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Going Back To Cali With Anastasia Beverly Hills’ “Wish You Were Here” Set

“Destination” postcards are a bit of a polarizing issue for me  — on the one hand, there’s something touching about knowing that a loved one is thinking about you and presumably missing you while in an idyllic location; on the other hand, there can be a bit of braggadocio on the sender’s part, making the act of sending that “Wish You Were Here!” postcard feel like a passive aggressive way of saying, “Look at how fabulous my life is,” that leaves the recipient wondering if  there’s another sentence afer that “Wish you were here” phrase that reads “Too bad you can’t afford it!” in really fine print. Fortunately, the Anastasia Beverly Hills “Wish You Were Here” Set ($44 at Anastasia.net, Sephora.com and Sephora stores) is devoid of any such duplicity since, by providing you with a selection of makeup goodies inspired by the City of Angels, products that capture the colors and energy of its many haunts, Anastasia Soare is essentially transporting you to Los Angeles in a cosmetic magic carpet.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills “Wish You Were Here” set is packaged in a sleek black box, and its front over includes four postcard-style images: a close-up of a sign showing the intersection if Via Rodeo and N. Rodeo Drive, an image of the ocean at sunset, a shot of a palm tree-lined stretch on Rodeo Drive, and an image of a heart traced on the sand in a Malibu beach. Each of the four images is placed on one of the box’s corners, but they’re positioned in an off-kilter, slightly crooked manner, so that they feel like real Polaroids or postcards scattered about. These are then covered by a rectangular white box meant to resemble a postcard and featuring a faux postmark and the words “Wish You Were Here! Love, Anastasia” in cursive silver letters. But, of course, it’s what’s inside the box that counts: the brand new Illumin8 Eye Shadow Palette in Pacific Coast, the Hydrafull Gloss in Guava, and the Clear Brow Gel.

All of the shadows in the Illumin8 Eye Shadow Palette in Pacific Coast were formulated with skin nourishing ingredients that soothe and hydrate the skin, tightening the skin and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing the surface, and hence allowing the pigments to look their best on lids and to have a longer life span. These ingredients include soothing sea whip extract, hydrating and firming brown algae, light-diffusing diamond core powder, a macadamia derivative that helps the skin maximize its moisture retention abilities, and antioxidant-rich vitamins A, B, C, E, and F to protect, soften, and brighten the skin.

In terms of the colors themselves, the palette includes four cool shades: a blackened, deep maritime blue with green undertones and an all-over metallic sheen, sprinkled with fine gold, green, and teal glitter, creating a multi-dimensional look that will remind you of the waters at Point Dume Beach; a lively teal blue with gold and blue-green glimmer that will remind you of a private Malibu Beach stretch; a metallic plum purple color with reddish undertones and fine rose gold glitter that captures the manner in which the sun’s golden rays mingle with the blues of the ocean at sunset; and a demure, soft lilac shade with a velvety texture and hints of coppery and rose gold sparkle. The additional four shades are warmer and earthier, mimicking the hues of the sandy beaches and the sky at sunset: a metallic, deeply pigmented bronzed brown with a sophisticated metallic sheen and tons of coppery bronze glitter; a golden, sandy peach hue with golden glimmer to create a sun-drenched effect; a lighter golden bronze shade with rose gold glimmer; and a sandy tan shade with a slightly dirty-looking feel and gold micro pearls. The blue and teal colors are particularly stunning, but they look their best when paired with some of the golden sand and bronze shades.

To accompany the Illumin8 Eye Shadow Palette in Pacific Coast, Anastasia developed a new color of her HydraFull Gloss, Guava, a golden, juicy-looking, mauve-ish pink shade saturated with pearl particles. As with all HydraFull Glosses, this one features a plant extract complex that makes lips appear fuller, brown algae to smooth and hydrate lips, and Anastasia’s patented Balkan Botanical Infusion, an antioxidant-rich complex that keeps lips moisturized. Last, there’s her award-winning Clear Brow Gel, which conditions hair with its chamomile-based formula and keeps brows looking groomed and perfectly arched.

After the jump, you’ll find swatches of the Pacific Coast Illumin8 Eye Shadow Palette. Once you see the colors, you’ll understand that, when Anastasia created her “Wish You Were Here” Set, she essentially invited fans into her world, offering them a slice of  her life via makeup.

Below, you’ll find swatches of all the eye shadows in the Pacific Coast Illumin8 Eye Shadow Palette. As you can see, the colors all have this magnificent lustrous quality to them and the palette perfectly balances cool and warm tones to create a well-rounded effect. In terms of their texture, you will adore how velvety smooth these shadows feel and how they manage to remain vibrant throughout the day, without becoming dull or lackluster as the hours go by.

Next, you’ll find swatches of the HydraFull Gloss in Guava. This semi-sheer gloss isn’t quite a nude or fleshy shade, but it’s also not exactly a rosy color, so that instead it lies somewhere in between, a mauve-tinged pink color with golden undertones. The sparkle in the gloss, meanwhile, perfectly captures the juiciness of a ripe guava fruit.

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