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Lancôme Roseraie des Delices Spring 2012 Collection Comes Up Roses

For Spring 2012, Lancôme‘s Artistic Director, Aaron de Mey, took us on a trip guided by the colors of a garden as grand as the famed Roseraie du Val-de-Marne on Rue Albert Watel, with its more than 13,000 rose bushes, serene reflecting pool, pedestal-mounted busts, and domed structures. This inspiration is conveyed via shades of pink that nod to the Proserpina rose, with its intense, velvety crimson-tinged fuchsia color; the Anémone Ancienne rose, which features lilac-tinged pale pink petals; the Rosa Complicata, with its white interior and bright, almost neon pink petals;  the Rosa Canina, with its near-white, barely-there pink hue; the Zambra Rose, with its intense peach color; and  the Chacok Rose, with its tangerine, coral red, and mango yellow colors. These pink shades are then paired with lush blue, light green, and aqua shades that capture the colors of the sky and the waters of the ornamental pool at the center of the main rose garden.

The result is a collection imbued with the promise of spring, an almost lyrical assortment of hues that feel dewy and fresh, with hints of pastel that manager to look novel and modern.

After the jump, you’ll find a detailed run-down of the pieces in the collection, along with swatches, and a sample look created. Enter the garden!



The Lancôme Color Design Limited Edition Eye Palette in Vert Tendresse ($49 at Lancome-USA.com and fine department stores) eyeshadow palette captures the freshness of spring through an aquatic scheme: a soft teal shade sprinkled with silver pearl particles to create a sparkling effect; an icy silvery white shade saturated with glimmer; a pale seafoam green color with an almost translucent quality reminiscent of sea glass; an extremely soft green-and-grey hybrid reminiscent of a moody spring sky. These four shades are then accompanied by a carbon black liner with silvery sparkle that creates an effect similar to an asphalt street twinkling under street lights in the evening sky.

Take a look at all the shades in the Vert Tendresse palette:

As with all of Lancôme’s Color Design palettes, this one comes with a removable plastic sheet that suggests where to apply each color (the light grayish green all over the lid, the seafoam gren on the lid, the deeper teal shade along the crease, and the silvery  hue as a highlighter). You can, of course, create a look following these directions (you can see the final effect in the photos at the very bottom of the post, since I replicated the look using these steps) or, once you become more familiar with the shades, you can create a bevy of looks by blending shades together, layering them above pigmented liners, or combining them with hues from other palettes,

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–


A new shade of the Lancôme Le French Touch Absolu Nu ($35 at Lancome-USA.com and fine department stores) was introduced in this collection: 316 Cotton Candy. As its name implies, the color was inspired by the sugary confection sold to carnival- and circus-loving children. The lipstick’s packaging is enough to lure your own inner child — the compact lipstick tube includes a cap featuring diagonal seafoam green and taupe-ish gray stripes wrapping around its surface. Word to the wise: this Le French Touch Absolu Nu tube is markedly shorter than most traditional lipstick tubes, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting a travel-sized product; in fact, there’s just as much pigment in this tube as in any traditional Lancôme lipstick so that the only difference is that the excess packaging has been removed (particularly the stubby bottom surface).

In terms of the Cotton Candy lipstick itself, it’s a sheer pink shade with just a hint of peach, and it features a creamy, satin-like color with no glimmer or frosty bits, so that it’s basically enhancing your lips’ pigmentation and coating the pout with a glaze-like veil of color. Because the color contains Pro-Xylane, it feels great on the lips, moisturizing the tender skin therein.

Here’s what the lipstick shade looks like on skin:

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–


The Lancôme La Roseraie Illuminating Smooth Powder ($42 at Lancome-USA.com and fine department stores) is perhaps the most stunning piece in the collection from a presentation standpoint. The round powder pan is embossed with a stunning rose-themed print, with the structure of a globular rose cleverly outlined with each precise groove. This bloom features a medium-toned pink shade with plenty of light pink and silver pearls. Above the bloom, meanwhile, you’ll find sunbeam-like arches in a gorgeous champagne pink hue saturated with pearly particles.

You can swipe a brush over the entire palette to yield a pearlescent shade that will illuminate your entire visage; focus on the deep pink area of the compact and apply this color to cheeks for a romantic flushed effect; use an eyeshadow brush and swipe the highlighter tone along the brow bone, the top of cheekbones, or the nose to illuminate the face;  or even dab the surface with a powder puff and gently pat atop your face for a boost of all-over color.

Below, you’ll find a photo that show what the shades look like when blended together. As you’ll hopefully notice, the skin has a sunkissed quality to it that’s subtle and a rosy tint that makes it appear youthful and healthy.

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–


Lastly, the Roseraie des Delices collection includes three new pastel shades of Color Fever Gloss ($26 at Lancome-USA.com):  386 Green Petal, 387 Tangerine Petal, and 388 Rose Petal. All three glosses feature Lancôme’s Vinyl Shine System, which seeks to yield a vibrant shine without making lips feel sticky or dehydrating the pout.

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–


Below, you can see a look I created using the Lancôme Vert Tendresse eyeshadow palette and the La Roseraie Illuminating Smooth Power. I actually rocked this during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and received compliments from James Kaliardos while backstage at the Ruffian show, so I’ve  become even more smitten with the eyeshadow palette since then! Last week, I again used the Vert Tendresse palette to create my makeup look and, this time, a random girl on the subway went out of her way to tell me she liked the eyeshadows and that I’d done a great job with my makeup. Seems like it’s my lucky palette these days!

Going back to the sample look, I’ll break down the steps involved. To create the look, I started out by applying a tinted moisturizer with an illuminating beauty balm (in this case, the Tarte Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer mixed with the new Dr. Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25). I then applied the Covergirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation and, once it set, I finished it off with a bit of the Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder.

Next, I took the Lancôme La Roseraie Illuminating Smooth Powder and, using a blush brush, swept the rosy pink hue atop my cheeks, following the natural contours of the cheekbone. I repeated the process several times until I had built up the desired intensity.

Once the blush look was complete, I moved on to create the eyeshadow look. To keep things simple for you gals, I used the palette following the suggested “instructions” that accompany it. First, I swept the greenish gray shade all over the eye area, from the lash line to the brow bone area. Next, I swept on the pretty seafoam green color along the lids, stopping right at the crease. To contour the eye, I then reached for a crease brush and swept the darker teal blue shade into the crease region. I then blended the color along the lid with the darker shade at the crease to make the look appear more seamless. To make eyes pop, I applied the silvery hue along the brow bone (directly beneath the brow) and at the inner corners of eyes, again making sure to blend the colors together nicely. Last, I applied the black liner using a damp liner brush (you can use the shade with a dry brush but the result won’t be quite as intense). I finished the look with two coats of Lancôme Hypnose Doll Lashes mascara.

On lips, meanwhile, I combined two colors, using the Lancôme Le French Touch Absolu Nu in Cotton Candy as a base and, to intensify the final hue, layering the Illamasqua Over Lipstick directly above it.

Here’s the final look:

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