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NYX Cosmetics Spring 2012 Jumbo Eye Pencil Shades — Make It A Double!

Eye liners that claim to double as eye shadows are a dime a dozen these days, and yet very few manage to multi-task to one’s satisfaction. At times, their colors are too lackluster and dull to function as eye shadows. In other instances, their tips are too thin, making the process of covering the whole lid seem positively overwhelming. Other times, the liners stay put when close to the lash line but migrate, crease, or run when applied to the oilier skin on the lid area. Fortunately, makeup brand NYX Cosmetics has effectively conquered this realm since first unveiling its Jumbo Eye Pencil ($4.50 each at NYXcosmetics.com) range. These chubby eye pencils deposit intensely saturated color along any area over which they glide — whether it’s the lash line, the lower lid, the crease, or the brow bone. The best news: the insanely affordable NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are now available in 32 shades, including 8 new colors introduced for the Spring 2012 season.

Because they’re so creamy, these eye pencils won’t tug, scratch, pinch, or irritate the skin in any way — a common gripe with kohl liners. And, in terms of color pay-off, you’ll be more than satisfied — particularly given the rich luster and the multi-layered pigmentation with which the creamy pencil colors are imbued. That being said, the Jumbo Eye Pencils are far from waterproof (in fact, if you rub your eyes while wearing these colors, you should expect to see a mess reminiscent of a toddler’s finger paintings). They can also migrate a bit. Note: they won’t run or crease too dramatically but, if you apply a thick stroke of liner to the upper lash line, for instance, you might find a smudge of color along the brow bone 10-15 minutes later. To prevent this from happening, I’d suggest applying a base color to the lid (even if it’s a nude-colored primer from Urban Decay or a light, sheer wash of color like one of Bobbi Brown’s Cream Colour Base hues). Also, I’d suggest spritzing a Skindinavia makeup setting spray after lining the eye and blotting the brow bone area ever so slightly a few minutes after application, to make sure any trace of residual liner is removed (should any have transferred, that is). Once you take these precautions, however, you’ll have a liner with which to unleash your inner wild child, party girl, and dancing queen.

Among the newest shades introduced, you’ll find 623A Purple Velvet, a deep, crayon box-worthy, iridescent purple hue with an all-over luster; 631 Sparkle Leopard, a bronze-tinged yellow gold hue with a metallic finish; 626 Knight, a glaze-like, creamy, asphalt-like black hue with hints of gold and clear glitter; 627 Cobalt, an oceanic blue that will liven up any spring or summer look; 625 Sparkle Nude, a light pale gode color with warm, fleshy undertones and fine golden glitter bits; and 632 Peacock, a sophisticated, deep turquoise that feels multi-dimensional and has a glaze-like texture.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the six shades mentioned:

As you can see, these colors are saturated with pigment, and they have a creamy yet semi-sheer texture that allows you to build your look up to the desired intensity. Best of all, they roll on the skin so effortlessly that the application process will be both painless and lightning fast.

Lately, on days when I want a laid-back look, I’ll simply apply a touch of liner along my upper lash line while, on days when I want more elaborate looks, I’ll try layering these beneath powder eye shadows or smudging them all over the eye area and setting with a translucent powder. You can also try mixing, matching, and layering pencil shades to create custom blends that are all the more enticing (the Peacock and Purple Velvet shades look remarkably good when layered together).

At $4.50 a pop, can who can resist these super-sized bits of eye candy?

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