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New Noir Jewelry x Tokidoki x Barbie Collection — With Imagination, Life Is Your Creation






Pyramid studs, enamel-plated pendants, conical spikes, clustered cubic zirconia stones, and neon-colored rope cords abound in most Noir Jewelry collections, all envisioned by New York-based fashion-stylist-turned-jewelry-designer Leeora Catalan. Despite the brand's name, then, Noir Jewelry's assertive, attention-commanding designs are anything but blacklisted, popping up in ever stylish gals must-have list. And, as if Noir's original pieces weren't desirable enough, the brand has also collaborated with such companies as DC ComicsBarbie, and Disney, resulting in special collections that capture the spirit of such pop culture fare as Batman, the Muppets, Catwoman, Supergirl, and Pirates of the Caribbean.  

Last spring, those dreaming of pink convertibles, genuine Kens, and dream houses swooned over the Noir for Barbie collection, which featured metal pyramid bracelets in a magenta color, necklaces with gold tone purse, hand mirror, and strappy sandal charms, and even a ring with a Barbie dream house positioned atop the band.

Now, Noir has unveiled the brand new Noir x Barbie x Tokidoki collection, available at Karmaloop.com. Given the involvement of Tokidoki in this particular collection, the pieces featured exude an even greater sense of whimsy — after all, this is the company that birthed such lovable characters as Mozzarella, a rifle-toting cow that extorts milk from schoolyard bullies but protects all well-behaved children; Sandy, a girl who dons a prickly cactus suit to function as armor, protecting her from the dangers of the world.

The Noir x Tokidoki x Barbie collection, then, includes visual references to the Barbie universe (plenty of pink, blond dolls in coquettish frocks, and hearts galore), while also integrating the cartoonish aesthetic and urban undertones of the Tokidoki world.

The pink "B" letter at the beginning of the "Barbie" logo, with its cursive-style swooping lines, appears etched in the gold tone hearts of the Noir x Tokidoki x Barbie Cross Bone Drop Earrings ($58 at Karmaloop.com). These heart-shaped charms are positioned directly beneath the faceted, conical cubic zirconia ear posts. These etched hearts take the place of skulls in the skull-and-crossbones iconography, so that overlapping gunmetal strips shaped like bones are located directly beneath these hearts. Lastly, golden conical spikes dangle beneath the crossbones, constituting the last element in the earrings' linear drop. The skull-and-crossbones reference, the incorporation of gunmetal, and the conical spikes all yield a tougher vibe than you'd expect from traditional Barbie fare, but the incorporation of hearts and pops of pink enamel add the requisite femininity.

Similarly, the Noir x Tokidoki x Barbie Open Ring ($50 at Karmaloop.com) has the exact same shape as the floating rings we see on the fingers of rock and pop icons like Rihanna, but instead of studs, spikes, or faceted stones on each side of the open ring, you'll find a star shape on one end and a heart shape on the other. Filled with white enamel, the heart shape again features the "B" logo, while the star shape on the other side of the open ring features the heart and crossbones motif affiliated with Tokidoki etched in black enamel.

Those who think the Malibu Dream House is the pinnacle of artistry will appreciate such pieces as the Noir x Tokidoki x Barbie Airplane Ring ($72 at Karmaloop.com). This ring features a simple golden band and a slanted bar welded to its top surface, with a pink-and-white enamel airplane detail positioned near the top of the conical shape. Reminiscent of the Barbie Glam Vacation Jet, this airplane detail inverts the jet's color scheme, so that the plane's exterior is mainly white with pops of honeysuckle pink along the bottom surface, and the Barbie logo and Tokidoki logo etched on either side of the tail. Conical golden spikes protrude out of the aircraft engines and aqua blue enamel details denote the windows on the sides of the jet.

Another darling design for true Barbie-loving belles: the Noir x Tokidoki x Barbie Girly Necklace ($92 at Karmaloop.com), which features a 30"-long gold metal chain and a miniature figurine of a child-like Barbie with her blond hair in a high ponytail, her blue eyes detailed in enamel against the mirrored gold of her visage and body, her hands tucked inside white gloves, her figure in a pink enamel A-line dress, and her feet in white booties.

The "Life is plastic, it's fantastic" philosophy couldn't ring any truer here — even if most of the pieces were made of gold-tone metal with hints of enamel.


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