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New Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant Deodorants — A Way Out Of The Dark Pits

Those nicks, dry patches, scratchy strips, and red razor bumps on your legs may seem to be the only side effects of shaving but, if you look closely at the tender skin along your armpits, you’ll notice it, too, suffers under the sharp edges of your go-to blade. Aside from potentially triggering skin inflammations (from a burning sensation to rosacea-style redness), the process of shaving your underarms can reduce skin moisture by as much as 50% in these isolated zones. And, as we all know, skin becomes temperamental, volatile, and utterly capricious when dry, plus its ability to fend off environmental aggressors decreases markedly. In fact, hyperpigmentation, which we often associate with facial sun spots, blotches, age spots, freckles, and red patches, can also surface on the underarms. Have you ever shaved your arms and looked at your armpits in the mirror wondering why they looked so dark even in the absence of any stubble? Well, this shadowy and sallow appearance is likely the result of dehydrated, dull, and possibly hyperpigmented skin.

To combat these problems, Dove has launched its new Clear Tone range of anti-perspirant deodorants, which are designed to moisturize the skin along the underarms, increase cellular turnover, and even skin tone while ensuring you smell fresh all day long.

Available in Skin Renew or Sheer Touch, the Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant Deodorants ($4.99 at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide) incorporate calendula extract, which is known to give thin, delicate, aging skin a radiance boost and which boasts antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that  accelerate the healing of wounds by jump-starting cellular regeneration; along with sunflower seed extract, rich in beta-carotene which, in turn, the body can convert to vitamin A, an antioxidant that protects skin from harmful UV rays and a crucial agent in collagen and elastin synthesis.

Within two weeks, those who use Dove Clear Tone deodorant should theoretically see the skin on their underarms appear less dark and spotty. I personally started seeing a noticeable difference within a month of starting the testing process and, as I continue to use the deodorant, the appearance of my skin continues to improve. Plus, my underarms feel comfortable at all times — never flaky or itchy — thanks to the infusion of moisture (after all, who thinks to rub lotion into their pits?).

Though the Clear Tone deodorants look white in their tubes, they appear completely clear on the skin. Even if you’re wearing a black garment and you remember to apply deodorant only after you’re fully dressed, you don’t have to worry about chalky residue staining your clothes. Usually, even white deodorants that go on clear can stain clothes if they come into direct contact with them, so this is a selling point in itself for those of us who fear anything other than clear, gel-like formulas.

The main difference between the Skin Renew and Sheer Touch varieties is their smell — the former features a floral aroma consisting of violet, lilac, and rose, with just a hint of vanilla musk for a creamy base; and the latter fuses together a light citrus aroma with almond and coconut milk notes. The Sheer Touch is particularly delightful, with a soft, creamy, sweet, cocoa butter-esque aroma that lingers on the skin for hours without overpowering any other scented lotions or perfumes you choose to apply.

With the help of Dove Clear Tone, every inch of your skin can constitute a perfect canvas — even those often forgotten nooks.

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