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More Valentine’s Day Gifts That Say “Be Mine!”

Is the musical theme of your Valentine’s Day shopping U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For?” Fear not! Our gift guide coverage continues, as we bring even more options for star-crossed lovers, BFFs, mothers and daughters, and even newly-single ladies who were thinking of sitting out the entire ordeal. Check out our latest picks:



dalla nonna Portafortuna Stacking Ring in Rose Gold with Red Sapphires, $585 each. Available at dallanonnajewelry.com

In Italian, the term “Portafortuna” refers to good luck charms, amulets that bring good fortune to those who wear them. The dalla nonna Portafortuna collection, then, incorporates classic symbols of luck from many a cultural landscape. Each of the Portafortuna Stacking Rings, for example, features a cluster of three stones, a number linked to many world religions (think of Christianity’s Holy Trinity or the Three Jewels in Buddhism). Available in a smooth hammered finish, this 14k yellow gold ring features three round red sapphire stones measuring 3mm in diameter and arranged in a pyramid-like formation.



Corioliss C1 Red Leopard Iron, $210. Available at Corioliss.com

We’ve tried many styling irons (to the chagrin of our tresses, in many cases!), and we have to say this one’s performance ranks among the most impressive to date. The Corioliss C1 professional styler features 1″-wide, titanium-enforced plates that better retain and distribute heat, straightening and smoothing hair remarkably quicker. The infrared technology utilized, meanwhile, better penetrates hair follicles without damaging their integrity, making it a rather gentle process compared to the alternatives.

So how great is the C1? Well, oftentimes in a single pass you can perfectly flatten a section of hair, from root to tip — and this is coming from someone with curly ethnic hair that can often be an ordeal to fully straighten. What do we have to thank for these rapid results? The combination of far infrared technology and titanium-coated plates. Sure, tourmaline irons are aso excellent at absorbing heat , but titanium does so more evenly, which is precisely what allows for faster styling. Also, given the natural strength of titanium, this styling tool will likely prove more durable than ceramic or tourmaline alternatives. Another bonus point: the plates seem to glide easily through hair without pinching or tangling, which also helps to minimize any potential breakage or damage.

While it’s available in various colorways and patterns, we can’t resist the red leopard design. After all, why shouldn’t our hair tools be as spunky as we are?

Edmundo Castillo Debi in Snake, $990. Available at Match at the Breakers (One South Country Road, Palm Beach FL). Call 561.659.8402.

Slither right into his heart with this patent leather and snakeskin heels from designer Edmundo Castillo. Instead of crisscrossing straps, you’ll find a thick snakeskin strip in a tropical kiwi green, tangerine, scarlet red, cream, and matte black colorway running horizontally atop the toe area and, from the center of this strap, two curved strips extending in opposite directions, as if forming a wide “V” shape. The exposed arch of the foot, meanwhile, adds a sultry feel to the overall silhouette, as does the fiery red heel.

Tiffany & Co. Heart Coin Pouch, $75. Available at Tiffany.com

Whenever you see a sky blue box wrapped with a white satin ribbon, chances are there’s a trinket from Tiffany & Co. tucked inside. Now that Tiffany & Co. has expanded its range of offerings past the jewelry realm, you can find their signature blue hue on such quaint accessories as this heart-shaped coin purse. Made in Italy, this patent leather coin pouch measures 4.5″ in width and 4.5″ in height and features a tonal zipper closure.

Josie Natori for Target Chiffon Floral Print Wrap Robe, $34.99. Available at Target.com

Featuring a picturesque print inspired by cherry blossoms, this chiffon robe features kimono-style sleeves with lavender pink trim and a matching banded shawl collar, along with a front tie embellished with pink thread tassel details along each end.


Katrina Kelly Jewelry Wisdom Bangle in 18K Yellow Gold with Pink Sapphires and Champagne Diamonds, $5504. Available at KatrinaKellyJewelry.com

 This elegant 18k gold bangle may be slim, measuring 1/5″ in width, but it still makes a sizable impression thanks to the extraordinary level of craftsmanship involved in its design and manufacturing. The textured bangle , then, features round pink sapphire and champagne gemstones all around its periphery, along with intricate metal beadwork to give the piece an even more sophisticated sales. Wise men say only fools rush in, but nobody can help falling in love with the Katrina Kelly Wisdom Bangle.


Pure Romance Pleasure Puff Vibrating Loofah, $22. Available at PureRomance.com

This may look like an ordinary loofah, but it does way more than distribute sudsy cleanser  and help you exfoliate skin. See, hidden in between the puff’s pink mesh folds, you’ll find a waterproof bullet vibrator that can be activated with the mere click of a button. The best showers of your life could lay ahead as you alternate between washing your body and massaging your, uhm, Netherland regions. Best of all, since the bullet is so cleverly concealed inside the loofah, no one will know why your showers are suddenly extra long.

Vitabath In Bloom Nouveau Rose Body Wash, $9.99. Available at MyVitabath.com

Part of Vitabath’s In Bloom fragrance collection, this sulfate- and paraben-free body smells like pink rose petals — it’s a soft, powdery scent that won’t overpower your senses but, instead, will remind you of the aroma you detect when you hold a long-stemmed rose up to your nose, close your eyes, and inhale. Enriched with vitamins A, B3, B5, C, and E, along with evening primrose oil and an antioxidant-rich superfruit blend, the Nouveau Rose body wash moisturizes and softens skin — plus, the gel-like consistency makes lathering an easier proposition.


Flotsam & Jestam New York Love Note Locket, $190. Available at catbirdNYC.com

Show your loved one you made a true effort by offering her a vintage-looking, heart-shaped locket housing the private message of your choosing — whether it’s a song lyric, an original poem, an inspirational quote, a hand-written proposal, or directions on where to meet on Valentine’s Day. Each heart-shaped pendant is held together by a magnet and flips open to reveal the curled, personalized paper note, plus it’s engraved with the year 2012. If you live in NYC, you can even arrange to have Catbird NYC’s in-house bike messenger deliver the pendant on Valentine’s Day dressed as Cupid — just don’t expect him to do a singing telegram bit, okay?



Wildlife by Heildi Klum Pavé Heart Stretch Ring, $51.75. Available at QVC.com

Heidi Klum may be suffering through a bit of heartache these days, but that doesn’t mean she’s lost her desire for romance or her belief in love. In fact, the supermodel and Project Runway host is fêting all the style-conscious lovers out there with this bold stretch ring, part of her Wildlife by Heidi Klum collection for QVC. The bulky, heart-shaped ring features a matte black metal backdrop and round, faceted, pavé-style crystals in colors like magenta (pictured here) and bright orange.



Estee Lauder Pleasures Bloom, $57 for 1.7 oz. Or $78 for 3.4 oz. Available at Macys.com and Nordstrom.com

Everything won’t always be coming up roses in life, but at least you can smell like fresh-cut flowers throughout any ordeal with the Estée Lauder Pleasures Bloom fragrance. This decidedly floral scent opens with juicy but slightly tart pink grapefruit and raspberry notes, which usher the way into the robust and flamboyantly feminine rose and jasmine middle notes, with juicy lychee and fresh green lily notes recalling expansive spring meadows and a mix of patchouli, creamy vanilla, and soft musk  grounding the scent and giving it an understated sensuality.


LUSH The Ex Factor Bath Bomb. Available at LUSHusa.com

Still railing from the aftermath of a shattering break-up? Wish you’d had a Waiting To Exhale-type revenge moment before completely parting ways? If you find all this Valentine’s Day talk nauseating, you’ll appreciate the sentiment  behind this bath bomb design from LUSH, aptly dubbed “the Ex Factor.” Though it resembles a blue gingerbread man, the musk-scented Ex Factor is more of a naughty and whimsical play on a traditional voodoo doll (minus, of course, the witchcraft element and the desire to actually inflict physical harm since we all know it’s never THAT serious!). Still, when you toss this little guy into running water and watch it dissolving until nothing remains but fizzy bubbles, you might find yourself smiling mischievously at your own cathartic vengeance ritual.

Obermeyer Carina Sweater, $125. Available at Obermeyer.com

 Put a little love into your slope-ready gear with the Obermeyer Carina Sweater, a poncho-style pull-over sweater with bands of horizontal stripes along the waistline, chest, and sleeves. Made of 70% acrylic and 30% wool, this cozy piece features a slouchy silhouette, a wide hood, and slightly bell-shaped long sleeves. Scattered heart shapes adorn the sleeves and chest area, making this a fitting Valentine’s Day gift option. The sweater is available in several colorways including the Cote d’Azur option shown above, which incorporates aquatic blues and greens.



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