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Life’s A Beach With New Zoya Summer 2012 Beach & Surf Collection

This summer, as you feel the sand caressing your toes, make sure they look as gorgeous as the ocean expanse with the new Zoya Summer 2012 Beach & Surf Collection. This two-part collection features 12 shades divided into two themes. First, there’s Beach, which features creamy, perky colors that will conjure up images of beach chairs under oversize, shade-offering umbrellas; plush cushions inside curtain-adorned resort cabanas; kayaks and surfboards; and refreshing Mai Tais, Strawberry Piña Coladas, and Caipirinhas. Second, there’s Surf, which includes similar shades that, instead of a creamy finish, feature tons of sparkle and shine, thereby referencing the natural luster of the sea.

I’ve been swatching the Zoya Beach Collection shades ($8 each at Zoya.com) and, with every nail polish I try, my excitement for the comming summer season mounts. Not only are the shades ideal for summer, arguably the most cheerful, optimism-filled, carefree season of the year, but they’re gorgeous in their own right. In fact, the Wednesday nail lacquer has already become my favorite Zoya blue shade ever!

The six shades in the Beach Collection are: Wednesday, a light aqua blue that’s similar to the color of a Tiffany & Co. box but features slightly greener undertones; Tracie, a lime green color reminiscent of a Caipirinha beverage but featuring more olive undertones and finished with a subtle, all-over sheen; Arizona, a deliciously creamy tangerine orange; Shelby, a coquetish strawberry milkshake pink; Reagan, a deep, creamy magenta with plum purple undertones; and Lara, a true hot pink reminiscent of azaleas.

After the jump, you’ll find swatches of these shades for your reference. See which one will be a fixture in your beach bag!


This is a very unique shade of green since, as you can see, it teeters on the line between lime and olive, so that it winds up looking almost like a light moss green shade, and yet it’s joyous and vibrant than any moss or sage color you’d typically find. Like the other nail polishes in the collection, it’s mainly a creamy tone, but it does have a subtle silver sheen to it that makes it feel icy and dewy.


It may be called Wednesday, but this gorgeous light aqua shade is meant to be worn on Monday through Sunday. Officially my favorite Zoya blue shade, Wednesday makes me think of reclining chaises, bits of sea glass, and wedding ceremonies at the beach.


Though it’s not the most original shade in the collection, Reagan is a necessary addition, adding a darker, more robust hue to the palette. The creamy pink color is not only richly pigmented but it has a purple base that makes it reminiscent of magenta orchids.


With tangerine being one of the most popular colors this season, Arizona is bound to be a hit with trendy, “in-the-know girls. This particular shade is extremely creamy and the color manages to read as bright and ebullient without going into neon territory.



Arguably the daintiest shade in the bunch, Shelby might remind you of pink lemonade, strawberry milkshakes, and pink cupcake frosting. It actually reminds me of My Little Pony figures, which adds a charming nostalgia element.

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