the concealer gently underneath the eyes and into the inner corners of eyes (by the bridge of the nose), as well as onto the sides of nostrils and any other shadowy spots. I even like applying a tad to the widow’s peak on my upper lip before applying lipstick so as to create a more defined pout.

I’ve been using the It Cosmetics concealer for a few weeks now, and I’m quite happy with how it not only offers natural yet full coverage, but how it minimizes the appearance of pores and yields a smooth texture. If you don’t get very much sleep or simply struggle with dark circles and puffiness, give this concealer a whirl. Hopefully, you’ll be saying bye to those eye-related gripes in no time!

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