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NYX Cosmetics Nails It With The New Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish






Most beauty insiders know NYX Cosmetics is like the H&M of the makeup universe, with on-trend products priced at a fraction of what their luxury counterparts cost. Unlike H&M, however, NYX doesn’t sacrifice or compromise the quality of its products in order to attain some overly ambitious profit margin. What you get, then, is great quality for a lower price. Also admirable: NYX always seeks to rectify any product flaws or shortcomings reported by their customers. For example, the standard NYX Nail Polishes  came in 30 flashy and fun colors, but they didn’t look as refined as other lacquers nor were the colors as richly pigmented. Luckily, NYX has now appealed to more persnickety, manicure-loving hounds with its new, fashion-forward range of NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polishes ($4 each at NYXcosmetics.com).

Available in 144 colors, the NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish dries quickly and goes on smooth so that no lumps, granules, or streaks are left behind on the nail plate. The colors are so intense that a single coat immediately yields an effect — though, as with any nail lacquer, you’ll likely need two to three coats to fully cover the nail. Plus, the formula is designed for long-time wear so that your at-home manicure will last as long as a professional one.

The NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish comes in a variety of shades ranging from electrifying neons to gleaming metallics, understated neutrals, classic reds and pinks, shimmering jewel tones, tropical aquatic hues, and carnival-ready glittery lacquers.

Pictured above, you’ll find some of my favorite NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish hues: Tokyo Express, a meteorite-worthy iron-nickel color with a smooth metallic finish and tiny rose gold glitter particles; Moonwalk, a near-sheer black lacquer saturated with silver micro pearls and chunky, mirrored, hexagonal-shaped pieces of silver holographic glitter; Wild Orchid, a creamy violet-tinged fuchsia shade that will instantly remind you of Chinese hibiscus, azalea, and orchid blossoms; Royal Blue, a midnight indigo shade with a creamy finish; and Abyss, a blackened purple hue reminiscent of raw açai berries.

After the jump, you’ll find photos detailing how these shades look like when applied to nails. Check ’em out!

Below, you’ll find a photo detailing how the Tokyo Express polish looks like on nails. This futuristic shade is fascinating in that it looks like a white gold in certain light, then appears pale bronze or tarnished silver in other lights. It’s a bit like molten mercury on the nails, making it versatile and delightfully modern.


Next, check out the Moonwalk nail lacquer, which seems to recreate a NASA photo of the Andromeda Galaxy with a dusty black backdrop, scattered silver shimmer bits, and heaps of chunky holographic glitter that reflect orange, green, aqua, and pink light like twinkling stars in the sky. It’s quite similar to the Orly Androgynie lacquer from the Holiday Soirée collection, but I actually find the NYX Moonwalk polish much easier to handle as it dries quicker and the heftier pieces of glitter adhere to the nail with greater ease for a cleaner final look.


If you prefer an uncomplicated, flirtatious, girls-just-want-to-have-fun manicure, check out the Wild Orchid lacquer shown below. The creamy finish alone is a refreshing change given the plethora of glittery, shimmery, swirly pinks out there.


Last, you’ll find a fun ombré manicure I did using the Abyss and Royal Blue nail colors. The look is beyond easy to attain. First, you apply a coat of the Abyss shade to the nails and allow it to dry. Next, you want to brush the Royal Blue color down the center of the nail, from the tip to about 3/4 of he way down the nail, stopping before the cuticle base. Next, take the Abyss shade and sweep it ever so gently from the cuticle base to about 1/3 of the way through the nail. Last, seal the whole look and add a glossy finish with a fast-drying clear top coat (my go-to is the Seche Vite Dry Fat Top Coat).  


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