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Laura Mercier Spring 2012 Lingerie & Tres Chic Collections — Sheer Feminine Beauty

For Spring 2012, Laura Mercier unveiled two distinct makeup collections that share similar themes, with sheer, romantic, barely-there veils of color that seem like an extension of the human form, helping to create the illusion of  an almost “naked” complexion.

The Laura Mercier Lingerie Collection, for instance, teases and titillates without relying on shock factor — think of it as a pale pink Chantilly lace bra or a lilac silk chiffon babydoll as opposed to, say, a biker-style corseted bustier or an open-sided crochet teddy. The centerpiece of the collection is, of course, the  Laura Mecier Lingerie Eye & Cheek Palette ($60 at LauraMercier.com and Sephora.com), a sleek compact featuring two punchy, bright blush shades (Rose Desire and Fresh Peach) and six eyeshadow hues: Pale Pink, a chalky, matte blush pink with golden undertones (but no shimmer); African Violet, a pearlescent reddish plum shade with a yellow gold overlay and soft gold shimmer; Black Plum, a highly pigmented, dusky, bruised eggplant purple; Buff Pearl, a sparkling champagne gold hue with tiny pearl particles yielding a luminous shimmer; Tawny Apricot, a golden peach shade with a clean satin finish; and Rich Cocoa, a muddy deep brown hue with a matte finish.

In terms of lip color offerings, the Lingerie collection includes a new lipstick, the Laura Mercier Sheer Lip Colour in Kissed Lips ($22 at LauraMercier.com and Nordstrom.com), which is a sheer coral pink shade with a semi-matte finish and lip-plumping effects, along with two new Laura Mercier Lip Shines ($22 at LauraMercier.com): Tawny Apricot, a soft nude peach shade with all-over shimmer, and Tempting Coral, a medium-toned, guava-ish coral pink with golden sparkle.

Complexion colors, besides the two blush shades in the palette, include the new Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Colour in Innocent Peach ($22 at LauraMercier.com), a cherubic apricot pink hue that makes cheeks look youthful and healthy.

The Lingerie Eye & Cheek Palette is, of course, the standout, so I have swatches of all the eye shadows and cheek colors after the jump!

Moving onto the Laura Mercier Tres Chic Collection, this product array incorporates perkier colors, but they’re still pretty sheer and demure. The lip colors, for example, were created using a new gel-based formula that moisturizes and soothes lips, while also coating the pout with a shiny film of punchy, glaze-like color. The new Laura Mercier Gel Lip Colours ($22 each at LauraMercier.com) are available in: Poppy, a sheer cherry sorbet red with a hint of pearl; Orchid, a magenta with a sprinkle of shimmer; Berry Sorbet, a sheer grape-y fuchsia; Rosette, a sheer,  medium-toned rose hue; Hibiscus Bloom, a bright, golden rose; Sweet Cherry, a muted, burgundy-esque black cherry; Clementine, a canteloupe-meets-poppy, red-toned orange; and Dollface, a JEM-worthy, nearly neon, clean bright pink. Check out the Rosette Gel Lip Colour after the jump, along with more thoughts on its performance.

Nail lacquer junkies will, of course, swoon over the introduction of six Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer ($18 at LauraMercier.com) shades — the makeup brand’s first foray into the polish realm. The fast-drying, DBP-free polishes are currently available in the following shaes: Sizzle, a creamy mango orange; Oh La La, a sheer baby pink; Cabana, a creamy peach cobbler hue; Luscious, a bright violet pink; Flamingo, a medium-toned pink that recalls ’60s car culture; and Twilight, a deep purple with gray undertones.

I had the chance to test the Laura Mercier Oh La La Nail Lacquer, so check out photos after the jump!


Lingerie Eye & Cheek Palette

As described, the Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye & Cheek Palette incorporates six eye shadow shades — three in the pink/violet/purple family and three in the nude/coral/brown family — along with two blushes, one a bright peach and the other an electrifying pink. This isn’t a palette you’d use for a theatrical, attention-grabbing effect but, rather, to accentuate your natural beauty and create an understated, almost effortless motif. The incorporation of both matte and shimmering shades and the usage of warm neutrals and cooler pink/purple hues allows for tons of layering and mixing and matching.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the Rich Cocoa, Tawny Apricot, and Puff Pearl eye shadows:

Next, you’ll find swatches of the Black Plum, African Violet, and Pale Pink hues:

And last, but not least, we have the most richly pigmented products in the palette: the two blushes. First, there’s the hot pink Rose Desire shade and, second, there’s the Fresh Peach, a modern peach cobbler-like hue.

Next, you’ll find a sample look I created using the eye shadows in the palette. It’s a  very soft, minimalist, romantic look (which is what the Lingerie Eye & Cheek Palette lends itself toward creating).

To create the eye look, I started by sweeping the Pale Pink shade all along my lids and up to the brow bone. Next, I layered the African Violet color over the Pale Pink, brushing it atop the very same surface area so as to create a violet-tinged pink. To add some depth and contouring, I swept the Black Plum hue along the outer corners of the eyes, creating a triangle-like shape at the edges. And, to blend everything together seamlessly, I buffed the shades together using the Buff Pearl hue, adding a veil of shimmer to the entire look. I then finished the look by applying two coats of the L’Oréal Voluminous False Lashes.

On my cheeks, meanwhile, I used the Rose Desire cheek color, but softened it by adding a bit of highling powder over it (specifically, the Guerlain Méteorites de Perles). And to add a bit of color to my lips, I applied the Laura Mercier Gel Lip Colour in Rosette which, as you can see, has an icy sheen to it.

—–     —–     —–    —–


Nail Lacquers

Spring 2012 will prove to be a pivotal season in the history of Laura Mercier as a brand since it marks the moment when it forayed into the realm of nail lacquer. The six shades in the debut collection are all rather wearable, with some incorporating the sorbet-like feel that’s so popular this season and others nodding to more classic notions of femininity (as with the Oh La La).

I had the chance to test out the Oh La La Nail Lacquer, which is an extremely sheer but still creamy baby pink hue. It took me 4 coats to achieve complete coverage so, when I say this is a sheer shade, I’m by no means being hyperbolic. The color is not necesarrily my personal taste since it’s rather tame and unexciting but those of you who like a very ladylike manicure might appreciate the ballerina-esque feel of the pale pink hue.

Here are some photos of what it looks like on nails:

Gel Lip Colours

The other new product launch marked by the Tres Chic collection is the Gel Lip Colour debut. As their name implies, these new lip colors feature a gel-like texture so that they’re comfortable on the lips: nourishing, cooling, and soothing that tender skin. They also pack quite a bit of sheen so that your pout will look like it’s covered with this vinyl-like coat of see-through color (however light or dark).

That being said, I didn’t love the Gel Lip Colour because, personally, I prefer lipsticks to be more richly pigmented as opposed to having such a sheer finish (for that, I might as well go with a tinted lip balm). Still, if you’re smitten with sheer lipsticks, you’ll appreciate how comfortable this formulation feels on your lips.

Here is a swatch of the Laura Mercier Gel Lip Colour in Rosette. For such a sheer product, it’s surprisingly robust in terms of the depth of the color, so that’s definitely a plus!

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