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Sonia Kashuk Spring 2012 Makeup Collection — Cabana Cool


Since teaming up with Target several years ago, makeup artist Sonia Kashuk has developed cosmetics, jewelry and makeup organizers and bags, and beauty tools bearing astonishingly affordable price tags — all without ever sacrificing quality or durability. The Sonia Kashuk Spring 2012 Makeup Collection is no exception, incorporating everything from limited-edition palettes packaged in summery wicker-covered compacts and brush sets bearing illustrations and instructions on how to create a smokey eye to a new range of moisturizing lipsticks that offer SPF protection, punchy nail colors that merit being seen poolside, and bronzers and blushes to create a sun-kissed glow.

One of the most trumpeted launches for the Spring 2012 season is the new Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color With SPF 16 ($9.99 at Target.com and Target stores), which features a new formula enriched with fatty acid-rich brown seaweed extract , ceramides and palmytoil peptides to smooth lips and minimize any puckering or wrinkling, and SPF 16 to protect lips from UV rays (which, of course, can make wrinkles on the lips surface that much quicker). Available in 14 shades, the lipsticks feature a lightweight, almost gel-like feel and offer a semi-sheer finish that’s rather natural — even when applying some of the darker, more vibrant hues. If you’re looking for ultra-saturated color, these lipsticks may not be your top choice but, if you’re a bit trepidatious about applying adventurous hues, then you’ll appreciate the lustrous, slightly see-through quality of these lip colors. And, in terms of comfort level, you’ll be reveling in how hydrating and nourishing they feel.

Since summer is quickly approaching and we’re all coveting golden skin, the collection incorporates a stunning Illuminating Bronzer ($12.99 at Target.com and Target stores), a hydrating pressed powder bronzer with subtle , multi-reflective shimmer packaged in a round compact and embossed with a croc skin pattern. If you prefer to concentrate on flushed cheeks, you can check out the two new brown seaweed extract-infused Beautifying Blush ($8.99 at Target.com and Target stores) shades: Flushed and Spice.

Another complexion essential: the Perfecting Transparent Mattifier ($14.99 at Target.com and Target stores), a colorless gel-like formula that you can smooth onto skin to eliminate any shine, make skin softer to the touch, an reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. Best of all, you can use it as a primer, before applying foundation or powder, or atop makeup, whenever any oiliness threatens the cohesiveness of your beauty look.

On the eye makeup front, the collection includes several offerings. First, there’s the Instructional Eye Shadow Palette in Eye On Pure Color ($19.99 at Target stores), an ’80s-flavored palette incorporating cabana-worthy shades of turquoise, sea foam green, sky blue, and azure, along with light violet and purple, medium peony pink and coral, and hints of sandy beige and brown. Those looking for a full-service palette will love the Limited Edition “Escape to Paradise” Face Palette ($19.99 at Target.com and Target stores), which features five eye makeup products (an espresso-colored shimmer shadow, soft beige and mink shades with a matte finish, a high-shine, sparkle-loaded nude shadow, and a deep mahogany eye hue), along with a bold coral blush and three lip gloss hues (one shimmering neutral color, a sheer coral, and a bright pink) . All the colors are packaged inside a wicker-covered compact with turquoise and yellow trim that snaps shut to resemble a beachy clutch.

After the jump, you’ll find close up photos of some of the key launches for Spring 2012, along with swatches. Get into it!


As previously mentioned, the new paraben- and fragrance-free Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Colors with SPF 16 ($9.99 each at Target.com) are formulated with anti-aging ingredients like brown seaweed extract and palmitoyl peptide, plus they feature SPF protection, making them all the more ideal for the spring and summer season when so many of us neglect the tender skin on our lips, failing to offer it SPF protection even as we smooth sunscreen onto our faces and limbs.

Packaged in rectangular black cases with the word “Sonia Kashuk” printed along their length in oversize white letters, the Satin Luxe Lip Colors are available in: Soft Nude, a muted beige with hints of peach; Barely Nude, a soft beige with pink undertones; Nude Pink, a light pink with neutral undertones; Sunkissed, a warm, demure coral; Currant, a deep plum-tinged brown; Blushing, a warm pink shade; Roseberry, a warm raspberry tone; Sugar Plum, a pinkish plum; Rosette, a reddish pink; Violetta, a sheer pink-tinged violet hue; Vivid Coral, a near-tangerine coral pink; Pink Punch, a tropical-flavored hot pink; Ruby Rose, a raspberry ice cream color; and Classic Red, a pure red with cool undertones.

Below, you’ll find swatches of my four favorite hues: Pink Punch, Vivid Coral, Violetta, and Ruby Rose. As you’ll hopefully see from the photos, the colors have a glistening satin finish that looks icy and cool without being saturated with glimmer (micro pearls or chunkier glitter bits). While vibrant, these colors are rather sheer so, once applied to lips, they won’t look quite as potent as they do here, mainly because the natural color of your lips will work to counteract the boldness of these shades. Still, they do offer a nice pop of bright color and they feel incredibly comfortable on the lips thanks to the new-and-improved formula.

Here’s a shot of me wearing the Violetta color. As you can see, the lipstick doesn’t look nearly as intense on my lips as it does in the swatches above, but it’s still a pretty, demure shade. Do keep in midn, however, that the lipsticks are not long-lasting, so you will have to reapply quite often if you wish to maintain your lip look throughout the day.

———-     ———-     ———-     ———-     ———–


The Swinging Sixties seem to have been a source of inspiration for the new Spring 2012 Sonia Kashuk Nail Colours ($4.79 at Target.com), which recall Pucci frocks and hip pool parties. The new shades are: Fairy Princess, a slightly retro mint green hue with light turquoise shimmer to give it a magical feel; Purparazzi, a creamy purple reminiscent of a pack of Bubblicious grape bubblegum; Dream of Genie, a juicy watermelon pink; Hot Pursuit, a deep  vermilion; Tango Mango, an on-trend tangerine hue; and Golden Ticket, a shimmering gold with a near-molten feel.

Check out how the Purparazzi Nail Colour looks:

———-     ———-     ———-     ———-     ———–


Aside from the Perfecting Transparent Mattifier, which is an absolutely genial product, the new Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush ($8.99 at Target.com) shades constitute my favorite offerings from the new collection. When you first flip open the top of these round compacts and look at the blush colors, you might expect them to have a creamy texture. One you glide your finger across their surface, however, you’ll find that they have a very soft and velvety but decidedly powdery feel (the result of the powder being so finely milled).

As with the Satin Luxe Lip Colors, the Beautifying Blushes are formulated with anti-aging ingredient — in this case, brown seaweed extract, which is known to firm the skin and help retain elasticity.

For Spring 2012, Sonia Kashuk created two warm, perky shades: Flushed, a clean bright pink with warm undertones and a semi-sheer finish so that, when swept onto cheeks, you’ll get that just-pinched look; and Spice, a peachy pink color with gold shimmer that makes your skin appear sun-kissed.

Here are swatches of the Spice and Flushed Beautifying Blushes:

Next, check out a photo in which I’m wearing the Flushed color (pardon my hair in this pic — I hadn’t finished styling it yet!). As you can see, it’s a nice shade to accentuate cheekbones and contour features, and it’s not so bright as to look cartoonish or feel overbearing.

———-     ———-     ———-     ———-     ———–

Well, ladies, that’s the scoop! Let me know if you’ll be picking anything up!

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