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MAC Cosmetics Tres Cheek Collection — Chic, Charming, and Cheeky

Wanna get cheeky with it? Then add some color to your face by choosing from the six powder blush hues in the limited-editionMAC Très Cheek Collection ($20 per blush at MACcosmetics.com). Whether you want rosy, baby-faced cheeks, a hint of dewy lavender, or a bold surge of tangerine, this collection offers semi-sheer colors that you can build to the desired intensity.

The collection includes the following six powder blush shades: Pink Tea, a neutral, pink-tinged beige; Lovecloud, a bright coral pink with a beachy quality; Peony Petal, a punchy pink with blue undertones that will remind you of ’80s fashion staples; Modern Mandarin, the type of red-orange shade you’d expect to find on the plumage covering a flamingo’s neck or adding some contrast to the lighter-colored feathers on its wings; Immortal Flower, a power-packed peach reminiscent of the colors surrounding the beak of a Peach-Faced Lovebird (yes, the avian metaphors seem to be abundant today!); and Full of Joy, a pale lavender color with a frosty finish to give it an icy freshness.

All of the blushes in the Très Cheek collection feature some degree of shimmer, but only Full of Joy really includes an abundance of glitter — in fact, all the colors have  a satin finish save for this lavender shade which is classified as a “frosted” blush.

I had the chance to try out the Peony Petal, Modern Mandarin, and Lovecloud blushes, so check out swatches of these blushes after the jump!


Out of all the colors in the six-piece collection, this one’s probably the most reminiscent of NARS’ Orgasm Blush, which has long been the bearer of excellence when it comes to cheek colors. The Lovecloud Blush, then, has a sunny, cabana-ready, peachy pink quality that should make it a favorite for the warmer days ahead.


Perhaps the boldest, most richly pigmented blush in the collection, this vermilion shade draws inspiration from the darker tones on the peel of a ripe blood orange. Think of the color of a Vermilion Flycatcher’s feathers and you’ll have a pretty accurate feel for this gutsy shade.


Though it’s a richly pigmented as Lovecloud, Peony Pink differs from the latter in its undertones. While Lovecloud has a warmer, peachy base, Peony Pink features a blue-toned foundation, so that the color has more of a Pink Panther-y feel.


Next, check out swatches of all three hues:

No one can accuse these shades of being timid, right?

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