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Jeremy Scott Fall 2012 Beauty Look — Walk Like An Egyptian Meets Cyborg Chic

“Normal,” “commercial,” and “safe” aren’t adjectives fashion designer Jeremy Scott seems to enjoy having associated with his brand — and, luckily, his eccentric, envelope-pushing aesthetic practically obliterates the chances of those descriptors being used in relation to his work. For his Fall 2012 collection, Scott derived inspiration from a futuristic, technicolor virtual universe — think Final Fantasy meets the Misfits meets Katy Perry’s “E.T” video.

Hair stylist Eugene Souleiman, Global Creative Director of Wella Professionals, interpreted Scott’s cyber inspiration by trying to transform the models into avatars of themselves. Forward-thinking, technology-driven overtones were created via the use of acrylic hair in flashy color combinations, all styled to achieve a crisp, strong, geometric bob shape with blunt bangs.

Before applying any faux hair, Soulemain prepared models’ tresses by washing and conditioning their manes using the Wella Professionals Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner. Next, after blow-drying hair straight, he created three braids that would serve as the “anchors” of the final style. The main piece was a cornrow-style braid running from the middle of the forehead to the crown. Next, two side pony tails were created right below each ear.

Once secured with elastics, the strands in each ponytail were woven into braids, then spritzed with Wella Professionals Stay Essential Hairspray, twirled toward the back of the head, layered on top of each other so that they were flat against the head, and pinned into place.

The next stop was creating the bob using four packs of acrylic hair in different colors — from platinum blond to neon pink, Big Bird yellow, and deep purple.

The first pack of hair was laid vertically on top of the head so that it would cover the corn row and the faux hair would fall all the way to the middle of the nose. To keep the acrylic hair in place, an elastic was threaded through the corn row four times in varying spots from the forehead to the crown, then tied in place securely.

The next three packs of hair were layered horizontally atop the head, starting at the front of the head and moving toward the back. Again, each of the hair sections was secured with elastics threaded through the elastics previously worked into the cornrow.

Once all the hair was in place, it was time to reach for the scissors and cut the hair falling along the front of the face so as to create long bangs. The rest of the hair was cut into a bob with a highly geometric shape channeling ancient Egyptian women.

Last, the look was sprayed with Wella Professionals Shimmer Delight Shine Spray to boost the acrylic hair’s luster.


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