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Vision Of Love — Lancôme’s Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector Promises A Better Complexion

Mariah Carey may have found her “Vision of Love” alongside Nick Cannon, but the one that was waiting for me was Lancôme’s Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector ($84 for 1 oz. and $105 for 1.7 oz. at Lancome-USA.com and Sephora.com), a near-magical anti-aging serum that took 12 years of research and clinical trials to perfect. Why so long? Well, the effectiveness of the product relied on the creation of a stable, non-comedogenic, plant-based molecule that would effectively transmit messages to skin cells, triggering a series of reparative processes that would, in turn, combat visible aging signs.

It all started with the discovery of jasmonate, a lipid-based hormone signal found in plants that plays a crucial role in repairing damaged tissue and improving defense mechanisms. It can control germination, communicate with genes responsible for storing proteins, prompt mitochondiral death to prevent the spread of infections, and generally bolster a plant’s ability to defend itself against herbivores (animals that consumer plants for sustenance) and subpar environmental conditions. Upon discovering this plant-derived “signal molecule,” Lancôme’s researchers set out to create a similar compound that would be compatible with human skin, one that could effectively mimic the skin’s own structure, therefore successfully penetrating the top layers of skin. Twelve years and 20 patented compounds later, Lancôme finally developed the LR2414 molecule that lies at the heart of Visionnaire.

A tiny amphiphilic (compatible with both water and fat) molecule, LR2412 can easily merge with the aqueous and lipid structures in the skin, allowing it to penetrate the skin and, while doing so, triggers a series of chain reactions that stimulate cellular renewal and repair. Way gentler than such trumpeted anti-aging and acne treatments as retinol, LR2412 helps to diminish the appearance of age spots, acne scars, and blotches, therefore evening skin tone, while also refining the skin surface so that pores appear smaller and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

I’ve been using Visionnaire for over a month now, and I can honestly say I plan on investing in this product from now on so that it can remain a mainstay in my regimen. Visionnaire can be applied in the morning and the afternoon, right after cleansing. The serum is really lightweight and your skin will sop it up almost immediately, so it won’t leave your complexion looking greasy in any way. You can then follow the serum application with your regular moisturizer (one with SPF protection for day time and an anti-aging cream for night time) and, since it doesn’t contain volatile ingredients that react adversely to the sun’s rays, you can continue using it throughout the summer (though, of course, you’ll want to apply SPF as you would ordinarily do).

Not only does Visionnaire tackle a number of skin gripes simultaneously (wrinkles and uneven skin tone, for instance), it’s also great for women with dry and sensitive skin since it won’t dehydrate you (as so many products with retinol and salicylic acid can do).

Try it and you’ll see why its my vision of skin care love!

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