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Will The Korres Cheek Butters Manage To Butter Your Biscuit?

Korres Cheek Butters

Korres Chara Crimson Cheek Butter

This summer, powder blushes have been falling out of favor, replaced by creamy illuminators, gel-like cheek tints, and creamy colors that give cheeks a natural-looking, flushed appearance. In keeping with this trend, Greek skincare and cosmetics brand Korres has revealed a new range of cheek tints designed after its popular Lip Butters, hydrating balms that offer sheer coverage. The Korres Cheek Butters ($25 at Sephora.com), then, are formulated with conditioning and hydrating shea butter; brightening and collagen-boosting vitamin C; and guava extract, which contains vitamin C,  vitamin K, a natural brightener that helps to eliminate discoloration and diminish the appearance of scars an acne,  and lycopene, an antioxidant that protects healthy skin cells from toxins. The Korres Cheek Butters, then, both hydrate the skin and yield a dewy, sheer but buildable, natural-looking rosiness.

The Korres Cheek Butters are available in three different shades, all named after Greek principles — there’s Eros Coral, a bright and sunny coral pink named using the Greek term for desire; Philia Rose,a demure, blue-toned pink dubbed using the Greek word for love; and Chara Crimson, a sheer red named afer the Greek term for joy. All of the colors look rather sheer at first, with a glaze-like finish and a bit of a twinkling dewiness.

The packaging is also adorable, with each round pot measuring about 1 1/2″ in diameter and featuring a twist-off cap with an illustrated design: a tattoo-esque, blackened outline of a blood red rose for the Chara Crimson Cheek Butter, a mosaic medallion motif for the Philia Rose Cheek Butter, and an outline of a head like the type you’d find in an ancient Greek coin (which have featured the goddess Athena and the nymph Arethusa in the past) for the Eros Coral Cheek Butter.

Each pot is packed with solid pigment and, to apply, all you need to do is glide your finger over the surface and then dab it onto your cheeks, rubbing the color into the skin and blending it for a seamless effect. Initially, the consistency might be a bit off-putting since the cheek butter feels rather hard when it’s in the container and the pigment isn’t as buttery smooth as you might expect so you will have to put a bit of work into rubbing it in and really blending it thoroughly. That being said, the color feels really nice once it’s applied to skin and the tint lasts quite a long time.

Below, check out a swatch of the Chara Crimson Cheek Butter when it’s first applied to skin. This is what the sheer color looks like before being blended. As you can see, it’s a sheer Figaro Red dahlia shade with golden undertones and a sprinkling of shimmer for a luminous finish.

Next, look at what the Chara Crimson Cheek Butter looks like when it’s blended in. The effect is very natural — cheeks wind up with this just-pinched rosiness that makes the complexion look more youthful and alive.

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