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Straight Talk on Bumble and Bumble’s Bb Straight Collection



If you’ve been following all the recent hair care product releases and discerning any corresponding trends, then you’ve probably noticed two main themes: straightening and damage-reversing. One of the latest releases from haircare brand Bumble and Bumble speaks to the former trend, promising to help women get sleek, smooth, frizz-free, straight hair. Formulated with Bumble and Bumble’s proprietary gemstone blend, all the products in the Bb. Straight collection loosen the hair’s natural waves and curls —particularly when heat is applied — hence purportedly yielding straighter tresses.

The collection jump starts with the Bb. Straight Shampoo ($29 at BumbleandBumble.com), a sulfate-free cleanser that produces a rather rich lather so that you can thoroughly massage the hair and scalp, working the formula into every inch of your mane. The next step is the Bb. Straight Conditioner ($32 at BumbleandBumble.com), a lightweight cream that smooths hair so that, when you rinse off hair completely, your mane will feel silkier. When you work it into your damp hair, you’ll notice that it does detangle and soften tresses, but it doesn’t have that volume-boosting effect that other conditioners boast, which is perhaps one of its biggest drawbacks for me. If you have dry and brittle hair, then, this conditioner won’t leave strands feeling plumper or more voluminous. But, if your main goal is simply to achieve straight hair, then the Bb. Straight Shampoo and Conditioner will help you get on the right path.

Now, if you air dry your hair after shampooing and conditioning, the effects will seem minimal. Your curls might soften a bit, transitioning from tight coils to looser S-shaped waves, or your wavy hair might seem straighter, with just a slight visible bump, but don’t expect pin-straight strands from the cleansing and conditioning alone. If you’re seeking strands that slink down vertically like perfect directional arrows, then you need to blow dry the hair and apply the Bb. Straight Blow Dry ($28 at BumbleandBumble.com) balm section by section, from root to ends, applying heat as you work your way through the entire head.

I personally love the consistency of the BB. Straight Blow Dry — when you squeeze the tube, a silly string-like stream of the creamy, lotion-like balm is dispensed via the hole in the twistable cap. You can then rub the blow dry lotion in between your palms and apply it to each section of your mane, using a flat boar bristle brush as you blow dry so as to get straight-as-can-be hair. And, of course, if you want to maximize the effect, I’d suggest following up with a flat ironing session.

So how does the Bumble and Bumble Straight collection fare overall? Well, it doesn’t shorten or simplify the hair-straightening process as effectively as Living Proof Straight, which relies on an aerosolized version of the humidity-blocking molecule PolyfluoroEster. In other words, you’ll still have to go through all the same steps you would have followed when ordinarily straightening your hair. But the good news is that the products are potent enough to allow women with even the curliest of manes achieve straight-as-can-be looks, and they’ll protect your mane from fly-aways and frizz. And, unlike other straightening products, they don’t damage strands, leaving behind scattered bits of broken hair — that is, of course, assuming you’re still vigilant with the heating tools and don’t blowtorch your mane. Plus, your hair will still look shiny, giving you that I-just-came-from-the-salon effect.

The results last several days so that you can maintain that straight ‘do for about 4-5 days (assuming, of course, you don’t wet any sections or sweat profusely).

If you can only buy one product from the collection, I’d suggest the Straight Blow Dry cream since it really does help to smooth hair without weighing it down or leaving any greasy residue behind.

Is it my favorite straightening product? Well, I still prefer Living Proof Straight, but this is a pretty close second!


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