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Orly Cool Romance Nail Lacquer Collection — Love Is A Battlefield

Rather than cliché red, fuchsia, coral, and ballerina pink tones, Orly Beauty ‘s new Cool Romance nail lacquer collection interprets amorous liaisons in a moodier, more enigmatic manner, relying on an array of muted shades — from edgy metallics to cool-toned, near-pastel colors and stormy, tempestuous lavenders and grays. This romantic tale, narrated via nail color, is devoid of overly saccharine notes of bright-eyed innocence and sunny perkiness. The collection, then, eschews such Hallmark-ready imagery as ribbons and bows, baskets filled with puppies, long-stemmed roses, and heart-shaped candies, instead favoring a more brooding interpretation of romance, one that finds beauty in the shadows of dusk, in the coldness of metal, in the pile of ashes that remains in the fireplace long after the logs have gone up in flames.

Though three of the shades border on pastel territory — Prelude to a Kiss, a creamy light pink;  Jealous, Much?, a creamy, retro mint green; and Artificial Sweetener, a shimmering, medium-toned pink hue — they all have bluish undertones that render them a bit more mysterious and furtive. This sentiment is enhanced by two creamy shades worthy of a cloudy day: You’re Blushing, a gray-toned lilac shade with a rich creamy finish; and Faint of Heart, a light, taupe-ish gray color with a creamy texture. Last, for a smoldering, exotic, sultry kick, the collection incorporates one true metallic:  Steel Your Heart, which lies midway between charcoal gray and gunmetal in terms of the color’s depth and features a sophisticated, even sheen.

All of the DBP-free lacquers in the Cool Romance collection are available for $8.50 each at OrlyBeauty.com.

After the jump, you’ll find photos of the Steel Your Heart, You’re Blushing, and Artificial Sweetener nail lacquers, so you can determine whether you feel that special spark for those shades!


Below, you’ll find photos of the You’re Blushing nail lacquer. As described previously, the shade is a light, slightly somber lilac with gray undertones and a really creamy texture. The color reminds me of how the sky looks on snowy days — it’s beautiful but slightly chilly, elegant if a bit standoffish.

Next, we have photos of the Artificial Sweetener polish, one of the perkier shades in the lot. Given the name, you might expect this shade to resemble the pink hue of a Sweet’n Low packet, but it’s not nearly as bright and cartoonish. Instead, this shade is considerably more subtle, more akin to a Grey Lady Plymouth flower than a pink rose or peony bud. And, while the lacquer contains shimmer particle, these are so fine that they don’t appear chunky but instead deliver a luxurious, lustrous finish.

Check out the Artificial Sweetener shade below:

Last but not least, there’s the Steel Your Heart nail lacquer, the one metallic hue in the collection. The shade is slightly darker than stainless steel but slightly lighter than titanium, so that it feels like a charcoal gray that’s been transformed into a metallic color. The swirly texture of the lacquer and fine glimmer particles give the color more depth and dimension so that it’s not only lustrous, but it reflects light precisely as a metallic surface would do.

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