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Analyze This — Deep Conditioning Made Easy With HairTherapyWrap


Let’s face it: in the summer heat, no one feels like sitting under a steaming hair dryer for a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment to work its magic, even though it’s one of the seasons when we most need to indulge in such a routine. That’s where the HairTherapyWrap ($29.95 at BrushLove.com) comes in, providing an alternate means through which to apply heat to your hair and, thanks to a cordless design, allowing you to say mobile as you ten to your mane rather than having to remain stationary for a full 15 to 30 minutes.

The wrap itself features a lightweight, towel-like cloth exterior, and it’s designed so that three sets of gel packs line its interior — one positioned at each side of the head and a larger pack extending from the hairline at the forehead to the nape of the neck. Once the gel packs are slid into each compartment, you can zip up the front of the wrap and prepare for use.

After applying a hair masque, oil treatment, or deep conditioner to damp hair, you’ll want to take one of the plastic shower caps included in the box and then go about heating the HairTherapyWrap. The easiest way to do so is to place the assembled HairTherapyWrap into the microwave and heat it on high for 45 seconds, allowing it to sit for an additional 30 seconds before placing it on the head.

To properly position the HairTherapyWrap, make sure the zipper closure traces your natural hairline and then, once you’ve properly placed the wrap atop your head, you’ll want to take the two loose cloth strips dangling from the sides of the wrap like tails and extend them backward, twisting them along the back of the head and then securing the ends at the top of the head, where two velcro strips are conveniently located.This will allow the HairTherapyWrap to remain securely on your head, resembling a cloth swimcap.

Because of the heated gel packs, your hair will still be exposed to the heat necessary to open up the hair follicle, allowing the nutrients in the treatment to penetrate strands for a more fulfilling conditioning experience. And while you’ll feel the warmth from the gel packs, it won’t be the type of unbearable, grimace-worthy, oven-like heat we affiliate with industrial-sized overhead salon dryers. Within 20 minutes, you can remove the HairTherapyWrap and rinse your hair (if necessary).

Not only is the HairTherapyWrap reusable, but the polyester material is machine washable and the gel packs are sturdy and reheatable, making this a great tool for those looking for a convenient alternative to the traditional deep conditioning treatment ritual.

My one complaint about the HairTherapyWrap is that, because there is no constant source of heat, the gel packs soon lose their power, which makes the treatment overall a bit less effective. But, given the level of convenience, it’s a great investment for hot summer days when leaving the air conditioning is simply unthinkable.

Here’s a goofy shot of me wearing the HairTherapyWrap:

Celia San Miguel Wearing HairTherapyWrap

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