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Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow Collection Performs Swimmingly

In my experience, being disappointed with a Make Up For Ever product is as much of a rarity as venturing into a street fair and discovering that there are no carousels, Ferris wheels, or roller coasters — in other words, it’s a virtual impossibility. When it comes to MUFE, then, there are simply degrees of brilliance. Make Up For Ever’s Aqua family of waterproof, richly pigmented, long-lasting makeup is a perfect example — whether you love the Aqua Creams or the Aqua Liners, both can be deemed prodigies, virtuosos, stars worthy of a leading, not a supporting, role. The newest addition to the family, the Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow ($20 at Sephora.com), continues this tradition of excellence and top-notch performance.

I first laid eyes on the new Aqua Shadow pencils at the QVC Beauty Event that took place in New York City on May 2nd, during which editors and bloggers became better acquainted with many of the brands sold on QVC, the personalities behind them, and their most exciting new launches. As a longtime MUFE fan, I gasped in excitement as soon as I saw the chubby eye shadow pencils at the brand’s display station.

Now that I’ve spent weeks playing with three different Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow pencils, I can wholeheartedly profess my love for them. Each crayon-like pencil features a pointy but wide tip that allows you to cover more surface area with every single stroke — all without compromising accuracy and precision. Formulated with silica powder, the Aqua Shadow features a creamy consistency that glides onto skin effortlessly, depositing high-impact pigment that doesn’t appear clumpy or flaky but, instead, boasts a lustrous, almost wet-looking finish similar to what you’d expect from a traditional cream shadow. Thanks to a combination of waxes, oils, and polymers, the Aqua Shadows create a flexible film that locks water out, so that even if you sweat in the humid weather, dance in the rain, or splash in the pool, your beauty look will remain intact.

The new Aqua Shadow Waterproof Eye Shadow Pencils are available in 12 shades, five of them dark colors with a matte finish (0E Black, 2E Brown, 4E Taupe Grey, 6E Navy Blue, and 8E Green) and seven of them lighter neutral and metallic hues with a pearly finish (20E Taupe, 22E Copper, 24E Pink, 26E Peach, 28E Beige, 30E Pink Beige, and 32E White). You can, of course, use them alone or layer them to create a more nuanced, multi-dimensional effect.

From a performance standpoint, not only do these Aqua Shadows deliver long-lasting, crease-proof, saturated color, but they’re also incredibly easy to use. If, for example, you always have a hard time working your eye shadow into the crease area or figuring out how to create the desired lines and curves with traditional powder eye shadow, you’ll appreciate how you can essentially trace the path you want to follow using the Aqua Shadow pencils, taking all the guesswork out of eye makeup application.

After the jump, you’ll find swatches of three Aqua Shadow shades, along with a look I created with two of the hues. Dive in, girls!


Below, you’ll find swatches of three Aqua Shadow hues: 20E, a light taupe shade that almost borders on rose gold and is infused with fine pearl particles that yield an alluring, all-over metallic sheen; 2E, a really rich and decadent espresso brown that has a matte finish and yet doesn’t look dry or dull, instead appearing refreshingly wet and almost muddy; and 8E, a deep forest green worthy of an enchanted forest and also featuring a matte finish and boasting a damp-looking feel.

Below, you’ll find a very simple look I created with the Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow 20E and 2E pencils. I started out by applying the 2E color, a very rich espresso brown with a matte finish. I covered the entire lid using this shade and then applied the color along the crease and into the are directly below the brow bone, following the natural curve of the eye  to create a fluid arch running from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer edges. I then decided to liven up the matte brown color and add a play of textures and finishes by layering the 20E hue, a shimmering taupe with rose gold tones, directly above it. Using a brush, I quickly blended any areas that looked patchy, making sure the dual color blend looked seamless, and I diffused the color at the outer edges.

It literally took me no more than 10 minutes to create a sexy, come-hither look, and it lasted all night long — despite the stiflingly humid weather.

Check it out:

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