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Fairweather Faces Makeup Look Charts — A Gimme Or A Gimmick?

Try as they might to emulate the looks they see in magazine shoots and ad campaigns, many women feel completely overwhelmed by the prospect of makeup application, hoping someone would show them not only what makeup to buy, but how exactly to apply it and what brush to use in what area of the face. Sure, video tutorials and step-by-step instructions can be incredibly useful, but what if they also had a road map of sorts, a visual reference they could glimpse at whenever they needed a refresher. That’s how Andrea Fairweather, the makeup artist for such high-powered celebrities as Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Kyra Sedgwick, developed the concept behind her eponymous Fairweather Faces beauty tool collection.

The Fairweather Faces brand is built on the notion of creating travel-sized, miniature makeup brush sets color-coded to correspond with detailed face charts (also color-coded), thereby providing a visual for which brush to use when applying concealer, powder, blush or bronzer, eye liner, an eye shadow base color, and more. The Original Face Chart ($20 at FairweatherFaces.com), for instance, shows an illustration of a woman’s face, with a green dot positioned atop her lid, blue dots along her upper and lower lashlines, yellow dots on the face, and a red dot next to the  nose (by the nostrils). Three brushes come with the makeup set, each featuring a shimmering colored dot on its handle so that users can match up each brush to the area of the face outlined in the chart.

Personally, I didn’t find much use for the Fairweather Faces Chart since I’m obviously pretty skilled at applying makeup, and this was clearly targeted for a true novice, but I was still intrigued by the overall concept. After exploring the site further, I discovered that Ms. Fairweather has developed charts for many different looks (not just the basic one I saw)— among them: Cosmopolitan, Winter Glam, Summer, Award, and Tropical.

On a surface level, these sound like handy investments for a woman seeking to learn the ABCs of makeup application, and yet they seem like an unnecessary expense (especially at $20 a pop!) in a world where there are so many bloggers providing substantially more detailed explanations (including which makeup products to use to get these looks, which Fairweather doesn’t do, presumably as to not play favorites with brands), not to mention easy-to-follow video tutorials that can expound on the art of layering, winging eye liner, blending at the crease, finding the right shade of concealer, and much more.

Also, the makeup brushes aren’t of particular quality. Women who want to splurge on brushes of course know to invest in pieces from Trish McEvoy, MAC Cosmetics, and Laura Mercier (among others) or, for a more affordable alternative, to explore Sonia Kashuk’s brushes at Target. Considering the wealth of brush options on the market, then, I found these a bit subpar.

Overall, then, I wouln’t recommend spending on the Fairweather Faces Face Chart. Perhaps once the concept is further distilled, Ms. Fairweather will have a true moneymaker on her hands (say, for example, if she includes a video tutorial with each chart  and includes more detailed “how to get the look” instructions with specific product suggestions). But, until that happens, I’d suggest you keep doing your research, checking out beauty blogs like this one, surfing YouTube for great tutorials, and experimenting at home — after all, practice makes perfect!

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