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Backstage at Hyden Yoo Fall 2012 Presentation — Bibliophile Babe Hair




The Library at the Hudson Hotel, with its floor-to-ceiling bookcases, wooden floors and walls, Persian rugs, and leather armchairs, was the ideal backdrop for the  Hyden Yoo Fall 2012 presentation, which featured women’s and men’s clothes inspired by the intellectual realm, by men and women proud of their cerebral nature, their never-ending curiosity, and their academic pursuits. The hair look created for the presentation, then, was meant to channel this scholarly energy without being stuffy or alienating.

As hairstylist Marcos Diaz of ION Studio for Davines described it, the concept behind the look was a slightly nerdy uptown girl who ventured downtown for a night out and attempted to style her own hair, trying to tap into her inner cool girl and, in the end, created a look that was chic but just slightly off the mark. “She’s kind of a nerd herself, but she still wants to be kind of cool,” Diaz explained. “We went with something that’s polished but not perfect.”

To create the look, Diaz and the ION Studio team started by spraying the hair with Davines Defining Texturizer, a spray that made hair easier to manage and gave it a finish that wasn’t overly matte or glossy. Next, they dried models’ tresses with ONE Styling’s new Epic Dryer, setting the tool to a negative charge so that the negative ions would neutralize the charge, closing hair follicles and smoothing strands. Once dried, the hair was parted at the side and brushed in the opposite direction.  The hair along the back of the head and below the part was pulled back and secured with a rubber band, while the side-swept strands along the top and front of the head were separated with bobby pins.

Using a curling iron with a 1″ barrel, the stylists then marked the hair to add a bit of a bend, then curled the hair and added another bend at the ends to create waves that were just a tad clumsy. Once all the hair had been curled, the bobby pins and rubber bands were removed and all of the hair was grouped together at the side. The curls were brushed out so there was a semblance of a set, but one that wasn’t perfect by any means.To give the look hold, Davines Defining Invisible Hairspray was spritzed onto tresses.The final look, then, consisted of loose, wavy hair hanging over one shoulder.

Other models, meanwhile, rocked buns positioned at the side of the head, right by their ears. To create this secondary look, stylists followed the same initial steps but simply worked the two sections of hair into a bun rather than letting it hang loosely.

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