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TIGI Bed Head Urban Canvas Collection — ‘Cause Hair Is A Work Of Art

In the good old days when musicians released their compositions on vinyl, cassette, or CD, on some tangible medium you could hold in your hands and admire, great care was placed on creating cover art that would be as iconic and memorable as the songs on the albums themselves.  This is even more true of remastered or special editions of classic albums — think of the Patrick Nagel artwork created for Duran Duran’s 1981 Rio album and for the special 2001 remastered edition or the reflective quality of the artwork on Michael Jackson’s Thriller 25 Deluxe Edition. Now, Bed Head  by TIGI has applied this very same concept to its hair care products, calling upon three exciting contemporary artists —  Nicholas Saunders,  Jim Mahfood, and  Harry Woolacott — to re-envision the packaging of their best-sellers.

The limited-edition Urban Canvas collection, then,  features updated packaging  for four of Bed Head by TIGI’s most popular products: the After Party Smoothing Cream ($19.50), the Small Talk Thickifier ($17.50), the Hard Head Hard Hold Hairspray ($16.50), and the Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray ($19.50).

I had the chance to check out two of the products in the collection: the After Party Smoothing Cream designed by Nicholas Saunders and the Hard Head Hard Hold Hairspray designed by Jim Mahfood. On a performance level, both are top-notch products, with the After Party focusing on smoothing unruly hairs to give your ‘do greater longevity and the Hard Head offering maximum hold.

Nicolas Saunders’ rendition of the After Party Smoothing Cream will make you chuckle.  The bright pink tube with the pump dispenser and the globe-shaped cap is updated to include an illustration that to the “morning after” theme. To that end, a woman in a green dress with white polka dots is shown passed out on a bed, her black mane hanging over the side like a curtain, one of her black stilettos dangling from her foot and the other propped on the floor beneath her, and her fingers still wrapped around the handle of her purse.  The contents of her purse — a key ring, lipstick, cell phone, coin purse, and powder compact — are shown scattered on the floor pouring out in a curving trail.  Since this is a product you apply on dry hair to tame frizz and control fly-aways for smoother finish, the illustration is more than fitting.

The illustration adorning the silver Hard Head hairspray, designed by Jim Mahfood, also boasts a conceptual basis, depicting three-dimensional steel beams shooting forward. The beams’ flange sections each bear illustrations of different characters — from a bamboo-earring wearing girl to a man wearing Gazelle sunglasses. Mahfood’s graffiti roots carry onto his design, as the artwork is infused with a distinctly ’80s vibe and even incorporates a drawing of an aerosol can and traditional 3D lettering and a tag-like script.

 To find a salon or retailer carrying the limited edition Urban Canvas collection, please visit www.bedhead.com.

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