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Get Closer With Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation

High-definition cameras help us capture images (both still and moving) that appear so crisp they’re almost mind-blowingly hyperrealistic. Unfortunately, that means they also register every wrinkle, bump, pock mark, blemish, sun spot, makeup clump, loose eye lash, stray eyebrow hair, and so on. When you’re watching your favorite primetime series and the camera zooms in on the protagonist, you may find yourself thinking, Whoa, I’m looking right into this woman’s pores! Just imagine how horrified and vulnerable that actress must feel when stepping on set, knowing these invasive-feeling cameras will magnify all those perceived “flaws” that make her feel self-conscious. 

Fortunately, the advent of HD cameras and TV screens has been met with innovations in the makeup realm, including powerful foundation formulas that conceal any problem areas and perfect skin while — and this is key — appearing invisible before those snoopy, pesky, zoom-happy camera lenses.

You may be thinking, But what does this have to do with me? I’m not an actress. I’m not a news anchor. I just want a foundation that works! Well, here’s why this has everything to do with you: the right HD foundation will also be imperceptible to the naked eye so that, even as you carefully cover the dark and shadowy crevices of your complexion, conceal redness, camouflage blemishes, and even your overall skin tone, it won’t seem like you have any makeup on, making others swoon about your amazing skin.

And, without a doubt, the best HD foundation (and, quite possibly, the best foundation — period) is the Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation ($42 at Sephora.com), a feather-light, oil-free liquid foundation that offers medium-to-full coverage (depending on how much you layer on, of course) and yet, astoundingly enough, appears near-invisible so that, no matter how close people get, they won’t truly know whether you’re wearing any makeup. Whether you’ll be standing under harsh stage lights or sitting across from a handsome man during a date, then, the MUFE HD Foundation will have you looking and feeling prepared for even the most meticulous complexion scans.

Available exclusively at Sephora, the MUFE HD High Definition Foundation comes in 25 shades that truly cater to women of all skin tones — and yes, ladies, that includes Latinas and African-Americans. As a Puerto Rican woman, I know how tough it is to find the right foundation. Whether you have a fair, medium, or dark complexion, oftentimes the foundations on the market don’t take into account the wealth of undertones that give our skin tones their unique pigmentation. But I can say with confidence that the MUFE High Definition Foundation does, in fact, cater to women of all ethnicities.

 Part of what makes the Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation so superb is its fine texture and its ability to moisturize skin and make your complexion look dewy and radiant as opposed to flat and one-dimensional (another common side effect of liquid foundations). Even hours after application, the foundation won’t become dull, nor will it flake, crease, or clump.

Here’s a shot of me wearing the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in Alaska. See how you can’t even tell I’m wearing anything? It’s so so high def!

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