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SENSAI Prime Solution — Waking Up Skin Cells Before They Go-Go

My birthday is four days away, which would normally send me into an excited tizzy (even as I maintained a curmudgeon-like façade and insisted that the upcoming milestone was no big deal) — and yet, this year, it really doesn’t feel like a particularly monumental or even noteworthy event. Maybe it’s because it’s not one of those “sexy” birthdays like 18, 21, 25, or even 30. Or perhaps I’m just coming to terms with growing older and trying to salvage what I’ve accomplishes with my unrealistic expectations of what landmarks I “should have” witnessed by now (ruminating about all those “should haves” is hazardous to your health, so avoid lingering on these, ladies!). And probably, to some degree, I’m starting to fret about getting those “11” wrinkles between my brows, about crow’s feet creeping up, and about my skin starting to lose its elasticity. Yes, these are vain concerns and, while I’d love to think I’m way too profound to be rattled by such trivialities or that I’ll be waxing poetic about how every wrinkle on my face tells a story, I am, in fact, scared of looking old. There, I said it. I’m officially shallow.

Given my concerns, then, I make an effort to stay informed about all the greatest anti-aging releases — particularly products with a preventative approach, focusing on cellular regeneration, collagen and elastin synthesis, moisture retention, and protection from free radicals. For all of these reasons, the new Kanebo SENSAI Prime Solution ($170 at NeimanMarcus.com) has emerged as my ally in combat.

As with all SENSAI products, the Prime Solution relies on Koishimaru Silk EX, a micro-fine fiber typically spun in Japan that boasts impressive moisturizing properties, boosting hyaluronic acid production within cells at both the epidermal and dermal levels. A key component in connective tissue, hyaluronic acid keeps skin looking soft and supple thanks to its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in moisture, therefore creating a “water reservoir.”

In addition to fortify the skin beyond moisture retention, the SENSAI Prime Solution relies on Sanzashi (hawthorn) extract, which research suggests improves cellular receptivity. Why is this important? Well, as we age, our existing skin cells become more sluggish, so that they’re less likely to respond to the signals they receive from other cells and to, in turn, pass on any messages to other cells. When intercellular communication is hindered, cellular reproduction can slow to a painful crawl, as can collagen and elastin synthesis. Think of these older cells as hearing-impaired elders who keep repeating “Whaaat?” and cupping their ears while leaning in closer, hoping they’ll be able to decipher what you’re saying and, eventually, becoming flustered and surrendering.

By increasing cellular receptivity, then, you can essentially improve the cell communication necessary for the skin to produce all the substances it needs to maintain its youthful appearance. SENSAI’s research indicated that Sanzashi exract could boost cellular receptivity by over 60%, thereby jolting nearly dormant skin cells back to an alert and productive state.

Other active ingredients include macadamia seed oil, conchiolin (a complex protein secreted by molluscs), coixseed (a grass-like plant native to Southeast Asia), glycerin, and niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3 that helps to brighten skin by minimizing dark spots and discoloration).

The SENSAI Prime Solution has a deliciously lightweight texture, so that it feels even airier than a gel or a traditional serum and it almost immediately cools skin, plus it has this exquisite rose-like fragrance that’s subtle, powdery, and a bit elusive. You can apply the Prime Solution to clean skin in the morning and evening, the follow up with your favorite moisturizer. Not only will your skin feel refreshed and look revived after applying the Prime Solution, but it will help to prep skin for any subsequent treatment so that any anti-aging creams you smooth on after it will be all the more effective.

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