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NARS Makeup Removing Water Offers A Clean Slate



Here’s one of my pet peeves: going into a pharmacy or beauty supply store in search of a lightweight makeup remover that can effectively swipe off everything from stubborn eye shadow and mascara to tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, and mineral powder,  only to discover shelves lined with eye makeup remover bottles, with only a handful of options available for cleansing the entire visage. Usually, I’ll begrudgingly reach for a pack of moist facial towelettes, hoping I won’t go through the entire 20- or 25-count pack in a week’s time (and praying that I’ll properly close the packet each time so that the wipes won’t dry out).

In recent years, I’ve relied on the Simple Cleansing Wipes and the Korres Pomegranate Cleansing & Makeup Removing Wipes, but it took me quite a while to find towelettes that wouln’t leave behind any makeup residue while being gentle enough for my dry, often sensitive skin. I’ve often wondered, Why are there so few makeup removers targeting the entire face? Why do the eyes get all the glory here?  I yearned for the day when I could buy a bottle of makeup remover with which to dampen a quilted cotton pad in lieu of spending on stacks of pre-packaged wipes.

With the launch of the NARS Makeup Removing Water ($28 at NARScosmetics.com), it seems my prayers have been aswered. Unveiled this spring, the NARS Makeup Removing Water features an oil-, soap-, and alcohol-free formula that removes makeup, dust, dirt, excess oil, and surface debris without over-drying or irritating the skin. Free of any potentially allergenic chemicals and fragrances, this makeup remover instead relies on such soothing ingredients as cucumber and chamomile extract, along with moisturizing hyaluronic acid.

To use, you simply saturate a cotton pad with the clear, cool, refreshing formula and swipe the pad over your face. When you press the saturated cotton towelette against your skin, you’ll notice that the lightweight formula feels as pleasant on the skin as a fine ocean mist on a steamy summer day, soothing the skin without triggering any alarming tingling sensation or leaving the complexion feeling dry and itchy. In fact, this makeup remover is so lightweight that it even looks like water in its rectangular-shaped bottle — from its clear color to the splashing sound it makes when swirling around its container.

Unlike other makeup removers which are loaded with heavy oils, this non-comedogenic problem solver won’t jump-start any breakouts, not will it leave your face feeling greasy, balmy, or shiny once you’ve completed your cleansing routine. And, because it so effectively removes even the heaviest makeup, you won’t find yourself having to go over any one are repeatedly, scrubbing and tugging at the skin while doing so. In fact, the NARS Makeup Removing Water even removes long-wear eyeliner and mascara, sparing you the extra expense of investing in a specialized product to accomplish this singular feat.

Even on days when I’ve gone for full coverage, layering blush, bronzer, and luminizer over powder, foundation, and tinted moisturizer, I’ve been able to remove my makeup efficiently (and surprisingly quickly) with the NARS Makeup Removing Water. In the past, when I’ve use pre-packaged cleansing towelettes, I’ve often though I had removed my makeup thoroughly, only to subsequently wash my face with the Clarisonic Mia and find myself staring upon a grimy brush head caked with foundation and blush. With the NARS Makeup Removing Water, once I cleanse my face with the Clarisonic, I’m much less likely to find these unpleasant surprises on those brush head bristles (as you may have gathered, the Clarisonic has become a veritable litmus test for my makeup removers).

Now there’s a water to splash about!


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