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Lady Cremo Shave Cream — The Creme de la Shaving Cremes?


As most of you know by now, by this summer, I’m aiming to have smooth, hair-free legs that seem as endless as Naomi Campbell’s (okay, perhaps that last part is a lofty goal, but stay with me) — which is why I’m diligently treating my stems with the TRIA Hair Removal Laser and documenting the progress I make with each session. But, in between these bi-weekly hair removal treatments, I still have to shave my legs, lest I start looking like the Sasquatch’s kinfolk. So, until my hair follicles have been fully deactivated, I’ll have to graze away any stubble with a sharp blade (I swear by Quattro razors) and a rich shave cream. Up until now, I’ve been as hopelessly devoted to the EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream as Sandy Olsen was to Danny Zuko — so much so that, when I was testing out the Lady Cremo Shave Cream ($8 at Drugstore.com and Soap.com), I felt guilt about steppin’ out on my EOS cream.

Once I overcame my unfounded, illogical, and yet powerful sense of guilt about creepin’ on EOS, I discovered that the Lady Cremo Shave Cream was just as superb as the EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shaving Cream in terms of gripping stubborn hairs and stubble and preventing any irritations from surfacing (one of my biggest gripes and the main reason why I’m so persnickety about my choice of shave creams).

The key to its success: the Lady Cremo Shave Cream stands in stark opposition to traditional shave creams and gels in that it doesn’t utilize air to create a foaming effect — in fact, there’s no air to speak of in the formula. When you squeeze the lotion-like tube, then, you won’t find the mousse-like, frothy, meringue-like blob you typically see when you press the button atop an aerosol shave gel but, instead, you’ll discover this rich and slippery substance in a near-clear shade. When you apply a small amount to wet skin and smooth it all along the desired surface, the cream’s color becomes markedly whiter and, when you run razor atop this rich coat, you’ll notice that it seems to glide along effortlessly, so that a single stroke can remove quite a bit of hair, without the razor’s blade stumbling or sputtering. In the end, you’ll have a close shave that will make legs as silky smooth as those of a pre-pubescent girl.

Enriched with a vaguely tropical scent consisting of pineapple, coconut, and lemon, the Lady Cremo Shave Cream features slippery coconut oil-derived sodium cocoyl isethionate molecules to keep topical irritations and nicks at bay and stearic acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid that increases surface tension so that your tender skin is safeguarded from the razor blade. These molecules, then, help to create a more pleasant shaving experience while protecting even the most sensitive of skin.

Aside from these slippery molecules, the formula contains a number of natural botanical extracts that condition, soothe, and comfort the skin — from healing aloe leaf juice and anti-inflammatory calendula flower extract to Hawaii papaya extract, rich in AHAs that exfoliate the skin and promote collagen and elastin synthesis; moisturizing and conditioning olive leaf extract; guar extract to yield softer, smoother skin; and macadamia oil to rejuvenate, hydrate, and strengthen the skin.

Just make sure to use a sharp blade and to use the proper water-to-cream ratio, and you’ll be beyond amazed at the cleanness of your shave.

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