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Alex Woo Unveils “Chimpanzee” Pendant Benefitting Jane Goodall Institute

Curious George, it’s time to start cashing in your primate SS checks.

The new Champ of the Chimps is three-year-old Oscar, a real-life ape hailing from the Tai Forest in Africa’s Ivory Coast. The focus of the wildlife-centric Disneynature Chimpanzee, in theaters April 20th, Oscar will charm viewers with his inquisitive approach to his surroundings, his affectionate relationship with his mom Isha, and the remarkable intelligence he displays in his everyday activities. The adorable chimp has already won over New York City-based jewelry designer Alex Woo, who designed two new pendants featuring Oscar’s image.

Inspired by Oscar’s playfulness and curiosity, which she found particularly relatable as the mother of an equally precocious toddler, Woo designed two pendants that captured the chimp’s energetic spirit and the lush beauty of his native environment. Each pendant, then, features Oscar’s silhouette, his arms outstretched, with one hand clutching a leafy vine and the other hand seemingly grasping the top curve of the pendant. His figure is surrounded by three vines that curve slightly as they move from the bottom rim of the medallion to the top, their rounded forms giving each piece a sense of fluidity and balance.

Not only do the vines in the pendant designs capture the forest land seen in the movie, but they’re also meant to encourage the masses to protect our wildlife and its natural habitats, a message inspired in large part by the work of Jane Goodall, who spent over 50 years researching the behavior of chimpanzees and living side-by-side with them in a peaceful and respectful manner, never disturbing their surroundings.

Alex Woo’s round, medallion-style Chimpanzee Pendants are available in two styles: first, there’s a larger, open center pendant with precise cut-out shapes measuring 1″ in diameter; and second, there’s a smaller solid disc pendant measuring 4/5″ in diameter, with detailed etchings depicting the desired scene. Both pendants are available in either eco-friendly recycled sterling silver or 14K gold, with prices starting at $158 for the smaller piece and at $218 for the larger edition.

Twenty percent of the proceeds from the sale of the pendants will benefit the Jane Goodall Institute’s conversation efforts, aimed at protecting chimpanzee life throughout the world. The pendants are available at AlexWoo.com and select fine retailers.




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