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Presenting the Converse x Marimekko Fall 2012 Sneaker Collection

For two years now, Converse, the all-American authority on canvas sneakers, has been collaborating with Finnish textile mill Marimekko, releasing limited-edition footwear collections on a seasonal basis, all bearing iconic patterns that, over time, had grown to become closely linked with Marimekko’s heritage. The Converse x Marimekko Fall 2o12  collection incorporates a handful of memorable Marimekko prints — some of them new color renditions of previously introduced patterns and others newly unveiled prints.

One of the most exciting releases is the Converse x Marimekko Kippis Chuck Taylor All Star shown second from top ($90 at Converse.com), a hi-top sneaker with the Kippis pattern introduced by Maija Louekari in 2008. Featuring freehand black ink sketches of fine glasses and goblets filled in with touches of yellow, blue, and red, along with inset geometric motifs adorning these vessels’ interiors (from diamond shapes to concentric triangle shapes, rows of wave-like curves, and small hollow circles touching each other to create a pebble-like effect), the Kippis print practically compels onlookers to raise their own glasses and make a toast. And now, your sneakers can be the ones encouraging folks to pop champagne bottles.

Similarly, the collection marks the introduction of the Papajo print, originally designed by Annika Rimala, which appears in an aquamarine Chuck Taylor All Star with ocean blue graphics. The Converse x Marimekko Papajo Chuck Taylor All Star ($90 at Converse.com) features vertical lines consisting of undulating, wave-like formations with rounded peaks, all inspired by the carvings found in Mayan temples.

But uncharacteristically enough, my favorite new design is also the most minimalist one: the Pirput Parput. Designed by Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi in 1957, the pattern features tiny dots in amorphous shapes, some slightly larger than others, scattered about in an entropic manner. The Pirput Parput pattern appears in both a white, low-top Chuck Taylor style with black dots (pictured last above) and on a yellow hi-top sneaker with black dots (shown above at top), a cheetah-meets-bumblebee-meets-bogolan-fabric-print that brings to mind the eclectic ensembles sported by rapper M.I.A.

The Unikko, a floral motif designed by Maija Isola in 1964 an introduced in a Converse sneaker in Spring 2011, resurfaces for Fall 2012 in a richer, more decadent colorway. The Converse x Marimekko Unikko Chuck Taylor All Star ($90 at Converse.com), pictured fourth from top, features shades of magenta, purple, fuchsia, saffron yellow, and forest green for a more adult take on the ultra girly motif.

All of the Converse x Marimekko Fall 2012 styles retail for $90 and are currently available at Converse.com


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