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Get “Scentimental” With New Jimmy Choo Glitter Scented Body Oil

Jimmy Choo Glitter Body Oil

Jimmy Choo Glitter Scented Body Oil

If any aromatic concoction can truly be described as a “scent from heaven,” it follows that it should come with its very own halo — or, at the very least, be swathed in an ethereal orb of light. Enter the latest iteration of the sophisticated Jimmy Choo Fragrance (make sure to read our EDP review) unveiled last year.  The Jimmy Choo Glitter Scented Body Oil ($44 at Nordstrom.com), pictured above, builds upon the sensual quality of the fragrance, allowing you to coat your skin in the exotic aroma so that it almost swaddles you like a luxurious blanket. In addition to its aromatic properties, the lightweight body oil features a blend of moisturizing, skin softening botanicals — mainly argan oil,which has a constitution of 80% fatty acids;  sweet almond oil, which contains linoleic and oleic acid, along with vitamins A, D, and E; hazelnut oil, which boasts a vitamin E content second only to sunflower seed oil, along with a high concentration of oleic and linoleic acids; and macadamia oil, rich in palmitoletic acid, essential to youthful-looking, supple skin. In addition to strengthening the skin’s lipid barrier, softening and hydrating the skin, evening skin tone, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, accelerating the wound-healing process, minimizing inflammation, and providing protection from UV rays and other free radicals, these plant oils were hand-picked because of how easily the skin absorbs them (mainly because their constitution mimics that of the human sebum). On a practical level, then, this means all the benefits of a heavier cream minus the greasy residue. To complete the trinity of crowd-pleasing features, the Jimmy Choo Glitter Scented Body Oil is infused with gold flecks that leave skin glistening irresistibly.

As with the Jimmy Choo EDP, the Jimmy Choo Glitter Scented Body Oil has a floral yet exotic and slightly creamy quality thanks to top notes of pear and Italian orange,  tiger orchid middle notes, and caramel and Indonesian patchouli base notes. Unlike other scents that rely on traditionally floral notes believed to conjure up a sense of femininity — among them peony, rose, jasmine, gardenia, and lily of the valley — the Jimmy Choo fragrance incorporates only the tiger orchid note, an unexpected but deeply satisfying choice since it connotes the tenderness of a flower but the aroma feels lighter and has almost a vanilla-like, velvety aspect to it. The Indonesian patchouli and caramel base notes, meanwhile, create a balance between a savory sweetness and an earthy spiciness. Technically, you can apply the body oil to pulse points alone, but I rather enjoy smoothing it all over my body — especially given that it gives me a bit of a faux glow.

When you first apply the Jimmy Choo Glitter Scented Body Oil, you might find the scent a bit overpowering but this sensation will only last a few minutes, as the aroma will soon soften. As the day elapses, you’ll notice that the scent becomes practically entrenched into your skin so that it’s noticeable only to those who have the privilege of coming close to you. Because of this, then, the aroma feels like an intimate secret that can only be fully shared with those who embrace you, lay their heads on your shoulder, or lean in for a tender kiss. And, on hot summer days, when you can sweat off your perfume before lunch, this scented body oil constitutes a much better alternative, since it will linger for substantially longer.

As for the shimmer factor, the Jimmy Choo Glitter Scented Body Oil contains just enough gold flecks to illuminate your limbs and decolletage but, at the same time, it’s a demure effect, so that you won’t feel like a glitter-covered kindergarten art project.

The bottle itself is thin and cylindrical, with a warm amber tone, and it’s transparent enough that you can see the gold flecks swirling in its interior, plus it’s topped off with a black twist-off cap banded in silver and stamped with a black rectangular plaque bearing  the Jimmy Choo logo. The body oil comes in a box with the same dusty rose and mauve snakeskin pattern we saw on the original EDP box, which was itself inspired by a pair of pumps from the Jimmy Choo Spring 2011 footwear collection.

Can you see the scent’s halo now?

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