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Socially Responsible Fashion Brand Della Celebrates Ghana’s Female Artisans

Life unfurls in unexpected ways, with a single experiencing managing to change the course of one’s personal journey. Former fashion stylist¬†Tina Tangalakis¬†knows this first-hand. A volunteer trip to Hohoe, Ghana, in September 2009 proved to be the catalyst for her to launch¬†Della, a socially responsible fashion and accessories ¬†line centered on wares crafted out of sustainable and vegan materials by female artisans based in the Hohoe village. Not only do these goods celebrate Ghanaian culture, incorporating lively local textiles, but they constitute a means for these female artisans to become financially empowered, as Della compensates them with fair wages and offers them health care benefits and the opportunity to undergo professional training along with money management classes and literacy lessons. Going beyond creating a mutually beneficial financial arrangement with the artisans it employs, Della strives to improve the quality of life of future generations via a¬†partnership with the Happy Kids Orphanage in Ghana. Through this collaboration, Della-employed seamstresses volunteer a portion of their time each week to teach underprivileged kids in the orphanage how to sew, thereby equipping them with a set of skills that will allow the to become economically self-sufficient as they enter adulthood.¬†When you make a¬†Della¬†purchase, then, you become part of a chain reaction that ultimately enacts positive change and betters the livelihood of an entire community.

Offerings include clutches, hobo bags, iPad cases, and Macbook covers. One of my favorite pieces in the current collection is the ¬† handmade¬†Della Purple Clutch ($68 at Shop.DellaLA.com), pictured at top, which measures 11″ in width and 5″ in height and is lined with a Ghanaian fabric showcasing a swirling design reminiscent of orchid petals in purple, yellow, white, and black hues. Featuring a button closure along the top flap, the envelope-shaped clutch includes a center divider, zippered pocket, and smaller stash pockets along its interior so that your contents remain organized.¬†

If you’re a tech lover, you’ll appreciate the¬†Della Folly iPad Case (at Shop.DellaLa.com), which measures 10″ by 9″ and features enough padding to protect your precious tablet. From a style perspective, the Folly case is lined with a gorgeous fabric featuring oversize florals along the top left-hand corner and the lower right-hand corner, both boasting a psychedelic, concentric arrangement of red, cyan blue, black, and violet hues, along with diagonal strips of spots conjuring up images of Roy Lichtenstein paintings adorning the center.

Bloggers, multi-taskers, budding writers, and students will swoon over the¬†Della Tribal Sunset Macbook Case¬†($38 at¬†Shop.DellaLa.com), shown fourth from top, which measures 13.5″ in length and 10.5″ in width, making it ideal for smaller Macbooks.

Bohemian babes, meanwhile, will appreciate the laid-back vibe of Della’s hobo bags. I’m personaly smitten with the¬†Della Everglade Hobo Bag ($58 at Shop.DellaLa.com), shown third from top above, which is slightly larger and rounder than the other hobos in the collection, making it perfect for pack rats like myself who carry their entire lives in their purses. The Della Everglade Hobo Bag measures 24″ in width and 15″ in depth and features a 26″-long strap. The fabric used to line this bag features a jovial pattern consisting of overlapping leaf-like shapes in a collage-style formation, with the curved sides of each elongated elliptic shape highlighted with strips of turquoise and comma-like yellow accents.

If you prefer smaller purses but appreciate the slouchy shape of hobo bags, you’ll gravitate toward the¬†Della Soaring Hobo Bag ($48 at Shop.Dellala.com), a slightly more streamlined and daintier option, measuring 18″ in width and 12″ in depth and featuring a 36″-long shoulder strap. ¬†This piece features a gradient yellow backdrop with horizontal black lines throughout and, juxtaposed over it, medallion-shaped hot pink circles with blue birds at their center.

All of these designs come in a variety of fabrics and are all handmade out of vegan and sustainable materials. After the jump, you’ll find images of more choice finds ‚ÄĒ among them the¬†Purple & Gold Striped Clutch ($68 at Shop.Dellala.com), ¬†the¬†Pink Guava iPad Case ($38 at Shop.Dellala.com), and the¬†Bubble Gum Hobo Bag ($48 at Shop.Dellala.com).

Learn more about Della and browse through the entire selection of designs at DellaLa.com.


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