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K2O by Karen Ko K2POP Collection — Rock Candy Chic

Remember the days when you twirled wooden rock candy sticks in your hand, running your tongue over the sweet, brightly colored sugar crystals encrusted along the stick’s surface, delighting in every bump and every crevice, which somehow made the experience feel way more adventurous than eating an ordinary lollipop? With its glistening, quartz-like appearance and its bright colors, rock candy was hard to resist — and so is jewelry designer Karen Ko‘s new K2o by Karen Ko K2POP Collection, which features elements that reference these classic confections.

When creating the K2POP Collection, Ko focused on one unifying element: hand-woven orbs made of resin and Swarovski Crystallized Elements, their exterior luminous and slightly translucent for a crystal-like effect but deliberately hilly and scraggy for that unrefined, rock candy-esque quality. Using colors like lime green, sunshine yellow, sky blue, lavender, and pale pink, Ko infused a kid-in-a-candy-store exuberance and a sense of wide-eyed excitement into the collection, making it feel all the more ebullient and fun.

Pictured above, you’ll find images of some of the collection’s offerings.

At top, you can see the K2POP Silver Spike Earrings ($135 at MMixShop.com), which measure 3.25″ in length and feature siver-plated resin spikes dangling beneath the ball charms, which themselves measure 0.75″ in diameter. By incorporating these spikes, Ko plays with the “naughty and nice” trope, taking the cutesy quality of the ball charms and subverting it via the juxtaposition of seemingly contradictory element associated with danger and rebellion.

Other rule-breaking pieces include the K2POP Silver Spike Necklace ($140 at MMixShop.com), pictured fourth from top in sky blue, which features a 36″-long, silver-plated necklace with a 2.75″-long resin spike and a spheric charm measuring 0.75″ in diameter; and the K2oPOP Gold Spike Earrings ($140 at MMixShop.com), shown sixth from top in lime green, which boast the same dimensions as their silver-toned counterpart but feature gold-plated spikes instead of silver ones.

If you like to steer clear of all things naughty, you can keep it nice with spike-free pieces like the K2POP Mini Necklace ($115 at MMixShop.com), pictured second from top in yellow, which features a 0.75″ ball charm made of Swarovski Crystallized Elements angling from a silver-plated 18″ necklace, or opt for the K2o POP Ring ($145at MMixShop.com), shown third from top in pink, a statement-making, Mod-flavored piece with a ball accent measuring 1″ in diameter. And, on the earring front, you can select dainty pieces like the  K2POP Mini Earrings ($130 at MMixShop.com), shown fifth from top in lavender, or the K2POP Drop Earrings ($135 at MMixShop.com), pictured last in sky blue.

Like rock candy, these jewelry pieces can send you into a sugary high. Best of all, until May 25th, you can catch some of these baubles for as much as 50% off at Fab.com (use this invite link to become a member: Fab.com/1qhncd).

Rock on!



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