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Time after Time — May 28th Offers Funky and Affordable Watches Worth Collecting

What if you didn’t have to wear the same watch day in and day out, if you could relieve your wrists from a lifetime of tedium, switching up your timepieces as often as you do your earrings or shoes? For most people, this type of wardrobe reinvention would be too costly to fathom — and that’s where May 28th, a brand that specializes in affordable, unisex, plastic watches with attention-grabbing graphic designs on their round faces. Founded in February 2010 by Latvian designer Agni Tilla, a lady whose fondness for timepieces rivals most fashionista’s obsession with shoes, May 28th seeks to shift the popular mindset regarding watches, presenting them as style essentials rather than functional tools.

Since teaming up with Canadian designer Gillian Johnson, Tilla has transformed May 28th into a veritable candy jar of Starburst-like timepieces, each featuring dials with bold floral prints, classic textiles, common fabric prints like paisley and plaid, architectural motifs, Pop art-inspired patterns, kaleidoscope visuals, exotic animals, and photo-worthy cityscapes. These wrist candy bits retail for $39 each, making them more affordable than your standard Swatch watch.

All May 28th watches are water resistant and feature round faces measuring 1.2″ in diameter and plastic bands measuring 9.5″ in length. The feature profile is rather short — the battery-powered watches feature an hour hand, minute hand, and second hand, and that’s about it — but these aren’t pieces meant for timing short-distance races or for guiding outdoorsy types during underwater scuba excursions or hiking trips.

The watches are cleverly named so that each piece bears a specific time as its moniker. The royal blue, turquoise, sky blue, white, and hunter green watch pictured at top with the wallflower-like face design, for instance, is dubbed the 11:40 AM ($39 at May28th.me), while the vibrant watch shown second from top, with its kelly green plastic wrist band, its black dial, and its Crayola-colored columns of teardrop-shaped drops, is named the 11:47 AM ($39 at May28th.me).

Other styles pictured above include the 11:56 AM, which features a clear band and a dial with a photograph-inspired design capturing blurry flashes of light, and the 11:33 AM, which features a violet-tinged hot pink plastic band and a blue face with a tribal-flavored design featuring rows of zig-zags, diamond shapes, and pound symbol forms.

With May 28th, then, you can steadily amass a specific watch for every second of every minute in your day.

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