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A “Crux” You’ll Want To Bear — Crux NY’s Enchanted Rivalry Collection




New York-based, California-bred jewelry designers Sennie Clark and Ahyiana Angel relish creating electrifying, dynamic, assertive pieces that can completely revamp an ensemble, making them crucial fork-in-the-road accessories that encourage women to saunter down the more adventurous of the paths at their style crossroads. When the two friends launched their jewelry company in 2008, then, they dubbed it Crux Jewelry, a moniker that captures the life-changing decision they made when embarking on this business venture while also alluding to the transformational effect their designs could have on the lives of others.

For Spring 2012, the Crux designers launched the Enchanted Rivalry collection, which was inspired by female warriors from both the historical and fantasy realms — drawing aesthetic elements from an amalgalm of figures ranging from Celtic warrior Boudica, who  led an uprising against occupying Roman troops in 60 AD; ancient Vietnamese rebel warrior Trieu Thi Trinh; Joan of Arc, who led French armies to victory in several key battles during the Hundred Years War; Fu Hao of the Shang Dynasty; Egyptian queen Ahhotep I; He-Man’s female cartoon counterpart She-Ra; Morrigan, ancient Celtic goddess of battle and strife; the Valkyries of Norse mythology, horse-riding women who choose who live and die in battle and bring the bravest soldiers to their god Odin so they can prepare for an even fiercer combat; the fearless warriors of the Amazon kingdom; and Lucy Lawless‘ television alter ego, Xena.

Crux Jewelry’s Enchanted Rivalry collection, which debuted two weeks ago, incorporates earrings and necklaces with exotic gold and silver Tibetan beads, strands of cobalt blue and neon yellow thread woven over hoops or grouped together for a fringe effect, glass and jade accent beads, elongated and cylindrical metal beads resembling bone fragments, suede pieces shaped like crescent moons, conical brass beads, and colorful leather accents. The combative and mythical elements prevail via small details like crowned motifs, shield shapes created with threaded beads, and triangular forms resembling battle flags.

Pictured above, you’ll find some of the standout pieces in the collection. At top, there’s the Crux “Tia” Earrings ($40 at CruxNY.com), lightweight hoop earrings made with tiny, cylindrical, etched and perforated golden Tibetan beads. Measuring 3″ in diameter, the Tia earrings feature neon yellow thread woven over hoops to create a sunburst-like effect culminating in five thick ends.

Next, there’s the Crux “Noelani” Earrings ($40 at CruxNY.com), which feature clusters of colorful thread measuring 7″ in length so that these fringed earrings graze the shoulders of whomever wears them. Each piece is topped with a crown-shaped detail made using silver Tibetan beads, an accent that seems to nod to the dome-shaped form of ancient Mongolian and Chinese helmets.

For more of a tribal vibe, check out the Crux “Hemsaki” Earrings ($75 at CruxNY.com), 3 1/2″-long, open frame earrings in an inverse shield formation. Below the round ear post, each earring features two round, lime green-colored beads, followed by two elongated, femur-shaped silver beads extending outward on either side. On either side, each long, bone-like bead is adorned with a single lime green bead, followed by a smaller barrel-shaped Tibetan bead positioned to slant inward, its center etched to create a banded effect, another lime green bead beneath it. A single tubular Tibetan bead of the same size, laid horizontally, connects the two sides of the earrings, completing the shape.

The  Crux “Daria” Necklace ($110 at CruxNY.com), meanwhile, features a royal blue silk cord adorned with perforated, vintage-looking, bicone gold Tibetan beads shaped like tiny genie lanterns. At the center of the 12″-long necklace, a cluster of Tibetan beads forms an oval shape, so that it almost prompts onlookers to imagine a medallion dangling in its place.

Last, you’ll find the Crux “Niamh” Earrings ($45 at  CruxNY.com), which feature suede strips shaped like semi-circles, with fluorescent yellow thread strands dangling from the rounded bottom edge and extending a full 8″ in length.

If these are the trappings a modern woman needs for battle, who wouldn’t want to enlist?



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