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Schick Xtreme3 Eco Razor — Making Shaving Greener

Schick Xtreme3 Eco Disposable Razor Pack

Schick Xtreme3 Eco Razor

When we think of making our shaving routines more eco-friendly, we typically consider how we can reduce water use or what shaving creams can be used that incorporate natural botanical extracts in lieu of harsher chemicals, along with whether these creams are packaged in bottles or jars made of recycled plastic and whether their labels were printed with non-toxic dyes. Rarely, however, do we consider how razors themselves could play a larger role in greening our personal hygiene routines. Fortunately, Schick is one step ahead of the game with the launch of its Schick  Xtreme3 Eco Disposable Razor ($7.50 for a 4-pack at Wal-Mart stores), a kiwi green-colored razor with a handle made from recycled plastic clothing hangers and packaged in a pouch made of  100% post-consumer paper that can be easily tossed in with all other paper recyclables.

In terms of its features, the Shick Xtreme3 Eco razor features flexible triple blades and two conditioning strips formulated with soothing, wound-healing, skin-nourishing aloe and vitamin E.

Having tried the razor out for a few weeks now, I must say that the first thing that struck me about the razor is how light it is — unlike most modern razors which tend to have a sizable weight, this one felt as light as a ball point pen. Next, of course, my attention shifted to the handle. While it doesn’t have some of the gel-like cushioning that makes other razors easy to grip,  I did appreciate the many vents along its length, which allow the water to flow freely and which lessen the overall weight of the razor even further. In terms of the blade itself, the three-blade design was perhaps a bit less advanced than what I’ve become accustomed to (admittedly, I’m rather partial to the Schick Quattro, which really manages to graze over every bit of stubble), but the shave was still a fair one — perhaps not as close a shave as what you’d get from a four- or five-blade razor, but still a satisfactory end result, especially when going over smaller areas like underarms.

But, most importantly, by investing in these razors you’ll be doing your part to prevent plastic waste from clogging landfills. In fact, Schick estimates that the production of these razors will rescue 103,000 lbs. of virgin material from landfills and dumps in the first year of production alone. And the fact that you can recycle the pouch itself? That’s icing on the cake!

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