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Guy & Eva Solstice Collection — Jewelry as Bright and Hot as the Summer Sun

Leave the black, gray, and burgundy for the fall. Summer is all about effervescent, joyful,intense color. Whether referring to ice pops, sidewalk chalk, frozen cocktails, swimsuits, beach towels and umbrellas, flower gardens, or apparel and accessories, summer is the season to paint the town red — well, red, turquoise, tangerine, lime green, fuchsia, aqua, daffodil yellow, kelly green, purple, and every other color in the crayon box.

Wtith this type of unbridled optimism in mind, fashion jewelry brand Guy & Eva just released the Guy & Eva Summer 2012 Solstice Collection, featuring pieces with crystalline stones in aquatic shades that glisten like the rippling surface of a swimming pool or ocean expanse, necklaces and earrings with white or cream stones adorned with golden accents that work to create a Palm Beach-ready effect, and an array of ultra bright orange and fuchsia pieces with thread- or rope-like motifs that recall everything from friendship bracelets to nautical exploits.

Pictured at top you’ll find the Dionne Earrings ($42 at GuyandEva.com), which measure 2″ in length, and the Dionne Necklace ($49 at GuyandEva.com), which features a 2″ pendant dangling from a dainty chain that measures 30″ to 33″ in length. Both the necklace and the earrings center on a color-blocked construction, with an oval-shaped, turquoise blue stone reminiscent of a Bora Bora lagoon positioned on its side and propped above a second oval stone, this one a vertically-placed stone in a seafoam green hue. Both stones feature gold-toned borders so wide that they resemble port holes. Their ragged surfaces, meanwhile, create the illusion of these being natural raw stones, lending them a druzy-like effect.

In the second photo above, meanwhile, you’ll find all of the cream and white pieces in the collection. At the top left-hand corner, you’ll find a stack of bracelets, starting with the Gretchen Bracelet ($36 at GuyandEva.com), an ajustable golden bangle with a rope-like, twisted texture and clear stones spaced strategically adding a bit of sparkle. Next, there’s the Dinah Bracelet ($35 at GuyandEva.com), a nautical-flavored, white braid bracelet adorned with a crystal-studded golden station along the hook closure. Last, there’s the Kayte Bracelet ($65 at GuyandEva.com), the widest piece in the stack, with rows of ecru- and eggshell-colored cabochon stones creating a pretty and slightly retro pattern along the 2.2″ stretch bracelet.

At the right-hand side of the bracelet stack, you’ll find the Peggy Necklace ($49 at GuyandEva.com), a long necklace measuring 36.5″ to 38″ in length and featuring a thin golden chain with oval-colored stations, alternating between flattened, slightly, opaque, marshmallow-colored stones rimmed in gold and gold-toned oval stations featuring Bohemian-flavored perforations that create a slightly porous, sand dollar-like effect.

Last in this “white hear” vignette, there’s the Rhonda Earrings ($44 at GuyandEva.com), a pair of drop earrings measuring 2.25″ in length and featuring crystal-encrusted, cream-colored, circular stones with domed surfaces.

Moving on to the brightest pieces in the collection, above you’ll find a close-up photo of the Carrie Necklace ($74 at GuyandEva.com), a snug-fitting piece that can be worn almost as a choker, so that it falls right at the base of the neck. Measuring 16.5″ to 20.5″ in length, the necklace features a color-blocked design, with segments of golden strips with rope-like textures juxtaposed against segments of enamel-coated, orange strips with the very same braided textures. Arranged to resemble pleats, the gold-and-orange strips work to create the illusion of a textile texture, with a few crystal accents thrown in for a bit of shine.

After the jump, you’ll find more photos from the collection, among them the Carrie Bracelet ($49 at GuyandEva.com), modeled after the necklace, and the Christie Bracelet ($34 at GuyandEva.com), a modern take on the traditional friendship bracelet, with fuchsia ribbon woven in between golden chain links for a free-spirited, surfer-meets-Boho-goddess feel.

Add some soul to your summer solstice style!

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