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Glowy Days — Givenchy Beauty Summer 2012 Croisiere Collection

Effortless beauty — luminous skin in golden tan or deep bronze shades and plump, smooth, glossy lips with a touch of sparkling coral pink, sheer blood orange, or lush caramel color — lie at the core of the Givenchy Beauty Summer 2012 Croisiere Collection. If you were to recreate the beachy looks of Alice Braga in City of GodBrooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon, or Daryl Hannah in Splash, the makeup offerings in this collection would be key to completing your beauty mission.

For glowing skin from head-to-toe the Givenchy Croisiere collection includes the Mister Radiant ($37.50 at Sephora.com) and the brand new Mister Radiant Body ($49 at Sephora.com), both sheer, clear gels infused with soothing vitamin E (encapsulated into white micro spheres) and featuring brown and yellow microbeads to deepen the skin’s natural tone and create a shimmering, sun-kissed effect. To customize the look and depth of your complexion’s faux tan, meanwhile, there’s the Givenchy Croisiere Healthy Glow Powder ($50 at Sephora.com), a talc-free bronzing face powder made of a baked gel thanks to a new patented hybrid technology, creating a product that feels softer and creamier than your traditional bronzers but also considerably lighter for a best-of-both-worlds quality. Embossed with a basketweave design inspired by a Givenchy dress created by Riccardo Tisci, the Poudre Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Powder is available in four shades: 1 Premiere Croisiere, a neutral beige; 2  Douce Croisiere, a light tan; 3 Ambre Croisiere, a golden tan; and 4 Extreme Croisiere, a deep bronze with hints of golden shimmer.

The desired lip look is equally minimalist. First, there’s the Givenchy Baume Gloss ($29.50 at Sephora.com), a sheer lip gloss enriched with softening shea butter, replenishing sunflower seed oil, cooling tomato extract, hyaluronic microspheres,and moisture-locking apricot kernel oil for a plumper, smoother, softer pout. The ultra-shiny gloss is available in two tan-enhancing shades: 1 Natural Croisiere, a sheer caramel color reminiscent of melted Sugar Daddy candies, and 2 Pink Croisiere, a golden seashell pink shade.

Those seeking an even more understated lip look can rely on the Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Magic Cheek & Lip Balm ($31 at Sephora.com), a multi-purpose balm packaged in a swimming pool-colored blue pot. Formulated with hyaluronic spheres that capture moisture, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and increasing overall volume for a smoother surface area, along with fatty acid-rich luppa oil to strengthen the skin’s natural lipid barrier, this sheer balm can be patted onto lips and cheeks for a slight flush, more akin to a stain than a traditional gloss or lipstick color. The Givenchy Hydra Sparkling balm is available in either Peach Glow, for an orange-y tint, or Rose Glow, for a pop of hot pink.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the Givenchy Hydra Baume Gloss in 1 Natural Croisiere and 2 Pink Croisiere. Both have a lovely sheen, like the surface of an ocean underneath the midday sun, and the Pink Croisiere also incorporates a touch of gold and white pearl microspheres for a lively luminosity that warms up the golden pink hue.

Next, check out  a swatch of the Poudre Bonne Mine in 4 Extrême Croisiere. If there’s one item in this entire collection that’s worth the investment, it’s most definitely the Healthy Glow Powder since it not only offers a natural-looking, buildable bronze, but it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, so that you won’t even have to concern yourself with feeling stifled by an additional layer of  constricting makeup. This has actually been one of my go-to bronzers throughout the summer, and I plan on keeping it in rotation well past September.

Below, check out a shot of me wearing the Givenchy Croisiere Poudre Bonne Mine in 4 Extrême Croisiere, along with the Baume Givenchy Gloss in 1 Natural Croisiere. As you can see, these products are all about healthy, luminous, sunkissed skin — perfect for summer!

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