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Metal Mesh Masters Whiting & Davis Launch Jewelry Line




You probably associate Whiting & Davis with glamorous, sparkling mesh hobos, clutches, and wristlets in styles ranging from Victorian to disco-influenced, but your understanding of the 136-year-old brand is bound to change as it forays into new territory: fashion jewelry. This season, Whiting & Davis is unveiling its debut jewelry collection, consisting of simple silver and gold pieces that play with the brand's signature woven mesh techniques.

Take, for example, the Whiting & Davis Silver Collar Necklace with Signature Cut Stone ($625 at WhitingAndDavisCollection.com), pictured at top, an 18"-long, collar-style, sterling silver mesh necklace with a V-shaped accent at its center and a faceted, teardrop-shaped stone dangling from this widow's peak. The ring mesh used to create the necklace recalls the chain mail armor sported by medieval era knights, while the gemstone accent infuses a precious, dainty feel to the otherwise hefty piece.

Pictured second from top, the Whiting & Davis 18K Mesh Drop Earrings ($750 a WhitingAndDavisCollection.com) demonstrate how many aesthetics can be referenced even when using the same material. These 1.75"-long, 18k gold mesh drop earrings feature bulbous shapes that resemble tiny eggplants and are so lightweight that they sway freely, conjuring up an airy, free-spirited, whimsical feel.

One of the most versatile pieces in the collection is the Whiting & Davis Sunset Necklace ($375 at WhitingAndDavisCollection.com), shown third from top, which features four mesh strands in gold, silver, brass and copper vermeil, all twisted together and secured by silver metal rings at the ends. Measuring 18" in length, this piece was inspired by the ray's suns as it sets on the horizons.

Another standout: the Whiting & Davis Silver Lace Earrings ($125 at WhitingAndDavisCollection.com), which feature two slim, slanted, sterling silver bars along each side to create the triangular frame and, dangling from the base of the triangle, flaunt intricately crocheted ring mesh that fan outs along the bottom of the earrings, creating a beautiful arch of tiny metal rings.

Can you mesh with it?


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