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Try A Little Tenderness With Redken All Soft Collection

If your hair is dehydrated, brittle, color-treated, or damaged by sun exposure, straightening treatments, and heat styling tools, you may be so focused on smoothing frizz and preventing future breakage that the mere prospect of a silky, caressible mane has turned into a pipe dream. Fortunately, the new Redken All Soft collection can deliver smoother, silkier, more pliable strands thanks to a combination of Redken’s signature Interlock Protein Network (IPN) technology, which allows wheat proteins and amino acids to penetrate the cuticle and adhere to the hair cortex, strengthening strands from the inside out and sealing the  hair cuticle to lock in these fortifying ingredients; along with its new Keratin Enrich Complex, which is comprised of amino acid-derived sodium PCA and the semi-essential amino acid arginine, which work together to restore the ideal moisture balance to the keratin that functions as the hair’s primary structural component, thereby making tresses more manageable; and, lastly, argan oil enriched with Omega-6 , an essential fatty acid believed to stimulate hair growth, further increasing the potency of this Moroccan beauty elixir, which already relies on Omega-3 and Omega-9 acids that strengthen protein bonds within hair fibers, vitamin E that delivers antioxidant protection, and its own hydrating and smoothing properties.

The collection is comprised of five products. First, there are the three main cleansers and conditioners: the All Soft Shampoo ($13.50), which effectively removes dirt and impurities while boosting shine, all the while creating a luxurious lather that makes the cleansing routine all the more indulgent; the All Soft Conditioner ($14.50), which detangles hair while you’re still in the shower, replenishing moisture to strands so that, once dry, your mane will appear bouncier and more voluminous; and the All Soft Heavy Cream ($15.50), a divine hair mask with a relatively lightweight, almost lotion-like consistency that gives limp, dry, and brittle hair a trampoline-style boost in just 10 minutes.

Next, the collection offers two multi-purpose products that can be used as both leave-in moisturizers and styling aids. First, there’s the   All Soft Supple Touch ($16), a spray that releases a fine, almost mist-like amount of a nourishing creamy formula (as opposed to the more diluted leave-in conditioners), and which is meant to be applied to damp hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends which, of course, tend to be the most easily frayed. This leave-in conditioner packs more hydrating properties than most of its competitors and offers the control you associate with smoothing and glossing creams — all without weighing hair down or leaving behind any greasy residue.

Last, there’s the All Soft Argan-6 Oil ($29), the true supernova in this star-studded hair care collection. Made of fair trade argan oil and enriched with Omega-6, This multi-purpose oil moisturizes strands, protects them from UV exposure and other harmful free radicals, smoothes frizzy and unruly strands, improves overall texture, and boosts shine. The All Soft Argan-6 Oil, then, can be used on clean, damp hair as a leave-in conditioner, smoothed onto strands before heat styling for added protection, applied to finished ‘dos for added polish and sheen, and gently coated atop hair when in need of greater control. I personally love using this product after washing my hair and then adding a bit to my ends after styling my hair so that they’ll look healthy and controlled. The fact that it can be applied to both damp and dry hair makes it all the more useful — after all, we often need products to refresh otu styles in between washes!

Now, here’s the best part about this collection. After your very first time using the products in the collection (even if it’s just the shampoo and conditioners), you’ll notice a vast improvement in both the strength and softness of your mane. Usually, hair products (and skin products) work on more of a cumulative basis so that results become more visible with routine use. With this line, however, you’ll get both the instant gratification of softer and shinier hair and, with regular use, a prolonged improvement in your hair’s structural quality.

How vast is the difference? I’ll put it like this: after a week of using these products, my hair feels softer than a plush toy or a newborn baby blanket. It’s so soft, in fact, that I practically want to swaddle myself in it. Even my BF noticed the difference, raving, “Wow, it’s so soft that it doesn’t even feel like hair!”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

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